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No Reserve Rough & Specimen Auctions

Rough & Specimens Only is an interesting category for no reserve auctions. Two different types of buyers purchase rough gemstones and minerals. Gemstone Collectors or Gemstone Cutters. Mineral collectors enjoy purchasing minerals for their collection and interesting this hobby has exploded in recent years as many people have made it a serious business. In recent years also explosives have become expensive in regions like Pakistan so the cost of getting the minerals has sky rocketed. Fossils have only recently been popular with many collectors and you can specialise in a country’s fossils, like Morocco, Madagascar, Greece or UK. Alternatively, you can collect a fossil from many countries such as ammonites, that can be found in many places all over the world. Tanzanite specimens are now expensive as gemstones can be cut from most specimens. Water melon Tourmaline specimens can be polished or left in its natural state Even minerals that are common such as quartz, agates and Jaspers have incredible beautiful mineral specimens that are good value. Today it can take many hours to clean mineral specimens and this needs special training and lots patience

Gemstone cutters

Worldwide there are thousands of people who enjoy cutting cabochons or faceting gemstones. Traditional clean rough like amethyst or citrine are good for cutters starting off as the price is still reasonable. Emerald, Kunzite and jade, topaz rough is good material to learn how to cabochon on as large size makes working easy to shape and polish. Faceting gemstone need clean stones to work with or bid on parcel small emeralds to practise on before buying more expensive rough.