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Charoite for sale at wholesale prices. Charoite is named after the Charo River in the Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia. This is the only known locale in which it is found. It has a distinctive purple colour with flecks of white and black running through it. It is amazing that almost every shade of purple imaginable is available in this gem. For centuries it has been widely used in the creation and encrustation of jewelry and everyday items. It is known as a stone of transformation helping to bring balance in turbulent situations and soothing emotional situations.

On Gem Rock Auctions we have separate categories for each shape. The most common shape for this stone is the Cabochon section. here you will find hundreds of stones with different shades of purple.

Pairs are very rare because it is so hard to find two stones with similar color and patterns. These make beautiful earrings if you can find a pair.

The unique swirling pattern associated with Charoite is unlike any other gemstone on the market. It is considered a rock, much like Lapis lazuli or Maw Sit Sit. With the increasee popularity and demand for this gemstone it is looking like the mines of Siberia will soon be depleted. Only time will tell but for now enjoy this gemstone at an affordable price.

Spiritually it is a crystal that is commonly used for healing. With it’s calming energies this crystal is used to wash out the aura and chakras. It is said to help in sleeping as well.

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