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No Reserve Beads and Cabochons Auctions

No Reserve Beads and Cabochons Auctions are popular with jewelry designers and hobbyists alike. So many different gemstones are offered in this category.

Cabochon Gemstones

Cabochon gemstones have been popular for centuries back to ancient days and still today to make into creative jewelry. People enjoy specializing in collecting certain gemstone.

Labradorite has stunning fire colours that change in different light settings and in many shapes. Turquoise has been the traditional gemstone for centuries and the turquoise Color is recognized worldwide. Lapis lazuli is another gemstone for the past that is still popular. Cabochon rubies, especially start flash rubies have gained popularity. Jaspers and Agate gemstones offer designers huge range colours and shapes to work with

New gemstones like Bumblee Bee jasper, Ammolite from Canada, display brilliant fingerprint patterns and colours

Strands Pearls

Natural fresh water pearl strands are most popular and check size before bidding.

Gemstone Beads

Are offered in strand or single bead, and designer can make focal bead necklace or multiple use of gemstones to make necklace. Over the last years gemstones made into necklace designs have been popular and it’s up to persons creativity on what to design. Do check length of gemstone strands you bid on as length and size can vary greatly.

Gemstone Cravings

Gemstones are carved into holistic shapes like Buddha, angels or pyramids to animal shapes like turtles or elephants and collectors do like collect animal or holistic gemstone carvings.

Our sellers will list if any items treated or enhanced with any treatments as gemstones are offered natural with no man-made stones allowed on this site so buyers can have confidence in buying natural gemstone from our verified sellers