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Gold nuggets have been treasured and respected since ancient times.

In the last century we have seen gold rushes to distant places like California and Australia

Even today people enjoy the pleasure of owing gold nuggets from these gold bearing areas.

Yukon in Northern Canada is still producing river or alluvial gold and is around 22k pure gold.

Australia has high purity gold and Bendigo in Victoria is famous for high quality gold nuggets and the Gold fields of Kalgoorlie in the deserts of western Australia still produce large volume gold nuggets and has reputation for larger size nuggets than Bendigo

Many gold fields have closed down like Gympie in Queensland and only hobbyists work these areas now with metal detectors, and every now and then you will hear of large nugget find, but most prospectors do keep this quiet as they like to keep the areas secret

Also lot of gold is found in quartz host rock and these specimens and specific gravity is used to determine amount gold in these nuggets

Many countries have gold nuggets from Venezuela to Namibia and South Africa

Older continents like Australia have alluvial deposits and gold can be found in dry areas compared to Yukon where most the gold is found in the actual river bead.

If the gold nugget is from river you will see it is more smooth and rounded form tumbling in the water and gold found in host rocks are more sharp and pointed

The purity of the gold does vary slightly

Gold is an amazing metal that has been cherished by man for centuries. It has a beautiful color, shine and allure to it that makes it perfect for use in jewelry.

In this section you will find alluvial gold that has been found by some of our verified sellers. Some of our sellers prospect the gold fields in Australia in search of a beautifully shaped gold nugget.

Although the Gold found in this category will be pure enough to melt down they are generally kept as specimens. The natural shape of this type of gold is highly prized among collectors.

Some interesting facts about gold include:

Gold is popular in nugget form or alluvial gold

Gold is a gemstone of ABUNDANCE.

Gold is known to have the capability of holding other stones’ energy.

Gold also enhances one to be humble and eliminates ego tripping.

Gold, in ancient times had been known to treat arthritis.

Gold has been known that when injected, its disabling the cells that attach the arthritis and prevents inflammation

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