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34mm Mojave bronzed Amethyst marquise shape cabochon 34 by 15 by 4.5mm 16ct

34.000 x 15.000 x 4.500mm
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34mm Mojave bronzed Amethyst marquise shape cabochon 34 by 15 by 4.5mm 16ct
This is a new gemstone in our collection. From California, Mojave Amethyst is Amethyst adapted in a very sophisticated and high quality process to make this beautiful Specimen. The Amethyst stone pieces are bound together with high quality bronze or gold resin and coloring agents and then irradaited to produce this wonderful stone. Mojave Amethyst is a new stone but it is starting to be used by many of our A list designers including those on Barney's fine jewelry web-site who set it beautifully with 18carat gold.

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