Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits
Prednosti lampe za himalajsku sol
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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Many ancient civilizations have considered Himalayan Salt as an extremely important commodity and have known about the benefits of having Himalayan Salt Lamps for centuries. Ancient Mayans and Egyptians knew the benefits and once again are we only today realizing how good Himalayan Salt is for us.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

It has been acknowledged worldwide that the following Himalayan Salt lamp benefits are derived from Himalayan Salts:

  1. It helps with dry skin problems e.g. eczema and psoriasis
  2. Aids in faster healing of wounds
  3. Aids in tissue alkalization
  4. Helps with relaxation of deep tissues
  5. Helps cleanse and detoxify
  6. Aids in ones well being and energises the body
  7. Aids in the positive mood swings
  8. It aids in balancing the endocrine system
  9. Enhances more energy bringing about sense of well being
  10. Aids in the rejuvenation of the body
  11. Helps absorption good nutrients for the body and eliminated toxins
  12. Himalayan Salt is much better and healthier alternative to table salt
  13. It has also proven that salts provides soothing and calming effect to the body
  14. Helps with achieving good sleep
  15. Himalayan Salt dispels stress
  16. Himalayan Salt is a natural ioniser ridding the air from dust mites and bacteria, therefore helps with the better quality of air that we breathe
  17. It helps replace harmful ions from electrical gadgets and helps balance with healthy negative ions
  18. Himalayan Salt aids in ones concentration
  19. Himalayan Salt had been known to have 84 mineral & trace elements
  20. Himalayan salt helps and aids in rebalancing the bodies frequencies and vibrations

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

USB Himalayan salt lamps for your computers with multi colour LED lights

Australian buyers can buy Himalayan salt lamps from Himalayan Salt factory on the Gold Coast Queensland. Salt lamps are sent Road Express to all capital cities on East Coast. Purchases from other location please contact us to obtain a quote first. Himalayan Salt factory has over 20 tonnes of Himalayan salt lamps, vases, soaps, bricks, cooking plates 25 kilo bags salt chunks or salt. All of these products have been design to give you the benefits of Himalayan salt.

We have Crystals and USB lamps. The salt lamps vary in size from 2- 20 kilos.

Salt lamps are made to Australian electrical standards as electrical fittings are 15 amp light bulbs and not for export.

You can purchase Salt Lamps online or you can pick them up from:


Himalayan Salt

The most purest of salt in the world was formed many millions of years ago and is found deep in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Crafty artists hand carve and shapes the salt crystals that are used in the making of the Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps.

Each Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps is unique, as they vary in different shades of color, design, also shape and size differ. Designs vary as it can be a Salt Crystal lamp, or candle holders with special bases. The soft glow of the lamps gives an impression of an enchanting surrounding, it refreshes and gives one a nice sensation. There is no mistaking the Himalayan salt lamp benefits.

Himalayan Salt Crystals lamps can be placed in any room that needs air freshening. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps have been highly recommended for placement in smoking areas, baby rooms, kitchen as well as laundry areas because they help refresh the rooms.

For people who are around computers a lot, it is highly suggested that a Himalayan Salt crystal lamp be placed beside your computer as it affects how your work. One of the Himalayan salt lamp benefits is that it gives off Negative Ions and alleviates humidity and freshens the air.

The soft glowing light emitted from the Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps create and sets the mood for awakening ones sense of imagination. Its been well recorded in past history of the Himalayan salt lamp benefits. It had been traded as currency.

One of the most common Himalayan salt lamp benefits is that salt aids in the preservation of food as well as a tonic drink. Salt has been regarded to rejuvenate the body. Surrounding oneself with salt crystal rocks relieves one of respiratory, asthma and allergy illnesses. Joint pains are also alleviated when you are surrounded by the rock salt crystals.

The Negative Ions in the rock salt crystals clears our the bronchial passages therefore ridding of bacteria and microbes. Himalayan salt crystal lamps are known to be natural Negative Ion generators. Himalayan Salt crystals lamps are naturally known to attract moisture (Hygroscopic). Because it attracts moisture the Himalayan salt lamp benefits are enormous as it aids in the relief of hay fever, sinus related symptoms, asthma as well as allergies.

The Himalayan Salt crystal lamps also alleviate migraine and rids an individual of being susceptible to colds and flu. Negative Ions in the Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps increases ones immune system. It also aids in mind concentration and improves mental alertness, improves indoor air purity and odours as well as other health solutions. Himalayan Salt crystal lamps can be placed in spas and bathrooms but too much humidity can dissolve

the salt crystals quickly. As long as Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are not exposed to too much humidity, their life span will last longer. The placement of the Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp is paramount to its effectiveness as it will determine the positive effect of its Negative Ion discharge.


Himalayan Salt

The most talked about Himalayan salt lamp benefits is to do with personal health. Being natural and absolutely no chemical and helps the bodies condition. Mixing Himalayan Salt crystal with water is known as Sole’ which had been known in the olden days at the life’s soup. The reaction combining the salt and water is called brine. This aids in balancing the positive and negative ions of the water. This combination hydrolizes the molecules in the brine therefore makes a noticeable vibration in the body. This solution when taken is specially effective when a person is sick. Taking one teaspoon of the solution (250ml water) on an empty stomach each morning is advisable. This solutions helps in detoxifying the body of impurities. This solution is also great as the mineral content is easily absorbed in the skin.

For natural remedy this Sole’ solution can be helpful as below:-

a) Any Chronic Respiratory condition like Asthma, bronchitis and even sinusitis can be remedied by inhaling the brine solution. You can rid of the pollutants by covering your head with the towel, breathe in the steam from a pot with a salt and boiling water. By inhaling the steam from the solution will rid the pollutants as you will cough it out.

b) Helps rid the heavy metals in ones body because it will balance the pH factor in an individual. The Himalayan salt crystals has the ability to dissolve lead, arsenic, mercury and even build up of calcium in ones body.

c) The solution helps in preventing bleeding of the gums and also gives you fresh breath sensation. Use the solution when you brush your teeth as often as possible.

d) Ear infections can be prevented by using a few drops in the ear.

e) Soaking your feet in the solution prevents you from having feet fungus.

f) Allowing the brine to dry when rubbed on affected area of the skin helps prevent psoriasis.

g) Himalayan salt crystals can be used as a facial scrub by adding organic soap, perfume free with the salt will lessen acne problems.

h) Gargling with this solution will alleviate sore throats, but don’t swallow it.

i) For headaches you may use the solution to massage the head and neck. By combining 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of cold water and used a compress to alleviate headaches but constantly changing the solution as necessary.

j) Wrapping the Himalayan Salt Crystals in a pouch word around the neck will help prevent motion sickness as this aids in the balance of the body.

k) Monthly period (Menstruation) complaints can also be alleviated by using a salt sachet warming it for half an hour to get rid of the cramps, placing it on top of the abdomen with hot water bottle. Using the Sole’ in the batch improves the body’s electric current, therefore making the body’s ability to heal itself. The Himalayan salt crystal solution can also be used for rheumatism, wounds, insect bites, after care from operation and aids in relief of skin irritations.

Caring For Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Make sure that your Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps is stored in a dry environment because it will attract moisture.

Himalayan Salt crystals are hygroscopic, meaning they attracts moisture. It should be be placed not directly in front of moist airflow of coolers or air conditioners. When placed on a window sill make sure that the lamp sits on a waterproof wooden stand or saucer base as when it attracts excess moisture it may damage the window sill.

Lighting the Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps dries it very quick because it releases its own moisture, this process then creates the effect of purification and the ionising effect on the environment around the salt lamp. When crystallization occurs, all you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. For the best purifying effect we recommend that lamps must be lit everyday.

This will then give a consistent negative ionising effect in the room where it is placed. When replacing the bulb (make sure it is turned off and unplugged), you need to carefully pull out the lamp fitting. Remove the bulb carefully and dispose of, then screw in the new bulb. You need to squeeze the butterfly fitting and allow to slide inside the whole with the desired depth, making sure it is not touching the lamp. With tea lights in the salt lamp, make sure you have extra long matchsticks to light the candle (this will ensure you don’t burn yourself). Tea light candle holders are very stable and cannot be blown by the wind. Make sure that you extinguish the candle, they can be hot and splash over clothing, furnishing or even your skin.

Himalajske solne svjetiljke

Mnoge drevne civilizacije smatrale su himalajsku sol izuzetno važnom robom i stoljećima su znale za dobrobiti himalajske solne svjetiljke . Drevni Maji i Egipćani znali su blagodati, a još jednom tek danas shvaćamo koliko je dobra himalajska sol za nas.

Prednosti himalajske solne lampePrednosti himalajske solne lampePrednosti lampe za himalajsku solPrednosti lampe za himalajsku sol

Širom svijeta je priznato da od himalajskih soli proizlaze sljedeće blagodati himalajske soli:

  1. Pomaže kod problema sa suhom kožom, npr. Ekcem i psorijaza
  2. Pomaže u bržem zacjeljivanju rana
  3. Pomaže u alkalizaciji tkiva
  4. Pomaže pri opuštanju dubokih tkiva
  5. Pomaže u čišćenju i detoksikaciji
  6. Pomaže u dobrobiti i energizira tijelo
  7. Pomagala u promjenama pozitivnog raspoloženja
  8. Pomaže u uravnoteženju endokrinog sustava
  9. Povećava više energije što donosi osjećaj blagostanja
  10. Pomaže u pomlađivanju tijela
  11. Pomaže apsorpciji dobrih hranjivih tvari za tijelo i eliminira toksine
  12. Himalajska sol mnogo je bolja i zdravija alternativa stolnoj soli
  13. Dokazano je i da soli pružaju umirujuće i smirujuće djelovanje na tijelo
  14. Pomaže u postizanju dobrog sna
  15. Himalajska sol ublažava stres
  16. Himalajska sol prirodni je ionizer koji propušta zrak od grinja i bakterija, stoga pomaže u boljoj kvaliteti zraka koji udišemo
  17. Pomaže u zamjeni štetnih iona iz električnih naprava i pomaže u ravnoteži sa zdravim negativnim ionima
  18. Himalajska sol pomaže u koncentraciji
  19. Himalajska sol je znala da sadrži 84 minerala i elemenata u tragovima
  20. Himalajska sol pomaže i pomaže u uravnoteživanju tjelesnih frekvencija i vibracija

Prednosti himalajske solne lampePrednosti himalajske solne lampePrednosti himalajske solne lampe

USB lampe za himalajsku sol za računala s višebojnim LED lampicama

Australski kupci mogu kupiti svjetiljke himalajske soli iz tvornice himalajske soli na zapadnoj obali Gold Coast. Slane svjetiljke šalju se Road Express u sve glavne gradove na Istočnoj obali. Kupnja s druge lokacije kontaktirajte nas kako biste prvo dobili ponudu. Tvornica himalajske soli sadrži preko 20 tona svjetiljki himalajske soli, vaze, sapuni, cigle, ploče za kuhanje 25 vreća soli ili komadići soli. Svi ovi proizvodi dizajnirani su tako da vam omoguće prednosti himalajske soli.

Imamo kristale i USB žarulje. Slane svjetiljke variraju u veličini od 2- 20 kilograma.

Slane žarulje izrađene su prema australskim električnim standardima jer električne instalacije su žarulje od 15 am i nisu za izvoz.

Svjetiljke za sol možete kupiti putem interneta ili ih možete preuzeti iz:


Himalajska sol

Najčišća sol na svijetu nastala je prije mnogo milijuna godina, a nalazi se duboko u podnožju himalajskih planina. Vješti umjetnici ručno izrađuju i oblikuju kristale soli koji se koriste u izradi svjetiljki himalajske solne kristale.

Svake himalajske svjetiljke sa solnim kristalima jedinstvene su jer se razlikuju u različitim nijansama boje, dizajna, a također se razlikuju i oblik i veličina. Dizajni se razlikuju jer to može biti sol kristalne svjetiljke ili svijećnjaci sa posebnim podlogama. Mekani sjaj svjetiljki odaje dojam očaravajuće okoline, osvježava i daje lijep osjećaj. Ne postoji zabluda o blagodati himalajske solne svjetiljke.

Svjetiljke himalajske solne kristale mogu se postaviti u bilo kojoj prostoriji kojoj je potrebno osvježavanje zraka. Himalajske kristalne žarulje sa soli preporučuju se za smještaj u pušačkim mjestima, dječjim sobama, kuhinji i rublje, jer pomažu u osvježavanju prostorija.

Za ljude koji imaju puno računala oko sebe, visoko je preporučeno da se himalajska kristalna svjetiljka postavi pored vašeg računala, jer utječe na vaš rad. Jedna od prednosti lampe himalajske soli je ta što emitira negativne jone i smanjuje vlažnost zraka i osvježava zrak.

Meka užarena svjetlost emitirana od himalajskih lampi kristala soli stvara i raspoloženje za buđenje osjećaja mašte. To je dobro zabilježeno u prošlosti povijesti blagodati himalajske soli. Trgovalo se kao valuta.

Jedna od najčešćih prednosti himalajske solne lampe je ta što sol pomaže u očuvanju hrane kao i toničnom napitku. Smatra se da je sol pomladila tijelo. Okruženje solnim kristalnim stijenama oslobađa respiratorne, astme i alergijske bolesti. Bolovi u zglobovima se ublažavaju i kada ste okruženi kristalima kamene soli.

Negativni joni u kristalima kamene soli pročišćavaju naše bronhijalne prolaze, čime oslobađaju bakterije i mikrobe. Poznato je da su himalajske kristalne lampe prirodni generatori negativnog iona. Poznato je da svjetiljke s himalajskom solnom kristalom privlače vlagu (higroskopno). Budući da privlači vlagu, blagodati himalajske soli su ogromne jer pomaže u ublažavanju sijene groznice, simptoma povezanih sa sinusima, astme kao i kod alergija.

Himalajske kristalne lampe soli također ublažavaju migrenu i odbacuju pojedinca podložnog prehladi i gripi. Negativni ioni u lampi himalajske soli kristala povećavaju imunološki sustav. Također pomaže u koncentraciji uma i poboljšava mentalnu budnost, poboljšava čistoću zraka i mirise u zatvorenim prostorima kao i druga zdravstvena rješenja. Svjetiljke s himalajskom solnom kristalom mogu se postaviti u toplice i kupaonice, ali previše vlage može se otopiti

brzo se kristali sol. Sve dok himalajske kristalne sijalice ne budu izložene prevelikoj vlazi, njihov životni vijek će trajati dulje. Postavljanje lampe himalajske soli kristala najvažnije je zbog njene učinkovitosti jer će odrediti pozitivan učinak njenog pražnjenja negativnog iona.


Himalajska sol

O prednostima himalajske solne lampe najviše se govori o osobnom zdravlju. Budući da je prirodan i apsolutno bez kemikalija, pomaže tijelu u stanju. Miješanje kimala himalajske soli s vodom poznato je pod nazivom Sole 'što je bilo poznato u davne dane života. Reakcija koja kombinira sol i vodu naziva se slanom vodom. To pomaže u uravnoteživanju pozitivnih i negativnih iona vode. Ta kombinacija hidrolizira molekule u salamuri, zbog čega stvara primjetne vibracije u tijelu. Ovo rješenje kod uzimanja posebno je učinkovito kada je osoba bolesna. Uzimanje jedne žličice otopine (250 ml vode) na prazan želudac svako jutro je poželjno. Ova rješenja pomažu u detoksifikaciji tijela nečistoća. Ovo je rješenje također izvrsno jer se sadržaj minerala lako apsorbira u kožu.

Za prirodni lijek ovo rješenje 'Jedini' može biti od pomoći kao niže: -

a) Bilo koja kronična respiratorna stanja poput astme, bronhitisa, pa čak i sinusitisa, mogu se ukloniti udisanjem otopine slane otopine. Zagađivača možete riješiti pokrivajući glavu ručnikom, udahnite pare iz lonca sa soli i kipućom vodom. Udisanjem pare iz otopine riješit ćete zagađivače jer ćete je iskašljati.

b) Pomaže u uklanjanju teških metala u tijelu jer će uravnotežiti pH faktor u pojedincu. Kristali himalajske soli imaju sposobnost otapanja olova, arsena, žive, pa čak i nakupljanja kalcija u tijelu.

c) Otopina pomaže u sprječavanju krvarenja desni, a također daje i svjež osjećaj daha. Otopinu koristite kad četkate zube što je češće moguće.

d) Upale uha mogu se spriječiti primjenom nekoliko kapi u uho.

e) Namočenje stopala u otopinu sprječava vas da imate gljivice na nogama.

f) Dopuštanje slane otopine da se osuši kada se utrlja na zahvaćeno područje kože pomaže u sprečavanju psorijaze.

g) Kristali himalajske soli mogu se koristiti kao piling lica dodavanjem organskog sapuna, bez parfema s soli umanjit će probleme s aknama.

h) Grgljanje s ovom otopinom ublažit će grlobolju, ali nemojte je gutati.

i) Za glavobolju možete koristiti otopinu za masažu glave i vrata. Kombinirajući 1 čajnu žličicu soli i 1 žličicu hladne vode i upotrijebite oblog za ublažavanje glavobolje, ali stalno mijenjajući otopinu po potrebi.

j) Omotavanje himalajskih kristala soli u riječku s vrećicom oko vrata pomoći će u sprečavanju bolesti pri kretanju jer to pomaže u ravnoteži tijela.

k) Mjesečne pritužbe (menstruacija) također se mogu ublažiti tako da se vrećicom soli zagrije pola sata kako bi se riješili grčeva, stavljajući je na vrh trbuha bocom s vrućom vodom. Korištenje đona 'u šarži poboljšava tjelesnu električnu struju, čime čini sposobnost tijela da se sam zacjeljuje. Otopina kristala himalajske soli može se koristiti i kod reume, rana, uboda insekata, nakon njege od operacije i pomagala u ublažavanju iritacija na koži.

Briga za vašu himalajsku lampu za sol

Pazite da se vaše himalajske kristalne svjetiljke skladište u suhom okruženju jer će privući vlagu.

Kristali himalajske soli su higroskopski, što znači da privlače vlagu. Ne smije se postavljati izravno ispred vlažnog strujanja zraka hladnjaka ili klima uređaja. Kad se postavi na prozorsku dasku, provjerite je li svjetiljka sjedila na vodootpornom drvenom postolju ili postolju za tanjure, jer kad privuče višak vlage može oštetiti prag prozora.

Osvjetljavanjem himalajskih lampi kristalne soli vrlo se brzo suši jer oslobađa vlastitu vlagu, ovaj proces tada stvara učinak pročišćavanja i ionizirajuće djelovanje na okoliš oko žarulje sa soli. Kada dođe do kristalizacije, sve što trebate učiniti je obrisati vlažnom krpom. Za najbolji učinak pročišćavanja preporučujemo da se lampe svakodnevno pale.

To će tada dati dosljedan negativan ionizirajući učinak u sobi u kojoj se nalazi. Prilikom zamjene žarulje (provjerite je li isključena i isključena iz struje), morate pažljivo izvući okov svjetiljke. Pažljivo izvadite žarulju i odložite je, a zatim je pričvrstite. Morate stisnuti okov leptira i dopustiti da klizi unutar cijele sa željenom dubinom, pazeći da ne dodiruje lampu. Uz čajne lampice u slanoj lampi, osigurajte da imate dugačke šibice za paljenje svijeće (to će osigurati da se sami ne zapalite). Držači za svijeće za čajeve vrlo su stabilni i vjetar ih ne može raznijeti. Obavezno ugasite svijeću, ona može biti vruća i preliti se po odjeći, opremi ili čak vašoj koži.

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