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Labradorite belongs to the plagioclase feldspar family. This is the same family known as “Albite”. Labradorite has been discovered within some meteorites so it is one of the few earth gems that can come from space. It was mostly found in Finland during the second war, and it is also referred as falcon’s-eye. Based on Eskimo’s myth, the Northern Lights were caged within the mineral and placed along the shore of Labrador. It is also believed that most of the soldiers from Eskimo have the capability to free the lights from the gemstone.

Labradorite displays a sparkling spectrum of colors used in ornaments as well as in Jewelry.

It is also a decorative gemstone and it has several popular uses such as in attractive clock faces, counter tops and tables, facing for structures, and many more.

Labradorite Iridescence: The iridescence is the result of light refracting within perthitic lamellar intergrowths resulting from phase exsolution on cooling. Gemstone varieties of Labradorite exhibiting a high degree of iridescence are called spectrolite. Moonstone and sunstone are also commonly used terms, and high-quality samples with good iridescent qualities are desired for jewelry. Labradorite gemstone beads make beautiful fiery Labradorite necklaces or Labradorite as focal bead in a gemstone necklace.

Labradorite Sources: Labradorite was initially found the Labrador Peninsula located in Canada since 1770. It is also discovered in Norway, while the blue, semi-transparent range is found in Finland. Other exceptional areas include Madagascar, Tulear, Golovinskoye, and Antsohamamy Quarry. Most significant deposits are usually found in Canada in Labrador, at Tabor and Nain Island. Also, USA lacks best localities for such minerals. In fact, the Adirondack Mountains in New York have created colourful Labradorite, especially in Saranac Lake.

By tradition, Labradorite is considered to convey good luck. Due to its exclusive colour it can easily be identify among other minerals.

Holistic Aspects: Labradorite is a gemstone known to enhance ones imagination. It is helpful when someone goes into a phase of transformation or change of life. Labradorite also enhances psychic intuition and helps reduce stress. Labradorite can also enhance calmness.

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