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10.0 Carat VS Pigeon Blood Ruby - Superb

Dimensions (mm)
15.400 x 9.700 x 6.700mm
Weight (cts)

10.0 Carat Pigeon Blood Ruby.

Near flawless hand held appearance.

Very fiery Gem.

15.4mm by 9.7 by 6.7.

Fun item to own, gift or to retail.

Additional guarantee.. Should a Ruby bought from Gemstar or Everlasting Gems deteriorate due to breakage in the first 12 months, we will refund the purchase price.  (We have never had a request for refund due to breakage.)


Ideal for fine Jewelry.


Earth mined Ruby,

glass clarity enhanced to provide

superior appearance (virtually all Rubies

on the market today are clarity enhanced).





Gemstar never sells simulated or laboratory created gems.

Origin: Africa Treatments: Heated, Lead Glass Treated. Currently, most Rubies are routinely Lead Glass treated. T his process enhances the beauty of the gem by infusing leaded glass to eliminate microscopic fissures and imperfections, commonly called Silk.This improves the clarity and the appearance of the gem. T he vast majority of Rubies available on the market today are Lead Glass Treated. These treatments do not compromise the durability of the gem. All Gemstar stones are guaranteed. Untreated rubies show significantly higher, flaws, inclusions and defects. Purchasers, tend to prefer the beauty that results from the treatment of these gems.

Please read Gemrock Advisory notes below for more information on this treatment.



1.) Gemrock Auctions is the only internet site

where Items, Auctions and Sellers are supervised

bytrained, credentialed, experienced Gemologists

(please visit Gemstone Advisory Panel and Gemrock Sheriff).

We regard this as an improtant safeguard for those who wish to own

authentic natural items.

2.) Please remember to retain photos ofpurchases.

Most Homeowners Policies provide automatic coverage

for jewelry and gem items. Photographic records can be useful.

For your convenience, Gemstar and many other

Gemrock Sellersmaintain a photographic record

of most purchases.



Please, check Gemstar Feedback

GIA Type II Clarity Chart

VVS Very Very Slightly Included - Minor inclusions VS Very Slightly Included - NOTICEABLE to Obvious SI1 Slightly Included - Noticeable to OBVIOUS SI2 Slightly Included 2 - Obvious to Prominate I1 Included 1 - Prominent - moderate effect on appearance or durability. I2 Included 2 - Prominent - severe effect on appearance & durability. I3 Included 3 - Prominent- severe effect on beauty, transparency & durability. Type 2 Colored Gemstones by their nature have natural inclusions. (Inclusions are the norm) This includes gems such as: Ametrine, Amblygonite, Andulusite, Apatite. Alexandrite, Crysoberyl, Diopside, Feldspar, Flourite, Garnet(All species), Iolite, Natrolite, Fire Opals, Phenakite, Peridot, Quartz, Rhodolite, Ruby, Scapolite, Spinel, Sapphire, Taaffeite, Topaz(all colors EXCEPT Blue), Tourmaline( All colors EXCEPT Green and watermelon), Tzavorite, Zircon(All colors EXCEPT Blue and Clear).



We take great care to inspect and accurately represent all stones placed for sale.


Stones of this type can be laboratory created. Gemstar never sells laboratory imitation stones, only natural stones that have beauty and are suitable for elegant jewelry applications where the fabricator wants genuine, valuable materials that compliment their hard work and effort. Synthetics tend to have a glassy appearance andare easily identified bypersons with any Gemological experience.


Disclosure: Nothing is more disappointing than to get something that is not accurately represented. All photos are of the actual stones and greatest care is taken to insure accuracy of same. Any details that we become aware of that effect the quality, durability or value of the Stones are clearly stated.


Shipping is free for all items. International Express shipping is complimentary on international purchases in excess of $600. Gemstar reserves the right to combine purchases into one assignment for convenience and simplicity. All shipment include descriptive information.


Should you ever be disappointed with an item purchased from Gemstar, you have a 10 day period to provide notification. Should you elect to submit stones for independent certification this period can be extended for an additional 45 days provided that you notify us of intent to certify within the initial 10 days period. All items have an unconditional money back guarantee subject only to the terms above.


We love positive feedback and will make every effort to insure that you are pleased with your purchase. If you like the service, and the materials you receive please tell everyone. If you have concerns please notify us and allow us to make you a happy client. If you visit Hawaii come visit with us. Good luck bidding. (Look forward to outstanding merchandise and superior service.)



Gemstarmake extensive use of the following instruments designed to insure the authenticity of gems and the accuracy of descriptions: POLARISCOPE - REFRACTOMETER - CHELSEA FILTER - 10 TO 60 POWER GEMSCOPE - DIGITAL CALIPERS - CALCITE DICHROSCOPE - HIGH MEGAPIXEL DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY - ASSORTED OTHER EQUIPMENT Whilewe use many of the same tools, Gemstar isnot a gem testing, or a Gem Certification company. Also,we makes mistakes. Hopefully, very, very, very few. The authenticity of the gem, the accuracy of the description, and your satisfaction are all 100% guaranteed. Weoffer many gems of all descriptions, and have many hundreds of delighted Purchasers.



RubyBuyers Guide:

As with most things, in Ruby and Sapphire gemstones, knowing what to look for can help Buyers to make satisfying, enjoyable purchases. The reason for purchasing gems is to have a beautiful, unusual and impressive prize. Ultimately, appearance is the most important determinant of gem value.


Professional purchasers in the gem trade prize clarity. While inclusions may not be visible to the unaided eye they change the dispersion of light and impact the fire, flash, and appearance of the Ruby.

SI-1 This is slightly included stones. They are more common than higher grade, clearer gems. An estimated 90% of professionally cut rubies fall into this class. The inclusions can and usually do result in a somewhat lifeless stone with low luster, fire or flash. In other cases, the gem may give a dirty or soiled appearance. Mid size gems of 2 carats are common, large gems above 2 carats and above are less common, but are typically not thought of as investment grade stones. An ideal application for these stones is where the finished product is intended to bring $150 to $200 per carat.

VS - SI This is slightly included and very slightly included gems, they comprise an estimated 8% of professionally cut rubies. The inclusions are less noticeable and in some cases the gem has good appearance if the color compensates for the impaired clarity. An ideal application can be for mid range jewelry. Retail per carat tends to be in the $200 to $400 per carat range (the range widens as the quality of the stone can be offset by the quality of the setting).

VS - These stones represent all but a minute portion of the remaining 2% of stones. VS ruby gems tend to have more of the fire and glow or luster that has historically made rubies desirable for fine jewelry. Retail per carat can range between $400 to $1,500 (the range widens again as accent stones, settings and style become more predominant determinants of value.)

VVS-IF is very rare and very prized in rubies. These gems bring retail prices that are higher than diamonds of comparablequality.

Synthetics tend to be VVS-IF but can be detected. It is recommended that you purchase stones of this quality from trusted sources.

DeClass -These are gems that are non- transparent. When purchased they are usually purchased for the color of the stone as opposed to the depth, luster and radiance found in higher grades.


Gemcutters are not born, they learn their trade the way everyone does, by practice. Uneven facets and uneven overall shape tend to be the hallmarks of untrained or inexperienced cutters. Poorly cut stones tend to be shunned by retailers looking for anything other than lower end merchandise. As with most businesses, gem cutting operations rarely give promising rough stones to novice cutters. The risk of ruining a valuable gem is simply too great. The best cutters get the best rough to work with. As gems move into the VS-SI and even more so, the VS categorypoor quality cuttingtends to become less of a problem. When making a purchase look carefully at the reflections coming from the facets, check for uneven lines. If you can notice it in a picture itmay be apparent in the stone when received. Stones with a dull appearance or stones that do not show accuratefaceting in photographs are likely to have a poor appearance.


Color is a subjective evaluation. A pink ruby gemstone can give a wonderful appearance as do Pidgeon Blood and Cherry stones. Historically, the color that has the highest value is Pidgeon Blood. Saturation is also a factor, the higher the saturation is, the deeper the color. A very low saturation stone is easier to look through, a high saturation stone gives a darker color.


Carat weight helps determinethe value ofRubies, as the availability of qualityrough decreases geometrically as one looks for larger and larger gems.

De-class stones, stones that lack transparency can be as large as a fist and still have uncertain investment value. Stones above 4 carats in a VS-SI or VS category are scarce.

Hopefully this guide adds to your ability to make an investment that can bring a lifetime of proud ownership.

Copyright: 1/1/2013 Gemstar


The trade recognized terms for describing Ruby Color are:

AAA = Pigeon Blood

AA = Cherry

A = Pinkish Red

P= Reddish Pink

P2 = Pink Trace of Red

P3 = Pink

Thanks, hopefully notes have been helpful.


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