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Australian Sapphire gemstones for sale online at wholesale prices. In this category you will find dozens of beautifully faceted Australian Sapphire gemstones that have been directly sourced from our verified sellers.

You will find Australian Sapphire Gemstones from every field in Australia including Lava Plains, The New England District and The Central Queensland Sapphire Gemfields. An Australian Sapphire has a unique appearance and colour since they range from the very dark blue through to Royal blue. The yellow Australian Sapphire that is produced in central Queensland is among the most intense yellows seen in any Sapphire round the world.

A very special Australian Sapphire known as a Parti colored Sapphire has a unique mix of Green and Gold in the one stone. When these stones are cut correctly they can show an amazing play of color.

Many years ago the Thai gemstone dealers discovered that they could “cook” an Australia Sapphire to make it lighter in color. The blue Australian Sapphire is typically inky and dark, however after it has been heat treated the color can become more vibrant and less dark. A heat treated Australian Sapphire can rival the likes of even a Ceylon Sapphire.

When buying an Australian Sapphire, be sure to pick a stone that is free from inclusions and one that has a good cut. Since most of these stones are cut in Australia, the cutting is generally very good. Don’t be put off by a “heat treated” Australian Sapphire as almost every stone on the market has had this treatment applied. It is normal and does not decrease the durability or beauty of an Australian Sapphire at all.

Australian Sapphire has been in high demand for many years and now with the much needed injection in capital mining the Australian Sapphire will once again be in high demand.

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