Healing Stones: The Ultimate Guide to Crystals for Healing

Healing StonesOur modern world stands on the foundation of technology, and some of the tiniest rocks and minerals make their way into our phones and devices. To mitigate digital overload, people are using healing stones to reconnect with nature, prioritize self-care, practice meditation, and enhance their well-being.

Who can resist the undeniable beauty of healing stones? But they are much more than eye-candy.

Healing stones have powerful energetic properties that harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Crystals align the seven chakras, which are energy centers in the body that promote the flow of healing life force.

But there are so many types of crystals; it’s hard to know where to start. Sound familiar?

If you’re embarking on a crystal healing journey, you likely have many questions. Allow us to be your guide! We’re breaking down all of the crystal healing basics, including 45 essential healing crystals, to lead you toward high-vibes and happy times.

Ready to ascend? Let the journey begin!

What Are Healing Stones?

There’s a lot to learn about the basics of healing stones, but people use them for help with calming, grounding, and energizing. And that’s been the story since early antiquity.

 Healing crystals date back to ancient times when our earliest ancestors used them as natural medicine. How can a simple stone contain a vast vibrational current of healing energies? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing stones promote the flow of Qi (also called Prana in Hindu), which is positive life force energy.

The practice comes from ancient Hindu and Buddhist philosophies that rely on the natural elements to tap into a higher frequency of mindfulness, self-acceptance, and inner peace.

Healing stones break through physical, emotional, and metaphysical blockages to cleanse the body and soul of negative energy. And while our lives starkly contrast those of our ancestors, we still use crystals today!

So, who first discovered crystals, and how did they transition into the mainstream? Let’s find out!

The History of Healing Stones

Crystals date back to 4500 BC, when Ancient Sumerians first introduced and documented them in mystical serums and elixirs. As human civilization evolved, healing stones migrated into early Egyptian, Mexican, and Greek society.

The history of healing crystals is long and diverse — from protective battle armor to medicinal talismans to conduits to the divine portal to navigational devices and royal trinkets.

What thread ties all of these crystal uses together? While every type of crystal has unique properties, they all serve to heal and help you access intuition and consciousness.

While the practice was a fundamental element of primitive tradition, it didn’t crossover into modern medicine until the early 17th century, when a German astronomer observed the flawless symmetry of snowflakes. Recording his discovery as a “six-cornered snowflake,” Johannes Kepler crafted the earliest mathematical formula for crystallography as a packed spherical structure.

But enough of the history lesson; let’s talk about the role healing crystals play in our fast-paced, modern lives.

Gemstones vs. Crystals: What’s the Difference?

You’ve heard of gemstones, crystals, and healing stones, but are they all the same? Sometimes, but not always.

  • Gemstones are rare, pure “gem quality” minerals, and their higher prices reflect that distinction. For example, diamonds are strictly gemstones for their high purity and quality. But what about a rose quartz crystal or tourmaline?

  • Crystals are pure minerals with geometrically shaped molecules. Crystals tend to be raw, rough, and inexpensive. One reason is that crystals don’t exhibit sparkle and brilliance like gemstones. Leaving a raw mineral untouched amplifies its natural properties.

How does a gemstone become a healing stone? The same chemical composition can produce either a gemstone or a crystal. For instance, leaving amethyst raw and uncut results in raw, jutting crystal. But send it to a lapidary (gem cutter) and you’ll get back a sparkling, gem-quality amethyst jewel.

Additionally, the rock’s crystal system categorizes it by either gemstone or crystal. So if a stone has a cubic, tetragonal, or hexagonal-shaped crystal structure, it will fall into the crystal category.

So then, what gemstones are considered crystals? To answer that, let’s go down the list of crystals and their meanings to give you a better understanding.

Healing Stones and Their Meanings

The mineral kingdom is broad and filled with hundreds of species. There are raw and rough crystals, clusters and geodes, slices, points, and wands.

Every healing stone has properties that stimulate emotional and spiritual well-being. Below, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the most popular types of crystals and their meanings.

Take note of the healing stones that resonate with you, as you may want to choose those crystals as a starting point.


Known as the stabilizer, the agate stone brings balance when your life spirals into chaos. Agate’s healing properties dispel bogging emotions and self-doubt to reinvigorate you with enhanced stability, focus, confidence, and harmony. Agate opens the crown chakra, bestowing you with a clearer mind equipped to tackle challenges, achieve your goals, and obtain inner peace.

There are several types of agate, each offering distinct healing properties:

  • Blue Lace Agate works in connection with angelic, celestial energy to open the crown chakra.
    blue lace agate

  • Botswana Agate stimulates attention to make the mind more alert and detail-oriented.
    botswana agate

  • Dendritic Agate looks like a landscape painting and grounds you by moving outward energy inward to stimulate abundance and growth.
    dendritic agate

  • Moss Agate is an earthy crystal that subdues depression and harmonizes the relationship between the mind and body.
    moss agate


What happens when you blend amethyst with citrine? You get the hybrid crystal ametrine, a stabilizing stone that opens your third eye chakra to enhance psychic intuition, prophesy, astral projection, and spiritual meditation. With ametrine, you’ll reach higher spirituality every day.


Amethyst is the ultimate calming stone, offering complete relaxation. Use the Amethyst stone after a long day at work or when you need alleviation from stress triggers. Tapping into the third eye and crown chakra’s profound spiritual energy centers, amethyst healing properties enhance intuition, protection, spirituality, and transformation. Place amethyst on your nightstand to stave off anxious pre-sleep thoughts.


Do you need help lightening up? Hey, stresses weigh us all down—time to grab the amazonite stone to clear the air of toxic, negative energy. Playful amazonite benefits you with creative fluidity by pulsing life energy to the heart and throat chakras. If you need to release painful memories that block your current happiness, bring amazonite into your home and workspace.


Has the zest in your life lost its fizz? Then start with the apatite stone, known to boost your creative passion and inspiration. Apatite healing properties awaken stagnant, stale energy to lead you toward your greater life ambitions with newfound tenacity. If you’re on the first step of a new journey or hobby, carry apatite with you to keep the creative juices flowing.


There’s nothing like the calm ocean waves for soothing an active mind, and the aquamarine stone embodies that tranquility beautifully. Aquamarine healing properties wash away negative emotions like fear, anxiety, and stress to elevate you to a higher frequency. If you’re prone to dark influences, aquamarine activates the heart chakra to create a protective shield against toxic energies. In turn, you’ll feel an intense rebirth that harmonizes the trinity of the mind-body-spirit connection.


Need a lucky charm? Aventurine is a healing crystal boasting good fortune for those on the verge of a new business venture or leap of faith. Aventurine healing properties nudge you toward the right path when you’re uncertain. By forging a gentle connection with the heart chakra, the aventurine stone taps into your greater desires to push you out of the comfort zone and toward your life’s purpose.


Everyone has intuition, but some of us are more attuned to it than others. You can use the azurite healing crystal to activate the portal to the celestial realm: the crown chakra. Azurite stone meaning comes from the word azure, meaning blue, and it’s called the “Stone of the Heavens” for its ability to shift subconscious thoughts into the conscious mind.

Black Tourmaline

Dodge negativity with black tourmaline, a protective stone that blocks negative energy and emotional vampires from leaching the life from you. If you sense a “Debbie downer” approaching, grab the black tourmaline stone to keep your spirits high and deflect bad vibes. Sometimes we need a dose of our own medicine — black tourmaline healing properties protect you from toxic thought patterns and self-doubt.
black tourmaline


The bloodstone meaning dates back to biblical times, when Jesus’s blood spilled on a jasper stone at the foot of the cross, turning it into a bloodstone . And the crystal’s powers are equally as transformative, purifying and revitalizing you with courage, energy, and mental stimulation.


Do you chronically feel pinned down from reaching your true potential? Then you may want to start your crystal healing journey with calcite, a purifying crystal that raises your frequency so you can achieve your full potential. Calcite is a versatile stone with various colors, making it optimal for elevating your home to greater heights, too.


The carnelian stone is one of the best crystals for beginners and experts to have in their arsenal. A pleasant, beaming crystal filled with vibrance and warmth, the carnelian stone activates the sacral chakra to take you higher. Carnelian is full of life and beaming with exuberance. Don’t be surprised if you notice a pep in your step because carnelian healing properties boost self-confidence, assuredness, and charm. With carnelian, the world is yours!


Some crystals are so calming they soothe you right to sleep. The celestite crystal has healing properties that ascend you to the heavens. If ultimate zen and living your happiest life are your goals, celestite is a crystal that’ll get you there. Because it’s a natural peacekeeper, use celestite for keeping the peace in complicated situations and strained relationships.


Looking to move onwards and upwards? If a rebirth is what you need, chrysocolla is the healing stone for you. Rather than ruminating on floating ideas, chrysocolla gives you the gusto you need to take action. On your journey up, keep this catapulting stone nearby for assistance with confidence and motivation as you live out your life’s grand vision.


Maybe you have an open heart but a closed mind. It’s tough to accept the hard truth, but it’s necessary to raise your frequency in life. Chrysoprase is a healing stone that helps you migrate away from ego, judgments, and opinions. By accepting others, you’ll be more accepting of yourself. In turn, your heart chakra will open and you’ll give and receive love that transforms your outlook on life.


If you could bottle sunshine, would you? No need to because there’s a crystal full of the sun’s rays and it’s called citrine, “the light maker. ” Citrine is named after lemons because it brings a bright, bursting shot of flavor and sunshine into your life. Citrine pours happiness and positivity into your life to help you plant the seeds of new ventures. By bringing uplifting energy to the solar plexus chakra, citrine imbues you with endurance and confidence to grab a second plate of the things that bring you joy.

Clear Crystal Quartz 

If you’re looking for the best crystals for beginners, start with clear quartz. Known as the “Master Healer” clear quartz offers clarity and universal healing by balancing the seven chakras. Additionally, clear quartz amplifies your thoughts and the healing potential of your other crystals, making it an essential crystal for all healers.
clear quartz


Fluorite is a mental cleanser, washing away confusion, negativity, and bad thoughts. Use the fluorite stone to help you transition from a stressful day to utter tranquility. Place this natural purifier around your home to absorb negative energy and leave you feeling full of zen.


The garnet stone is full of energy and vitality while blocking harmful thought patterns. Garnet healing properties stimulate the flow of Qi throughout the body, clearing stagnant blockages to leave you feeling fulfilled and abundant. Once used to help travelers navigate at night, garnet is the beacon guiding you toward nirvana.


Are you stuck on the hampster wheel of anxious thoughts? The hematite crystal activates the root chakra to anchor you to the earth, leaving you grounded and focused. Use hematite to crawl out of your mind and into a calm, peaceful state rooted in reality.


Have you hit a financial slump? Iolite’s healing properties help you make conscious financial choices. Rather than splurging on whatever catches your eye, iolite helps you focus on the long game and greater vision. Use iolite in meditation to expand consciousness and practice mindful intentions that’ll reveal a practical financial plan.


The “Jewel of Heaven” has been treasured for thousands of years for its beauty and durability. The jade stone is a gorgeous lucky charm, bringing good luck in new pursuits. Up for a big promotion? Better wear jade jewelry! Jade accesses the third eye, your portal to prosperity and wisdom. You’ll also achieve higher spirituality, because jade healing properties illuminate your true purpose.


If the shamans and high priests use it, you know it’s got to be good! Jasper is a time-honored conduit used by prominent figures to achieve greater intuition and psyche. Use the jasper stone to deepen your mental focus and strengthen the mind-body connection.


As you embark on your crystal healing journey, you might need a spiritual guide. Look no farther than kyanite, a healing crystal that liases a connection between the physical and metaphysical. Use the kyanite crystal to align the seven chakras to break through emotional blockages.

Lapis Lazuli

Ancient Egyptians would grind lapis lazuli into a powder and place it on the eyes of dead pharaohs to illuminate the portal to the afterlife. Today, we use the lapis lazuli healing stone less morbidly but equally as powerfully. Lapis lazuli is a potent healing stone that bestows you with ancient wisdom while awakening your sense of adventure. Are you seeking enlightenment and a greater understanding of yourself and the universe? Time to start healing with lapis lazuli!
lapis lazuli


Are you struggling to retain positive relationships? There could be an emotional blockage in the heart chakra that’s hindering your ability to go the distance. Not to worry! Malachite stone properties open the heart, cleanse the chakras, and outline what’s off in your interpersonal relationships. With this insight, you’ll transform your negative patterns into sustainable, fulfilling ones.


The moon graces us with tender, feminine energy, and so does the moonstone crystal! Moonstone meaning signifies tenderness, bringing people close together and enlivening your divine prowess within. If you need a guiding light in times of darkness, moonstone strengthens intuition to guide you to your inner goddess.


Facing yourself isn’t easy, but the obsidian stone reveals all the beautiful and undesirable elements that compose you. Why face the mirror? Because when you look yourself in the eye — faults and all — you’ll become more self-aware and accepting of yourself. Obsidian healing properties block through critical thoughts to build a bridge to acceptance and confidence.


If you struggle to make decisions that prioritize the bigger picture, bring the onyx crystal into your healing practice. Onyx healing properties help you cut out the noise so that you can concentrate on the small steps that get you farther. Onyx is a courage-booster, helping you confidently put one foot in front of the other.


Healing with opalite brings energetic fluidity and motion into your life. The opalite stone benefits all seven chakras to heighten consciousness and reveal mystical visions so that you can take control of your path in life. With this newfound mental clarity, you’ll retain memories better and forge a stronger soul-connection.


Green gemstones invite abundance, and the peridot healing stone is all about raising your happy vibes. Peridot is a light-filled crystal that helps you dodge toxic feelings like stress and jealousy to embrace joy. There’s freedom in this release, as you’ll be less vulnerable to depression, anger, and resentments. Peridot healing properties also dispel evil and negative energies.

Rose Quartz 

What better stone to attract love than a rose-hued crystal? The rose quartz stone endows you with soft, unconditional love by opening up the heart chakra. Once open, you’re capable of giving and accepting all forms of love — romantic love, self-love, interpersonal relationships, and compassion for yourself and humanity. Rose Quartz healing properties fill your cup with fuzzy, warm feelings so that you can abolish negativity and embrace the feel-good vibes all around you.
rose quartz

Rutilated Quartz 

Do you ever feel like you can’t see the forest through the trees? Sounds like you need an illuminating, clarifying crystal like rutilated quartz. Using needle-like rutile inclusions, rutilated quartz crystals filter negativity to help you gain the clarity to aim big. When challenges arise, the stone crystalizes any confusion to help you persevere and handle it like a boss.
rutilated quartz

Smoky Quartz 

None of us are immune to the pity party, but sulking isn’t going to get you closer to realizing your life’s vision. The smoky quartz stone is that shot of tough love you need to surrender your pain, part the looming raincloud, and bounce back from the negative experiences that are pinning you down. Smoky quartz benefits help you shake off the funk to overcome stress, jealousy, anger, fear, and depression.
smoky quartz


Need an emotional cheerleader? Then grab the rhodochrosite stone , a crystal that helps you love yourself more. Rhodochrosite properties extinguish feelings of self doubt so that you can look to yourself with an affectionate, confident eye. The stone connects to the heart chakra to bestow you with empowerment needed to tackle your dreams and be your own cheerleader.


Sometimes we need a helping hand to reach down and pull us from turmoil. If you’ve been plagued by discontent, rhodonite healing properties activate the heart chakra to inspire you with stability and intuition. The rhodonite meaning opens you to untapped potential to seek new opportunities, follow your passions, and ignite self-love.

Ruby Healing Crystal 

If you need brazen confidence and a go-getter mentality, look no further than the ruby stone. But this isn’t your momma’s ruby! The ruby healing crystal infuses your life with flair and zest. Need a boost of motivation to tackle that 5 a.m. marathon? Look to the ruby crystal for inspiration to overcome fatigue and get after your goals every day.


Do sapphires have healing properties? Absolutely! The spiritual meaning of sapphire is as vivid as the crystal itself. Sapphire stone meaning is a natural protector against harmful energies. And that’s not all: sapphire invites abundance financially and emotionally, instilling you with sharpened eyesight and time-honored wisdom.


If harmony is what you seek, then the sodalite crystal delivers. Sodalite meaning represents grounding, balancing, and harmonizing. When tensions bog you down or squash your energy balance, bring sodalite into your life to smooth out the wrinkles of communication. In turn, you’ll find synergy between the body and mind, and agility with your sixth sense: intuition.


Some healing stones are essential, and sunstone is one of them. The sunstone crystal breathes new life into your creative endeavors and goals. By nurturing the solar plexus and sacral chakras, sunstone healing properties root you in confidence, vitality, and leadership. Are you making a career change or launching a new business venture? Then keep sunstone close for untapped creative potential and powerful sun-energy.

Tiger’s Eye 

Do you need a motivational boost? The golden-hued tiger’s eye crystal is the shot of confidence you need to get out there and make moves. Tiger’s eye healing properties alleviate fear and anxiety, stomp self-doubt, and nudge you forward in your career and life goals. Say goodbye to indecision, because with tiger’s eye in tow, you’ve got laser-sharp clarity to delegate and dominate.
tiger eye


If you need to recharge, the topaz healing stone is here to soothe, re-energize, and motivate you. By aligning the seven chakras in the body, topaz healing properties direct energy to physical and emotional pain points. Sometimes we need to retreat into the shadows to lick our wounds after trauma and disappointment. Topaz is the gentle healing crystal you need to heal, forgive, and recuperate.

Tourmalated Quartz

Tourmalated Quartz is a diverse crystal with variations that address specific areas of healing. Tourmalalated quartz crystals are strengthening pillars that reinvigorate us in times of weakness. By activating the chakras, swirling energy moves freely through the body and mind, encouraging you to overcome obstacles standing in your way.
tourmilated quartz


For centuries, Tibetan Buddhists and Native American tribes have used sacred turquoise to connect the earthly realm to the divine. Turquoise meaning symbolizes the sea and sky, offering vibrational energy to ascend to your highest consciousness. Relating to the throat chakra, the turquoise healing stone helps you communicate openly about your desires and opinions. And if divine intervention is what you need, use turquoise to summon the celestial realm for guidance.

Now that you’re familiar with each stone, what crystals should you start with?

How To Select Your Healing Stone

We’ve covered a broad spectrum of healing stones , so how can you choose the right one for you? Choosing healing crystals is an intuitive experience. Ultimately, it boils down to what you need most. While healing stones are gorgeous and we want them all, think about what you need most in your life right now.

If you’re unsure, chances are you could benefit from some clarifying stones like Tiger’s Eye and Onyx. Remember that everything you need to guide you is within, and with the right crystals, you’ll vibe higher and feel happier!

When in doubt, start with the essential crystals: clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, jasper, moonstone, and sapphire.

How to Use Healing Stones

There are many ways to use healing stones in your daily life. An attractive way to carry healing with you is to wear healing crystal jewelry. That way, your crystal is close to the skin, where it can vibrate nourishing energies toward you all day.

Placing crystals in the corners of your home creates a crystal healing grid. Suppose you needed help mustering up courage; you could create a Tiger’s Eye grid in your home to charge up that confidence and carry it with you when you head out.

Another way to use healing stones is in your meditation practice. Start your practice by setting an intention for the crystal. If you need help with anxiety or attracting wealth, speak your intention aloud to program your crystal.

How To Care For Your Healing Stones

The first matter to address when caring for your crystals is to cleanse away any negative energies or preset intentions. Because crystals absorb and distribute energies, they can attract bad vibes, too. Place your crystal under cold tap water to cleanse it, or you can bathe it under the light of a full moon.

If you have sage or herb bundles on-hand, try smudging your crystals and cleansing them in the sacred smoke.

Since you’ll likely use your healing stones regularly, cleanse them 1-2 times a month to purify old, stagnant energies and reprogram them with new life.

Ready To Take The First Step On Your Healing Journey?

 “Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.” - Chinese Proverb

You are capable of incredible transformation and growth, and now it’s time to take the first step. There’s a powerful realm all around you vibrating potent life energy. Crystals give you access to that realm so that you can achieve peace, enlightenment, and joy.

We’ve covered the basics of healing stones, so it’s time for you to dive in and discover the treasures within. Happy healing!

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