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Buy Sapphire Cabochon online at wholesale prices. In this category you will find high domed stones known as a Sapphire cabochon.

Sapphire cabochon refers to the overall shape of the stone. Instead of being faceted into a gemstone, a Sapphire cabochon has been cut and polished on a wheel that makes them rounded. The high dome on a Sapphire cabochon increases the color depth of the stone since there is more material to give it color.

Generally, the raw material used to make a Sapphire cabochon is of lower grade than a faceted stone. Since the inclusions in a Sapphire cabochon do not detract from the value of the stone it is important to put more emphasis on the color rather than the clarity.

The important points to remember when buying a Sapphire cabochon are to try and buy the best value for money stone. Like previously mentioned, inclusions are something that can be relatively ignored when buying a Sapphire cabochon. However having said that, a very clean Sapphire cabochon will be extremely rare and the price for an eye clean Sapphire cabochon will be more expensive. Put more emphasis on color rather than clarity.

The other major point to remember when buying a Sapphire cabochon to understand any treatments that may have been applied to the stone. This has a huge bearing on the value and sometimes the durability of the Sapphire cabochon you purchase. Below is a link to some useful information about these treatments.

A Sapphire cabochon is extremely durable because it has a hardness that is only surpassed by one gemstone and that is a Diamond. Sapphire cabochon can be worn in every day jewelry without the threat of it every scratching or becoming worn.

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