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Fire Agate for sale online at wholesale price. In this category you will find hundreds of individual piece of fire agate that have been cut and polished to bring out the amazing colors.

Fire Agate is a beautiful form of agate that has a unique rainbow colour effect. Fire Agate is formed in layers causing the light to interact with each layer producing the amazing rainbow colours.

Most Fire Agate is cut into Cabochons and they can be view under the Fire Agate Gemstones category. The cabochon cut really brings out the rainbow colors of Fire Agate. Look for stones with a high dome and strong colors when selecting the perfect piece of Fire Agate.

If you fancy a try at cutting your own Fire Agate stones, the Fire Agate Rough category has some pieces that could make incredible stones. Even though these pieces are still in their rough form, it is possible to see the rainbow colors coming through. Fire Agate can be a tricky stone to cut because the color can simply vanish when polishing it.

There is also a special category called Fire Agate specimens. This is where you will find amazing Fire Agate specimens that are still in their natural form. These pieces and perfect for people who want to see how Fire Agate forms in nature.

Since Fire Agate is in the Quartz family, it is extremely hard with a MOHS hardness of 7. This makes this gemstone very durable and perfect for wearing in everyday jewellery.

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