March Birthstone - All About Aquamarine and Bloodstone
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March Birthstone - Aquamarine and BloodstoneWhen it comes to March birthstones, the theme is as enticing as water and blood. Intrigued? We thought you’d be, because these two March birthstones might be an odd couple, but that’s what makes them so riveting.

Aquamarine and Bloodstone are the two birthstones for March, and they couldn’t be more contrasting in their appearance and symbolism. There are commonalities between the two gemstones, most notably, that they offer protection. Ready to learn more about the two march birthstones?

March Birthstone: A Matter of Water and Blood

As we explore these two gemstones, you’ll notice a series of striking contrasts:

  • Aquamarine is a perfectly faceted light blue gemstone that’s reminiscent of the soft ripples of a brook

  • Bloodstone is round with deep colors and bright red patterns

  • One represents purity; the other strength and passion.

From fluid, pale blue to deep green and red, let’s dive into the captivating waters of the March birthstones, aquamarine and bloodstone.
Sky blue Aquamarine

Aquamarine Birthstone

One glance at this shimmering march birthstone and you’ll be instantly mesmerized. It’s no wonder this pale blue gem is named aquamarine; in Latin, aqua means water and marine stands for the sea. Rightfully so, as this jewel sparkles as crystal-clear as the Caribbean Sea.

History, Symbolism & Meaning

Aquamarine gemstones come from Brazil, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar and Pakistan. So, what does this striking gemstone signify?

Not only does aquamarine look like water, but it has a history of providing protection to sailors embarking on the seven seas. A lot can go wrong out at sea ⁠— what with the risk of a man going overboard, shipwreck, deserted islands, threatening storms, walking the plank and pirates to contend with. It’s not surprising seamen found shelter in the protection of aquamarine.

And that’s not all this march birthstone offers. Aquamarine provides peace, tranquillity and calm reminiscent of still waters. Serenity lends itself perfectly to breezy summer days and fresh spring air. Sound like the perfect accessory? We couldn’t agree more!

Aquamarine Jewelry

It’s no surprise that aquamarine gemstones are faceted and set in jewelry. The light blue of the stone lends itself beautifully to necklace pendants, earrings and rings. In fact, aquamarine has been a choice gemstone for royalty. Queen Elizabeth’s tiara features a large aquamarine center stone. And who can forget the famous emerald-cut aquamarine ring worn by beloved Princess Diana? Whether March is your birth month or not, aquamarine is inarguably one of the most striking gemstones for jewelry.

Aquamarine gemstones are most often a light, pale blue color, but they can also have a green tint. Of course, the size and color of the gemstone are as diverse as the earth’s water. After all, still waters run deep, and that’s the case for the Aquamarine gemstone.

We’ve covered water, can you guess what’s next? Don’t worry, bloodstone isn’t as grim as it sounds, it’s actually a powerful healing stone.

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Bloodstone Birthstone

If you are born in March and crave an earthier birthstone, Bloodstone has your name all over it ⁠— along with spatterings of blood-like patterns, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Bloodstone comes from riverbeds and bedrock from Brazil, Australia and India. Contrary to its moniker, Bloodstone is primarily a dark green colored jasper stone.
March Birthstone Aquamarine and Bloodstone
However, across the surface of the stone are deep red patterns from iron inclusions. These red spots occur as a result of iron oxide deposition in the gemstone. As you can imagine, these red markings open the door to a world of symbolism.

Meaning and Symbolism of Bloodstone

Obviously, these red inclusions look like blood splatters, but the meaning runs even deeper than blood. In Greek, Bloodstone means “to turn the sun,” because ancient people believed this march birthstone made the sun turn red once immersed in water. But the meaning of Bloodstone goes even deeper to represent the martyr’s stone.

In ancient Babylonia, the red inclusions represented the blood of Jesus Christ. This is because, during the crucifixion, Christ’s blood dropped on a jasper gem that was at the foot of the cross. From thereon, people made amulets and trinkets from bloodstone to represent their salvation given from Christ’s sacrifice.

Bloodstone has intense healing properties, known to bestow the wearer with strength, youth, vitality, health, and good luck. Favored among athletes, bloodstone makes the perfect march birthstone and good luck charm.

The Shape of Bloodstone

Unlike aquamarine’s ethereal, light color palette, bloodstone is earthy, deep and weighted. Rarely faceted for jewelry settings, bloodstones are most commonly cut as cabochon gems. When bloodstone is used in jewelry, it makes beautiful bracelet gemstones and pendants. And that’s not the only way to use bloodstone. The hardness of the material makes it suitable for intricate Bloodstone carvings for trinkets and décor.

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Zodiac Signs for the March Birthstone

The two zodiac signs for March are Pisces and Aries, one is a water sign and one is fire. Can you guess which is which? Find out below!


It’s no wonder that the symbol for Pisces is the fish. If you were born between February 19 and March 20, the perfect march birthstone for this water sign is the Aquamarine!


Just as aquamarine is the perfect march birthstone for Pisces, Bloodstone pairs beautifully for the fire sign of Aries. If you were born between March 20 and April 21, you’ll love the heat and passion of the Bloodstone birthstone.

The Gift of A March Birthstone

When it comes to comparing the two march birthstones, it’s truly a matter of preference. If you’re a fish and love the water, aquamarine will complement your light, adventurous spirit. If you are filled with strength, intensity and passion, then the Bloodstone will accentuate your vigorous energy.

Truly, you can’t go wrong with either one of these captivating March birthstones! And who says you have to choose, anyway? If you have a March birthday in your life, show them that your love flows like a river with an aquamarine gemstone! Or, if you are bonded by blood, the Bloodstone is the perfect symbol to represent your relationship. When it comes to showing your love with a March birthstone ⁠— it’s a matter of blood and water.


三月诞生石 - 海蓝宝石和鸡血石说到三月生日石,主题就像水和血一样诱人。感兴趣?我们认为您会是,因为这两个三月生日石可能是一对奇怪的组合,但这正是它们如此引人入胜的原因。




  • 海蓝宝石是一种完美切面的浅蓝色宝石,让人联想到小溪的柔和涟漪

  • 鸡血石呈圆形,颜色深,红色图案鲜艳

  • 一代表纯洁;另一种力量和激情。



瞥一眼这颗闪闪发光的三月生日石,您会立即被迷住。难怪这颗淡蓝色的宝石被命名为海蓝宝石;在拉丁语中,aqua 的意思是水,marine 代表大海。理所当然,因为这颗宝石像加勒比海一样晶莹剔透。











如果你出生在三月并且渴望一块土质的生日石,血石上到处都是你的名字 ⁠— 以及像血液一样的图案,但我们马上就会讲到。鸡血石来自巴西、澳大利亚和印度的河床和基岩。与其绰号相反,血石主要是一种深绿色的碧玉石。


显然,这些红色的包裹体看起来像是血溅,但意义比血还要深。在希腊语中,Bloodstone 的意思是“转动太阳”,因为古人认为这种三月生日石使太阳一旦浸入水中就会变红。但血石的含义更深,代表了烈士之石









难怪双鱼座的象征是鱼。如果你出生在 2 月 19 日到 3 月 20 日之间,那么适合这个水象星座的完美三月生日石就是海蓝宝石!


正如海蓝宝石是双鱼座的完美三月生日石一样,血石与白羊座的火象星座完美搭配。如果您出生在 3 月 20 日至 4 月 21 日之间,您会爱上血石生日石的热度和激情。



真的,这些迷人的三月生日石中的任何一种都不会出错!谁说你必须选择呢?如果您有一个三月生日,请向他们展示您的爱就像一条带有海蓝宝石的河流!或者,如果您有血缘关系,血石是代表您的关系的完美象征。当谈到用三月生日石表达爱意时 ⁠— 这事关血与水。


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