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Gemstone Information:

Garnets have been extensively known for several years, and it has been recognized as the “Warriors Stone”, like soldiers from the earth carrying and wearing this gem as an amulet against demise and wound.  This is also said to carry success, harmony and silence, as well as curing injuries by preventing the flow of blood.


When taken as a gift, the garnet is believed to contribute faithfulness and fondness. If using a garnet, checks whether the stone loses its shine, this is an indication of impending hazard or failure. A stolen garnet is considered to carry terrible luck to the crook until it is returned to the legal owner.


The Garnet is generally known as the gemstone for a flourishing business. If your company is not as functioning well as it should be, use garnets over your desk, and progress should be approaching. A garnet stone below the pillow is said to avoid bad dreams, as well, using this gemstone can produce fame among your peers.




Garnets are an associated with the group of minerals. Affiliates of this group consist of almandine (shady red to violet red); spessartite/spessartine (orange to golden-brown); Pyrope dark red); Grossular (white, black, and brownish-red); andradite (neutral to black).




Garnet is a gemstone of idealistic love and enthusiasm. Mostly, it is used to increase sensuality and intimacy. It is said that this gemstone will carry optimistic thoughts and increase energy. 


It is an exceptional gemstone for manifestation and can support mystically in building self-assurance, as well as achievement in one's selected profession.  Moreover, the garnet is a stone is also a representation of love and sympathy.




Currently, the earth's largest source of Garnet is Africa. During December 1996, it was discovered to be the largest and exclusive garnet ever discovered and measuring approximately 100 feet across! Other reliable sources of garnet include Soviet Union, USA, Brazil, and India.

Chemical Composition:

Holistic Aspect:The Garnet is mostly connected with the spleen and thyroid. The said organs may profit with refining and distilling with the garnet, when this stone is seized over the organ. A garnet seize in the hand, or at the top of your head whilst penetrating or meditating during the earlier period can be quite helpful in bringing what is being meditated or searched upon.  It can also heal the heart, lungs, and blood.



Color Change Rough Garnet 





Color Change Rough Garnet is considered as one of the most exceptional, attractive, and unique stones in the world. Any stone that changes color is rare to find and in demand by most collectors. These garnets display the widest selection of color changes with almost every hue exhibited.  It is usually said that garnets approach in each color of the rainbow except blue.


This is true with the natural light, but there are new discoveries of color-change garnets that usually turn blue into artificial light. The color change can be concentrated and identical to the color of it. In fact, color change garnets can simply be misguided as an Alexandrite.


Most of the finest stones are originated from Bekily, Southern Madagascar. Stones from this mine are famous for their tough alexandrite like color change. Color Rough Change Garnets are also extraordinary. Being an individual, refractive stone, it is amazing that it has the capability to achieve a color change at all.


Demantoid Garnet 




The Demantoid Garnet is one of the most sparkling stones that subsist, yet until lately it became well-known except for collectors and gemstone aficionado. Physically, it is a green garnet, or somewhat the star of the Green Garnets. Not without any reason, does it accept a name, which signifies like a diamond.


In fact, the name originates from the Dutch and makes it as the outstanding value of this gem, its unique radiance and fire, as well. Some gemstone lovers state that a Demantoid will persist to shine even in the shade. It is quite more than that: it is the most exclusive type of garnet and one of the most valuable gemstones.


Garnet Colour Change





Garnet Colour Change is a gemological variety name for bright to dark-pink orange, red- orange or yellow-orange garnet, which is a combination of spessartite and pyrope. It is mostly found in east Africa, along the Umba Valley nearby Kenya and Tanzania. During the 1970's, Garnet Color Change was being combined with parcels of Rhodolite, which being offered for auction.


In fact, these unusual color stones were discarded and it came into practice for a number of garnets that did not well-fit into any type of categories. In addition to, Garnet Color Garnets are mostly spessartite and pyrope in its composition. Apart from for the color change, they are indistinguishable in properties. Also, their significant supplies are come from the Africa. 


Garnet Rough 




Garnet Rough cleanses and revitalizes the chakras.  It also balances power, conveying tranquility or enthusiasm as suitable.  It is also motivates love and affection.  It also balances the sex drive and lessens emotional dissonance.  It activates and fortifies the survival intuition, which brings valor and trust. 


Also, it increases past-life and sharpens sensitivity of individuals.  It also eliminates embarrassment and forbiddens, as well.  It usually opens the heart and gives self-confidence. Also, it reinforces the body and increases the metabolism.  It cures confusion along the spinal fluid, bone, and cellular composition. 


Garnet Stone Parcels




Garnets Stone Parcels are magnificently deep red stones, which are often established in antique jewelry. Well, this is only the limited truth, as a humid and deep red is certainly the most regularly existing color for Garnets, but unluckily only few individuals identify that the realm of such stone holds several dazzling and attractive colors.


The usual reflection of for this Garnet has been intensely transformed by amazing founds, primarily from Africa. Although red remains as its main color, Garnets nowadays easily adjust to any fresh color trend in fashion due to the loaded range available. Lastly, there are consistent sources for their supply, especially with their fancy colors.


Garnet Stones 




Garnet Stones are some of the most prevailing stones in the earth today. They are also one of the most valuable healing gemstones. They are protective stone, especially in times of risk, failing point, and convey hope in times of depression. Garnet stones are well- known to motivate devoted friendships and achievement in business.


In fact, these stones have been around for millions of years as defensive talismans and mysterious, mystical allies for the human being. Often professed as dark-red, garnet stones can be in a series of colors depending on its mineral content. They are available in black, brown, green, pink, yellow, and orange.

Each range of garnet has its own entity or properties, as well as the wide-ranging features of the crystal. Garnets, as diamonds and fluorites, are vital part of the cubic crystal system, which consists of a basic composition and energy. Their control is best served in possible matters, as it enhances success and well-being in this earth.


Grossular Garnet




Grossular Garnet represents hope, empowerment, and all significant things fostering from Mother Earth. As diverse as a wonderful sunrise, to the flourishing and grassy greens of growth and rejuvenation, it is considered as a gemstone of success and profusion; supporting appreciation and service to others. As a strong prosperity stone, Grossular Garnet is a curative stone no matter it is for health, physical and wealth aspect.


Also, it carries a regenerative power, and it is admirable for those who’ve had money issues and desire to reform. As a stone of power, Grossular Garnet will be a great assistance for new business prospects, and endorsing amplification.  It fortifies solidity especially, for proceedings and challenges, converting small forms of response as well as, loving forms of reply.


Hessonite Garnet 




Hessonite Garnet, a Jyotish gem, is usually associated with Rahu as (Moon's ascending node), which is mostly an essential and instinctual creature. Once it was defectively positioned, this "shadow planet" is differentiating by avid recognitions and desires together with a sense of fulfillment.


In fact, wearing a hessonite garnet, which consist of at least 2 carats is believed to carry achievement, prosperity and dishonor in society, boost up life span and good fortune. Hessonite can be substituted with orange zircon.  Hessonite Garnet (Hessionite) is a stone for enthusiasm and resourcefulness.


In addition to, the physical energies of Garnet in general is particularly geared toward inventive and individual expression. Emotionally, Hessonite Garnet is utilized in crystal healing for sexual issues, emotional stability, and lack of concentration in life. Physically, it is mostly used for legends tradition for intestine, bladder, spleen, and sexual organs.


Imperial Garnet Stones 




Imperial Garnet is highly valued due to its brilliant color such as yellow, orange, and sherry colors that encourage comparisons to the popular Imperial Topaz. Imperial Garnet owns an impressive intensity, especially when mixed its extraordinary lucidity. Also, it is a faultless example of this stimulating gemstone family.


It is also mined in a diverse locations and it is also available in great quantities and will be an outstanding addition to anyone’s stone collection. Imperial Garnets are engraved based on its form or cut that will control the slightest quantity of darkness with its color. Cushion and Oval are the most regular cuts, strictly followed by Round, then followed by the other standard styles, shapes and cut.


Rhodolite Garnet




Rhodolite Garnet is the term applied to the combination of pyrope and almandite. Most possibly, the term Rhodolite originates from the Greek term "rhodon", which means rose. The remarkable intensity of Rhodolite garnet is an outcome of its high-refractive index. Rhodolite is mostly to be in light tones than most other types of red garnet.


It can somewhat be mystified with ruby because of the resemblance in color. The combination of violet and red in Rhodolite is striking. It tends to be light in color than most other types of red garnet. It can occasionally be mystified with ruby because of the resemblance of its color.


The shade and radiance of Rhodolite garnet comes active during daytime. These mineral deposits are usually found in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Tanzania, and USA (North Carolina). In addition to, Rhodolite garnet is not synthetically enhanced in some manner.


Rose Almandite Garnet Rough




Rose Almandite Garnet Rough is usually established in metamorphic rocks, but also in igneous and pegmatite’s rocks. They were often baffled with other red stones, referred as Carbunculus “red coal”. During this time, near the city of Alabanda in Asia Minor, this stone was considered as a top seller.


Thus, they were referred as Carbunculus Alabandicus, which finally became Almandite. In such cases, it compromises with various quantities of pessartite garnet and pyrope with it chemical composition. The most ordinary mixtures of almandite pyrope, in stone form, would be Umbalite Garnet, Rhodolite, depending on its color.


This garnet is generally in a purple red tone, while Umbalite garnet usually contains more pyrope, thus providing it a light colors such as purple and pink. The usual forms of Almandite have been known as Rose Almandite, while the combination of Almandite and spessartite is a red-orange tone.

Rough Spessartite 




Rough Spessartite Garnet is ideochromatic, which means, it is colored by an essential element to its composition. That element is called as manganese, which generates an orange tone. If you going to take away the manganese, it would be no longer be spessartite. Thus, spessartite contains only one basic color, which is orange.


Rough Spessartites are normally cut similar with other colored stones. In fact, cushions, ovals, emeralds, trillions are being cut, which are the most common. The in need for pleochroism means that orientation is not a dilemma and the equidimensional nature of the Rough Spessartite usually provides high-quality yields from rough to cut.


Cabochon-cut spessartites are also perceived on occasion, mainly with the Namibian Mandarin spessartites, which tend to be more deeply included. Values for the rare mandarin spessartites from Namibia are still higher, with lesser goods (1–2 cts.) reaching up to $800/ct., while the fine stones are above 5 carats.






Spessartite Garnets Mn3Al2(SIO4)3 are usually formed in metamorphic compositions, but is naturally found in Granitic pegmatite’s, and frequently in alluvial stone originating from Burma, Brazil, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Mozambique and other places. The name also originated from the mountain Spessart in Germany, where the first occurrence of this stone is recorded.


Spessartite Garnets contain iron, and varies from bright mandarin orange color, to a deep red-orange shade, depending on the quantity of iron present. Generally, the deeper the stone is towards the red tone, the more iron exist to be present. Also, Spessartite Garnet is generally referred as “Malaya Garnets” and “Imperial Garnets”, or as a blend of Almandite, so they are simply referred as “Almandite-Spessartite Garnets”.


Also, these garnets are considered brings good fortune to be specified as a gift, with the conviction that they are valuable in eliminating bad dreams and as a defense from theft. It is also believed to bestow upon its latest owner and as a gift of devotion and stable affection. Early Spanish astrologers displayed spessartite garnet, which represents the sun, while the Koran teaches the illumination of the fourth heaven.






Tsavorite is a freshly discovered gemstone in the western hemisphere, which is mostly found since 1966 and was originally an unnecessary byproduct of nickel sulfide mining. Emotionally, it eliminates grief and conveys assurance. It also diminishes unawareness, particularly for emotional ignorance. It also assists to motivate perfect friendship.


In fact, Aboriginals use this stone to convey visions and contribute success. Physically, Tsavorite is the well-known stone for helping and bringing holiness into everyday living. It has been widely used for heart issues, lungs, and gallbladder. It is also connected with the heart chakra.


Tsavorite Rough 




Tsavorite Rough is a gemstone with an excellent quality facet status and considered as one of the highly enviable stone found in Madagascar. These stone are significantly fine stones for everybody. Tsavorite gem stone rough is in perfect form of crystals, which are being mined in Madagascar nowadays.


In fact, the term "tsavorite" originates from the Tsavo, an area of Kenya. It is also discovered along the border area of Tanzania and in Toliara Province, Madagascar. Tsavorite is a contemporary, 20th century stone. It was unidentified before its innovation in Kenya since 1960. 


Also, you can purchase this stone from a tough source in Madagascar. Also, it is an element of the garnet group of stones, grossularite (a calcium-aluminum garnet in which trace amounts of vanadium (or chromium) give a green color. The color varies from the green hues, but the premium is equal into an excellent quality emerald.


From the few known two gems, the higher visual properties of Tsavorite provide a great intensity and conflagration than emerald, making these gems to have comparable lucidity and color that is an eye-catching with some people than their beryl complement. Tsavorite is considered unusual, even in Madagascar.


Umbelite Garnet Rough 




Umbelite Garnet Rough arrives in various colors, not only with red. Blue is the only color that garnet is not available in. Most of the Hebrew writers take it as one of the twelve stones based in Aaron’s breastplate. Christians consider this stone as a representation of Christ’s sacrifice. Garnet was believed to provide its wearer supervision in the night and letting him to perceive where others could not.


The legend also claims that Noah hung a huge garnet in the ark for enlightenment. According to the Egyptians, Umbelite Garnet Rough is a perfect remedy for snakebite and food fatal. It also is the anniversary stone for the second year of marriage. These Garnets are mostly found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Siberia, USA, Africa, and Australia. 


Uvarovite Garnet Specimen 




Uvarovite Garnet Specimen is a particularly rare variety of garnet, Uvarovite Ca3Cr2 (SiO4)3 is basically a mineralogical variety. This Chromium bearing calcic garnet was signified after Count Uvarov, which is the previous president of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Science.


It is found principally in Finland, but also in California, Russia, and South Africa. They are produced in connection with Serpentine and Ultrabasic rocks. Uvarovite is also considered a constant green garnet.


It is usually created in both tiny crystals of 24 trapezoidal faces and 12 rhombic. Sources state that this Green Garnet is a stone of good destiny in the matters of business. It is also thought to stimulate empathy as well as, charity.


Garnet which is generally a reddish-maroon coloured stone. The word Garnet originated from the Latinword granatus signifying “seed”. This is because garnets often resemble of a small round seed whenfound in its matrix rock.

It is a highly sought-after precious Gem, which for centuries has been widelyused in the creation and encrustation of jewellery and everyday items.

Garnet comes in an array ofnatural colours such as: orange, red, brown, green and yellow.

The variations in its composition are reflected from the variability of the colour. Garnet comes in different chemical compositions, the names are: 

Almandite, Pyrope, Spessartite, Andradite, Grossular, Uvarovite.

Metaphysically speaking the benefits of these stones have been known to be such things as- stimulates the willingness to serve others while remaining true to oneself.

Helps one in being committed to ones self as well as to others and to the causes that one respects and holds dear to oneself. Physically it stimulates the second chakra and boosts the creative energy.

Balances sexual energy, restores damage to DNA and amplifies the body in assimilation of iodine,

calcium, magnesium and vitamin A and E. Emotionally it helps to incorporate experiences and assist one in self- discovery.

It also gives a protective influence, a connection to other dimensions. Helps one to recognize

flashes of insight and apply them in the appropriate place in one's life. -

Its Chemical Composition D3T3(SiO4)3

and its hardness ratio is 6 - 7.

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