Gemstone Wands

Gemstones wands have been utilized for curing by therapists all over the earth. Some consider that they were even utilized by crystal therapists in Atlantis. Nowadays, crystal gems are still a universal tool used by therapists all over the world. Wands arrive in various forms and structures, and also in several ranges of stone, as well.

Wands can be extensive or small, and the cylinder can be flat or facade. They can be sharp at one end and curved at the other side, or they can be both rounded, as well. Some wands are large at one end and narrowed at the other, while others are not. Most wands are formed and polished, but coarse, natural, sharp crystals, like quartz, can also be utilized as a healing wand.

Gemstone Wands Gemstone Wands Gemstone Wands

Crystal gemstones wands usually assemble and express energy. The extended, cylindrical form of a wand facilitates the gemstone or precious stone to direct its therapeutic energy in an instant line and this can be used on particular parts of the body. Crystal wands can be useful in several techniques of healing. They can cure the whole body or feeling, or they can be applied on the body.

Moreover, Gemstone Wands can also be utilized in therapeutic massage healing as holistic gemstones,Massaging the body with such stone helps to discharge anxiety from the body, at the same time, the gemstone’s healing power is transported to the body. Flat, round wands that are smoothed at one end are the finest to use in rubbing down as they will not scrape or can be a reason for uneasiness of the body.

In fact, pointed gemstones wands are recommended to use in kneading, a healing technique in which the gemstone’s point is seized at definite pressure points, typically on the hands and feet, to cure ailments in specific areas of the body. They can be utilized to search the sensation and the chakras to find blockages, and then rinse out and cure them. Wands approach in an extensive diversity of gemstones and crystals.

However, there are several different wands to choose. Different gemstones have special therapeutic energies and, therefore, have diverse effects on the body, atmosphere, and chakras. Each stone has different curative properties; it is pleasant to have a range of wands to utilize for special purposes. You might, consequently, desire to put up a compilation of wands made from a diversity of gemstones.

Its flexibility and large quantity make an indispensable wand for anybody to have. Clear quartz is also a great provider of energy, and it is high-quality stone to fasten a gemstone to any crystal wand to improve and expand its healing energies. When choosing a wand to use for a definite purpose, you should select one, which made from a gemstone that is appropriate to your purpose.


These gemstones are mostly originated from Gujarat, India.

Chemical Composition:

Holistic Aspect:

Additionally, a comprehensible quartz crystal wand is a recommended gemstone, especially for novices to function with as it is a wide-ranging healing gemstone, having the capability to cure any sickness on any region of the body or sensation. This makes it an excellent stone for assembling, directing, and conveying energy, and it can also transform pessimistic energy into constructive, healing power.

Therefore, it is good to recognize some information about healing properties of diverse holistic gemstones so that you are capable to choose a stone that complements with the reason for which you hope to use it. For example, to cure a broken heart, the finest and strongest gemstone to use when dealing with affection and emotions. Generally, its main properties are focused around communication and reflection.


Wands are used to massage the reflex points, drawing off negative energy when pointed away from the body and channelling energy to the body when pointed inwards, This restores the flow of energy through the entire body, promoting general good health and well-being. Alternatively, they can be used to target specific effected areas of the body. In addition, the user will benefit from the healing properties that the crystal is said to have.

Here are a few examples:

Clear QuartzWandis a master healer. It can be programmed for any purpose and is extremely versatile. Great for vertigo and dizziness. Dispels static electricity, particularly useful for use near a television set. Aids the immune system and thyroid. Helps the connection to spirit.

Amethyst Qaurtz Wandis a very powerful spiritual stone which energises the mind, body and spirit. It is great for insomnia and troubled sleep. It dispels fear, rage, anxiety and anger. It also bolsters the production of hormones.

Smokey Quartz Wandis a very spiritual stone. It relieves grief, fear, jealousy and anger. It is very comforting, calming and soothes depression. It alleviates fluid retention and hyperactivity. Helps those who are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments. Aids fertility.

holistc wands from natural gemstones

More about Holistic Wands

Holistic Wands come from one integrated source which is the Mother Earth. They are mostly created from the Earth’s magma that has been developed through a geologic procedure of warming, cooling and dislocation on their manner to their existing form. The energy field of different gemstones is influenced by geometrical form, colour and subtle vibration.

Gemstone plays an active role for their healing capability and the variation of their colour and light can motivate or calm; cleanse or cure. Their supernatural and symbiotic connection has always presented between human beings. Indication of pendants and pendulums are used for healing and has been found back in the fourth era before Christ.

Earliest civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Sumerians, Chinese, Shamans, and Romans have used these tools for healing in numerous ways. They actually carried or applied on the body and in rites or practices. This ancient awareness has been passed down to modern days and with the promising popularity for holistic health and healing purposes is again creating its way into present life.

Advantages of Wands

Holistic wands are used to complement to other healing properties and can be combined with other holistic or conventional approaches to speed up your self-healing strategy. Below are the following advantages of holistic pendants and pendulum.

· It painlessly recognizes and releases your intensely concealed feelings and your interior cellular memories.

· It maximizes your strength, life principle, wealth and resourcefulness.

· It provides moderate yet dominant support for survivors in different forms of traumas such as sexual abuse, intoxication and broken families.

· It authorizes you to understand the gratification and relationships in various aspects of your life.

· It assists you to find out your duty in life.

· It supports your self-healing at all stages, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

· It protects you from low intensity frequency that makes your body out of balance.

· It restores and helps you to build up healthy cell production.

· It develops absorption, energy point, and focus.

· It helps you to obtain a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

For several years it was thought to form only with a huge (big, formless lumps). This was measured remarkable because all other forms of Quartz, such as Citrine, Rock Crystal, and Amethyst expand in beds of well-formed crystals. This is the reason why bead does not produce crystals as enthusiastically as other quartz ranges, which adds to the stone’s systematic ambiguity.

mineralogists all over the world. In fact, Brazil remains the only resource of Rose crystals established so far. In some regions, bead forms with Rutile needles surrounded within the stone, which can be a basis of “asterism”, a star of radiance sparkling along the surface of the stone.

In fact, with such qualities, QBead is quite unusual. Most of them display asterism, especially once the light reflects along their surface, but Qz Bead shows asterism once the light stands out through the entire stone. It is also described as semi-transparent to lucid bead.

The best examples of Bead feature an internal rupture that provides the precious, overcastted, and translucent stone. They become visible and almost solid, and show to convey a faintly orange radiance once enlightened behind. In fact, the best Bead is often vastly translucent, and in fact, faceted.

Generally, translucent bead is considered rare and it does not display too much color apart from the huge sizes. Most of them are cut into beads, cabochons, or formed into perfect crystal points. Also into carved pyramids, obelisks, figurines, and spheres are also quite popular.

Throughout the history, bead represents pure love and beauty. Most of the ancient Greeks thought that God “Eros” produced this stone. When Eros felt the pain and seclusion caused by anger, the anticipation is still there and the stunning color and moderate energy could provoke love and aspiration among people.

In addition to, it is also known as a bead of love, as it is believed to persuade love, sympathy, and harmony. It is not only being useful for attracting compassion, but also motivates familiarity, self-acceptance, romance, kindheartedness, and love for other people.

These beads were mostly established in such areas known as Mesopotamia dated back 7000 BC. In fact, this quartz bead jewelry was identified to be produced by the Assyrians during the period of 800-600 BC, and it is thought that most valuable bead for the Assyrians as well as, with the Romans.

So, one of the remarkable quartz beads were discovered in Brazil in 1959 were also dismissed as replicas by some

Moreover, the Romans utilized it for crafting seals as an indication of ownership. They also measured it as a tough healing stone. Egyptians thought the pink stone prevents aging. Nowadays, it is referred as the “Bead of Gentle Love”, or other people might believe that it is a “Gem of Unconditional Love”.

Also, some light-colored Quartz on the market nowadays is colored pink in order to improve its market price. The finest indications are typically color and of course, with its value. Tinted Quartz Bead may have an extraordinarily vivid or bright pink tone. It is quite cheap compared to an authentic stone.

In addition to, some colors of these beads still remain, absorbing in the cracks, or in the region of the drilling holes for the quartz beads. However, strong tinted pieces of these beads are finest, but those with gaudy cracks must be avoided, as well. Sometimes, accent must be applied for the uniformity of their color.

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