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Shipping, payments and insurance details.

Hi. Ive been in the gem business for 15 years. I feel in love with gems while traveling to Cambodia. I pride myself in being able to offer great prices on authentic pieces. Honesty and integrity is the way i live. Hope you enjoy all my store has to offer. Feel free to message if you have any questions.
Ca, United States of America
I can ship worldwide. But be advised that duty fees may exist for shipping gemstones to your countries. Gemstone parcels are occasionally subject to duty tax upon entering a variety of countries. All parcels will be labeled either "Stones" or "Collectible Stones" which may or may not be subject to duty fees. I haven't run into many problems, but a few people have reported being taxed upon receiving the goods. Also, if you are purchasing gems from a country outside Europe, North America, China, Japan, or Australia, we claim no responsibility for lost of stolen goods. Once the package leaves the last sort facility in the United States, if the package is lost or stolen, we do not offer refunds or shipping insurance. So be advised if you are purchasing from a country outside those listed above. I will gladly combine multiple items into the same shipment for no additional charge. If you're planning on bidding on multiple items, just send me a message indicating that you're intending to delay payment until all items have been purchased. Thanks! Refunds accepted within 14 days of Receiving the item.
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Standard Shipping - Tracked $8.00 / 7 days $15.50 / 21 days
United States of America
Standard Shipping - Tracked is discounted to $8.00 on orders with 2 or more items
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Standard Shipping - Tracked is discounted to $15.50 on orders with 2 or more items
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