Raw Sapphire for Sale 985 Prodotti

Sapphire Rough For Sale

Purchasing Sapphire rough demands the discernment of an expert eye. Begin with color; Sapphire is renowned for its stunning range of blues, as well as other colors like pink, yellow, and green. Seek rough stones with rich, even coloration, free from undesirable tones or zoning. Clarity is essential; prioritize specimens with minimal inclusions for optimal transparency and brilliance when cut. Examine the overall size and shape, as larger pieces often yield larger finished gems. Pay attention to surface features and fractures, as they can impact the stone's usability and value. Understanding the source and any treatments applied is also crucial. By considering these factors, you'll secure Sapphire rough with the potential to yield exquisite finished gemstones, ideal for high-quality jewelry or collectors' pieces.

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