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3.42 Ct. Ruby | Mined in West Africa | Cushion | Natural & Unheated

Dimensiones (mm)
9.250 x 7.700 x 4.800mm
Peso (cts)
No Treatment

StarRuby.in ®

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3.42 Ct. Ruby | Mined in West Africa

Listing ID: 440393 | Stone ID: E10629

Price: $410 $308


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Gemstone, Origin & Treatments

Species: Natural Corundum

Gemstone & Variety: Natural Ruby

Geographic Origin: Guinea (West Africa)

Treatments: No Treatments (Unheated/Untreated)

Weight, Measurements & Shape

Weight: 3.42 carats

Measurements (L x W x H): 9.25 x 7.70 x 4.80 mm

Type of Cutting: Faceted

Shape: Rectangular Cushion

StarRuby.in® Listing Price

Original Listing Price: $410

Gem Rock Auctions Price (25% off): $308

The original listing price of this item on our website and all other sales channels is $410. The current listing price on Gem Rock Auctions is $308 since we've listed all our inventory here with a flat 25% discount from our original listing prices.

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Recommended Retail Price (RRP): $1026


Listing ID: 440393

Stone ID: E10629

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Other Information

About our Pictures & Videos

How are your gemstones photographed?
Our gemstones are photographed by highly trained & experienced professional photographers using the latest iPhone, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced macro photography techniques, and customized gemstone lighting systems that simulate natural daylight (5500 K).


Are your pictures & videos accurate?
As a gemstone & jewelry business specializing in eCommerce sales, we fully understand the concerns about shopping for such unique items online. After years of research on developing customized gemstone lighting systems and advanced macro photography techniques, we have successfully made true-to-life gemstone photos & videos a reality.

We take extraordinary care to capture the actual color and appearance of our gemstones. The lighting systems we use in our studio have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of >95 and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) >97 for accurate color capture by iPhones. Additionally, we evaluate the color accuracy on color-calibrated screens with a hardware color-calibration device for maximum accuracy. Therefore, the media provided on our listing pages fairly and accurately depict the actual color & appearance of the gemstones as seen in person.


Which devices or screens provide the best viewing experience for your pictures & videos?
Our media has embedded sRGB color space profiles for accurate viewing in browsers and other color-managed software.

While we test the color accuracy of all of our media across multiple screen types, the colors are most accurately seen on the latest generation of screens (laptops/desktops with IPS display, iPhones, iPads, or iMacs with retina display, and other mobile devices with IPS, OLED, AMOLED, or QLED displays).

Grading Scales, Charts & more

Color Grading Scale: https://www.starruby.org/info#color

Clarity Grading Scale: https://www.starruby.org/info#clarity

Shape Chart: https://www.starruby.org/info#shape

Gemstone Size Chart: https://www.starruby.org/info#size

Information on Gemological Laboratories: https://www.starruby.org/info#labs

Bespoke Jewelry Solutions: https://www.starruby.org/info#jewelry

Why Buy from Us

✔ Only authentic, natural & unheated/untreated gemstones.

✔ Curation & evaluation by in-house gemologists.

✔ Certification by top international labs like GIA, GRS, & IGI.

✔ Wholesale pricing. Huge savings.

✔ Gemstones direct from mine to market.

✔ Accurate pictures/videos & description.

✔ Reliable international shipping.

✔ Hassle-free returns.

✔ Unparalleled reputation & history.

✔ Ethically & environmentally responsible.

✔ Personalized customer support.

✔ 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Read more about our company here: https://www.starruby.org/aboutus

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