Septarian Gemstone: Properties, Meanings, Value & More

septarian gemstoneSeptarian stone is a tri-colored concretion composed of multiple minerals. Concretions are cemented bodies of sediment found in sedimentary gemstones. In other words, they’re beautiful balls of hardened mud. 

Septarian’s three most common colors are brown (from aragonite), yellow (from calcite), and gray (from limestone). It's often called septarian agate or septarian jasper. However, it is neither. Both agate and jasper are minerals; septarian is a rock.

Other names for septarian rock include concretion, septoria, dragon stone, and septarian egg or dragon egg. 

But wait, what is a septarian dragon egg? While they’re sadly not from flying, fire-breathing serpents, septarian eggs do have fiery origins! 

Formed through volcanic eruptions, their spherical shape and smooth, “dragon-skin” appearance is what earned them the name of septarian dragon eggs.

In this guide, we’ll give you the run-down on everything there is to know about the fascinating septarian properties, benefits, values, and more! 

septarian gemstone

About Septarian Stone

First, is septarian a crystal? Technically no. As a rock, it has minerals in it, so it does contain crystals! Septarian is a semi-precious gemstone and crystal boasting a multitude of healing powers.

Septarian is most known for the unique pattern in septarian nodules distinguished by colorful cracks filled with calcite, aragonite, and limestone rock. It can also include other minerals like barite or chalcedony.

Not a fan of your designated birthstone? While septarian isn’t a traditional zodiac stone, it’s said to be a powerful ally in every astrological sign’s journey, supporting and promoting each sign’s qualities. 

Next, let’s explore septarian properties!

Septarian Specifications & Characteristics

Is septarian a mineral? Not exactly. It’s not a singular mineral; rather a blend of unique rock, mineral, and organic matter within a hardened mass. It’s typically yellowish-brown or grayish-black in color. 

Septarian stones are usually spherical and resemble the shape of a potato. Occasionally, fossils can appear within or on the surface of the nodules.

Here’s an overview of septarian’s mineral properties:

  • Mineral Family: Sedimentary rock

  • Mohs hardness: 3.5-4.0

  • Color: Brown, Tan, Black, Gray, White, Reddish, Golden

  • Crystal structure: Trigonal

  • Luster: Dull

  • Transparency: Opaque

  • Refractive index: 1.660

  • Density: 2.60-2.94

  • Cleavage: None

  • Streak: White

  • Luminescence: Fluorescence (yellowish-white in LW-UV, blueish-white in SW)

Septarian’s unique look is accompanied by an equally impressive past! 

brown septarian gemstone beads for earrings

Septarian History 

So, how old is a septarian anyway? Septarian nodules formed during Earth’s Cretaceous period anywhere between 50 to 70 million years ago! 

The name “septarian” derives from the Latin word septem for “seven” or saeptum, meaning “wall” or “enclosure.” Its formation creates a distinctive pattern of seven points in every direction.

According to ancient Malagasy (Madagascar native) legend, when “dragons” ceased to exist millions of years ago, their remains fossilized and formed septarian. Hence, septarian’s resemblance to dragon scales. 

In ancient times, people would use septarian as a talisman of courage and grounding — believing that it drew its powers from deep inside Mother Earth. 

Septarian is no stranger to the big screen either! If you’re a fan of the cult-favorite series, Game of Thrones — you might recall the epic moment Daenerys Targaryen was given three petrified dragon eggs as a gift for her marriage to Khal Drogo. After bringing the dragons to life, she earned her moniker as the Mother of Dragons. Talk about an extraordinary wedding gift! 

Let’s investigate septarian metaphysical properties next! 

septarian gemstone sphere - healing properties

Septarian Healing Properties

Every crystal has special characteristics that make them powerful healing stones. Septarian is a stone of healing, both physically and metaphysically. It’s also believed to be a protective stone. 

As a stone composed of several minerals, it naturally takes on the healing properties associated with each, plus a few of its own.

We’ll explore how septarians can support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Physical Healing

In terms of physical healing, it’s no surprise that a septarian's fiery origins are closely associated with heat. It’s believed to produce warmth, helping to relieve pain and ease muscle aches or spasms. 

Some crystal healers use septarian to help overcome fatigue or weakness. It’s said to be especially supportive for those struggling with anemia and joint pain. 

Septarian’s grounding abilities are also thought to improve sleep. A septarian palm stone under your pillow before dozing off can absorb dark energies that cause bad dreams or night terrors. The result? Peaceful slumber and sweet dreams all through the night. 

septarian gemstone cabochon with agate

Emotional Healing

What is septarian stone good for emotionally? This multi-faceted crystal can aid your emotional being in a myriad of ways. 

Thanks to its blend of minerals, septarian is said to be a powerhouse protector. Each of its minerals works in tandem, creating a protective shield around your aura, enabling you to heal from the inside out. 

Need a crystal that helps you keep your cool in high-stress situations? Septarian is believed to bring you strength and keep you level-headed despite whatever obstacles the universe places in front of you.

In addition to protection, septarian is considered an “auric sponge” absorbing negative energy and turning it into something that serves you. This makes it a highly-transformative stone, enabling you to take something good from any bad situation. 

In summary: Septarian doesn’t just erase the bad vibes; it uses them to shift your point of view, instilling wisdom and strength moving forward. 

We know how it can heal us emotionally, but what is the spiritual meaning of a septarian?

Chakra Healing

Some crystals can be used as chakra stones to open, balance, or activate your chakras (energy points along the center of the body). 

Septarian chakra healing works best with your root chakra. Located at the base of your spine, your chakral root is considered the entry point of life force energy flowing from Earth beneath your feet. It governs stability and keeps you grounded. 

When your root chakra is blocked, you may feel as though your feet are never fully settled on the ground. You may jump from one joy to the next, never feeling truly inspired.

The septarian stone spiritual meaning of grounding awakens your connection to Mother Earth and her nurturing energy. It activates your root chakra, enabling you to find a sense of stabilization. It’s said to help with your “inner awakening,” driving you to replace old habits with better ones and inspiring drastic self-improvement. 

Balancing Energy

Septarian is frequently used in interior design, but not just for visual appeal. 

Similar to its chakral healing abilities, septarian may help balance the energy in your space. According to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, placing this stone in certain areas can inspire improvement in different aspects of your life.

Here’s where you should place a septarian in your home to keep the good vibes flowing:

  • Tai Ji (center): Placing a septarian in this space (considered the heart of the home) will help promote overall balance and harmony.

  • Kun (southwest): Septarian is believed to inspire cooperation and understanding in your relationships when placed in this area of the home.

  • Gen (northeast): Using septarian in your meditation area can help you connect to your higher self and foster truth-seeking and self-cultivation.

septarian gemstone cabochon with agate

Septarian Gemstone Properties

Much of the same factors that play into grading other gems correspond to septarian stones: color, cut, clarity, and weight. As a rock though, there are some variations. 


Septarian stone typically appears with a blend of colors thanks to the minerals inside. It can have whites, yellows, blacks, and browns. Some have reddish or golden hues that appear quite bright due to siderite or pyrite coatings. 

Black septarian can occur when black crystallization fills the cracks and cavities of the stone. Such specimens tend to lack some of the minerals that give common septarian its usual yellow, brownish tones. 


Septarian is often cut and used as slabs, faceted into spheres or eggs, and other decorative pieces displaying their intricate patterns and beautiful colors.

Septarian jewelry can be cut into cabochons for use in earrings, pendants, or bracelets.


Real septarian will always have inclusions and bubbles due to its multi-mineral composition. The most common inclusions are calcite, aragonite, and limestone. Occasionally, septarian will also contain barite or chalcedony inclusions.

The more intricate and unique the inclusion pattern, the more valuable the specimen.

Carat Weight & Size

Similar to some other gems (like moissanite), retailers may use size (mm) and carat weight interchangeably for septarian.  

Smaller sizes are more common and easier to find. As a result, they’re more affordable. Larger specimens display the stone’s intricacy better and are believed to have taken about millions of years to grow — making them significantly pricier.

septarian rough nodules

Septarian Stone Formation & Sources

If it doesn’t come from dragons, then what is septarian dragon stone’s true origin?

Earlier, we mentioned that septarian is believed to have formed during Earth’s Cretaceous period. This era began about 145 million years ago and ended 66 million or so years ago (around the same time the dinosaurs disappeared).

There are a few interpretations of how septarian formed, but the most common theory is that volcanic activity killed sea life and deposited the remains on the sea bed. The minerals in the deposited sea life chemically reacted to the sediments on the ocean floor, forming nodules or mud balls. 

As the ocean receded, these mud balls became exposed to the elements. Therefore, they began drying out, shrinking, and cracking into the beautiful patterns that you now see in septarian geodes.

So where do you find septarian stone today?

Mining Locations

The Moeraki Boulders, located on a stretch of coastline in New Zealand, are the largest septarian concretions in the world. Believed to have grown over a span of four million years, they only began to appear because of the eroding coastal cliffs. 

However, you can find similar concretions across the world. 

One area for septarian concretions is along the Gulf of Mexico, into inland Southern Utah. Other specimens have been seen on the shoreline of Lake Michigan, as well as in New Zealand, England, Morocco, and Madagascar.

Are septarian nodules valuable? Let’s find out! 

agate septarian gemstone cabochon parcel

Septarian Nodule Value & Price

The price of septarian varies depending on shape, size, and pattern. 

Septarian isn’t necessarily rare and is reasonably accessible. While smaller samples are more abundant, larger specimens with impressive eye appeal are rarer — especially when cut as a giant egg or slab.

An egg or sphere septarian with partial openings exhibiting the crystals inside can fetch over $100. Larger specimens are sought after for their beauty as decor pieces or collector’s items. These can be valued well over $1000.

While some septarian can be costly, this crystal isn’t out of reach if you’re on a tighter budget. A moderate slab, nodule, or septarian sphere can be found for under $50 and less for smaller specimens. 

As for septarian jewelry, it can be as affordable as standalone specimens. A septarian necklace or ring can cost you around $50 or less. However, some of the more lux metals will naturally fetch a higher price tag.

Septarian Care and Maintenance

Properly caring for your gemstones is the best way to maintain their visual appeal and healing properties.

Can septarian go in water? Yes! In fact,  the best way to clean your septarian is to use warm water to rinse your crystals gently. Then, thoroughly dry them before storing them away in a soft pouch or fabric-lined box.

Be careful to avoid septarian coming into contact with:

  • Harsh chemicals

  • Ultrasonic cleaners

  • Steam cleaners

  • Harder gems or materials

septarian gemstone pendant

Turn the Bad Into Good with Septarian! 

Who knew hardened mud balls could be so beautiful and complex? 

Septarian isn’t just an interesting stone to look at. The unique blend of minerals makes this a mega-powerful stone that quite literally replaces all the negative vibes with positive ones. Talk about taking control of your karma! 

To quote the Mother of Dragons herself, “Freedom means making your own choices.” 

Making difficult decisions in the neverending quest for self-improvement isn’t always easy, but a septarian can help point you in the right direction! 

Buy septarian gemstones today! 

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