$186.00 USD

0.25ct 1.8mm Salt and Pepper Diamond AA Grade 9 to 10 gems

Dimenzije (mm)
1.800 x 1.800 x 1.200mm
Težina (cts)
No Treatment
Faceted, Specimen

'The Best Gems on the Web'
Gem-A Corporate Member
**ShangrilaGems are Responsible Manufacturers and Suppliers**


*Please note the white color when they are on a black background (although the picture is not great)

*These are supreme quality Salt and Pepper diamonds with greater clarity than the better value alternatives listed.

*Please consider the level of magnification of this photo.

At London Fashion Week 2018, Queen Elizabeth II was admiring our imperfect diamonds in the pieces of renowned London jewellers.   We were rather delighted that the Queen had complimented our diamonds. She found it fascinating that many people no longer craved the perfect diamond.

Our diamonds are mined from Botswana and cut by us in our workshop in Surat, Gujarat, India. They are responsibly sourced – from the mine to the market.

 Salt & Pepper diamonds capture the imaginations of modern jewellery lovers as these raw flaws reveal the stones' natural origins. The use of these stones is also considered sustainable, a point that is exceedingly important to eco-conscious millennial consumers, as the use of irregular flecked and imperfect diamonds creates less waste. A salt and pepper diamond is far less taxing on the environment than regular diamonds are. Because salt and pepper diamonds come rough-hewn and raw, they save much more time and resources than mining traditional diamonds. As a result, we’re seeing a design wave of definitively unique jewellery that, by nature, cannot be mass-produced.

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PLEASE NOTE WE ARE AWAY FROM OUR BUSINESS FROM 5 DECEMBER 2023 UNTIL 2024. We will start shipping again at the end of January 2024. WARNING: IF A DIAMOND IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS BECAUSE IT IS! If it is too cheap it can’t be real. *OUR DIAMONDS are genuine natural diamonds and WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN TREATED WE WILL INFORM YOU. *MANY SELLERS ARE SELLING COATED diamonds - these have been coated with chemicals to improve the quality of poor rough and make them look shiny; we can easily spot them. *SOME ARE GLASS FILLED DIAMONDS -with very little diamond in them. They will all pass tests with amateur diamond testing equipment because they contain some diamond. Please be warned. They are charging far less that the real thing would cost to purchase on the wholesale market. ShangrilaGems mission is to delight our customers with the quality of our service and the beauty of our treasures. ShangrilaGems is made up of us two directors: husband and wife Sarajane and Rakesh, both are highly educated with MSc's. As an Anglo-Indian company, we trade both from London and India; specifically the two cities of Dharamshala in the Himalayas and Jaipur in Rajasthan. ShangrilaGems are corporate members of the British Gemmological Association and look to uphold their high standards of gem research and presentation. We trained in gemmology in both the UK and India.ShangrilaGems are Europes' best supplier of high quality Gemstones, cabochon and gemstone beads. We are famous for the quality, originality and quirkiness of our gemstones. Our customers include gem re-sellers in the London gem district (Hatton Garden) High end designers and both British and International gem and bead wholesalers. WARNING: IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS BECAUSE IT IS! *OUR DIAMONDS ARE GENUINE NATURAL DIAMONDS AND WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN TREATED WE WILL INFORM YOU. *MANY SELLERS ARE SELLING COATED DIAMONDS - THESE HAVE BEEN COATED WITH CHEMICALS TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF POOR ROUGH AND MAKE THEM LOOK SHINY; WE CAN EASILY SPOT THEM. *SOME ARE GLASS FILLED DIAMONDS -WITH VERY LITTLE DIAMOND IN THEM. THEY WILL ALL PASS TESTS WITH AMATEUR DIAMOND TESTING EQUIPMENT BECAUSE THEY CONTAIN SOME DIAMOND. PLEASE BE WARNED. THEY ARE CHARGING FAR LESS THAT THE REAL THING WOULD COST TO PURCHASE ON THE WHOLESALE MARKET. ShangrilaGems Responsible Sourcing All our gems are Responsibly sourced. We know the country they come from and the specific mine. Our diamonds are all sourced from Botswana from the Jwaneng mine. The largest diamond mine in the world. Botswana upholds extremely high mining standards; No diamonds are conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. We cut these diamond in our own family run factory in Surat, India and there is no child labor. The staff are paid well and the conditions are good and the staff are well trained and looked after and are content and happy. We are cautious to use the word ‘ethical’ for gems or diamonds as in our experience ‘ethical’ means different things to different people. ETHICAL IS A SEVERELY ABUSED TERM.
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