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10.86cts Blue Green Tourmaline Rough - Facet Grade (RTO122)

Dimensiones (mm)
13.130 x 9.030 x 8.390mm
Peso (cts)
Certified Gemstones
No Treatment
Facet Grade Rough

This is a piece of bright blue green Tourmaline rough that will cut a nice stone. it has an open C axis meaning it will cut a very nice and bright gem.

There are some inclusions in the middle of the stone that might cause some issues. It might need to be cut in half to get the best yield. A challenging stone but the results will be worth it.

The tourmaline is a unique miracle of colour. The gemstone comes in green, red, blue, yellow, but there are also colourless specimens and black ones. Often two or more colours are found in a single tourmaline crystal. Also rare and very highly esteemed are tourmalines which appear to change their colour and cat’s eye tourmalines. Having said all that, green is regarded as the classical tourmaline colour.
Buy with confidence, I guarantee all of my gems. If you don’t like your purchase, even if it is simple personal choice, send it back for a “no questions asked” refund. I understand that sometimes you need to see the gem to truely know if you love it or not. I strive for my customers to be 100% happy with the beautiful gem they have received. If you are not happy with your recent purchase then I want to hear from you.
Gemstone Selection and Quality
When selecting gemstones to sell, I use my knowledge and skills obtained from the Accredited Gemologist Diploma from the AIGS, as well as the collective knowledge of the ICA to select high quality, reasonably priced gemstones. Gems are tested in the field with various tools including magnification loops, refractometer, and if necessary, tested in a gemological lab to ensure correct representation of the gem and it’s worth.
Treatment Disclosure
I support the full discloser of any treatments performed on any gem that is place up for auction. I never sell laboratory gown synthetic gemstones. Some treatments are common place amongst gemstones, such as glass filling of Rubies, oiling of Emeralds and heating of Zoisite to create Tanzanite. Even these treatments which are considered common place will be disclosed in my auctions. If you still need further peace of mind, contact the Gem Stone Sheriff on Gemrock Auctions to confirm if the gem description is accurate.
Photography Information
All photos are taken with Canon EOS 450D in a light box with 3 fluorescent light sources.
Every effort is made to ensure accurate and representative photography of the stone.

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I have been brought up around opals all my life and I have always been fascinated by this beautiful stone. In 2011, I decided to follow my passion and start in the the gemstone industry after serving 7 years as an electrical engineer. Chroma Gems offers opals from all over the world, but mainly from the Australian sites of Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Koroit and Yowah. All of the stones are direct from the mines and have not been treated of modified in anyway unless clearly indicated. That is something Chroma Gems prides itself on. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases. Australia post is the main postal service used as it has a excellent reputation for delivery to most parts of the world. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and we hope you find a piece of treasure of your own.
:Ciudad, País
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  • matt000

    Fast shipping and great communication

  • matt000

    Fast shipping and great communication

  • reddangel

    Much nicer in person! Well cut, vibrant deep blue. Shipping was fast. I am very pleased with this gem. Thank you.


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