Aries Birthstone Guide: Lucky Gems & Their Meanings

aries birthstonesEvery month and astrological sign associates with one or more gemstones. Many consider diamonds the classic, traditional birthstone for those born under Aries. However, this spirited sign actually boasts quite the roster of eligible birthstones!

What color stone should Aries wear? Befitting of the passionate fire sign, those born under Aries love surrounding themselves with red —  the color of passion, courage, and thrill.

Like their fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries individuals are passionate, confident leaders with relentless determination and minds constantly in motion.

But don’t worry, Aries — this is no competition! You are indeed one of a kind with unique birthstones to match. Ready to learn which gems apply to you? 

Keep reading to dive deep into the meanings, history, and symbolism of Aries birthstones. 

aries birthstones

About the Aries Sign

If you were born between March 21st and April 19th, you fall under the Aries sign (♈︎) in astrology. Mars, the planet of action and God of War in Roman mythology, is the ruler of Aries.

Aries derives from the Latin word meaning “ram,” hence the symbolism. The animal is known for breaking down opponents with its strength and persistence. 

But if Aries are born in March, why is it always the first sign on horoscope lists? I’m glad you asked! 

Although Capricorn represents the start of the calendar year, Aries represents the beginning of the new zodiacal year because it coincides with the vernal (or spring) equinox, the first day of spring. 

Hello, growth and renewal!

In addition to Aries birthstones, the flowers honeysuckle and thistle are also associated with Aries. 

So what are Aries folks actually like? 

aries birthstones - pearl gemstone carving of ram

Aries Personality

It comes as no surprise that fiery Aries, represented by the ram, love living up to their role of number one. These audacious personalities are bold, passionate, and daring, carrying a childlike optimism and spirit. 

Fire signs like Aries (along with Leo and Sagittarius) burn brightly with action and impulsivity, although their tempers can sometimes get a tad too hot. 

What are the 3 types of Aries?

There are 3 distinct types of Aries broken down by “decans,” a.k.a. ten-day periods of the year or ten-degree zodiac intervals. These decans have historically been used in magical, spiritual, and astrological work as far back as the 3rd millennium BCE.

The 3 Aries types are:

1. The Relentless Fighter (born March 20 - 30) — This is the unfiltered, wild child of Aries that can’t stop, won’t stop until they win. 

2. The Fearless Leader (born March 31 - April 9) — These are the CEOs who leave their mark by being inconceivably excellent at whatever they do.

3. The Intrepid Artist (April 10 - 20) — While these Aries may be more reserved than the former types, they’re pros at playing the long game.

Who is Aries’ soulmate?

Aries’ soulmate sign is the Scorpio. Although their values and approaches to life vary quite a bit, they’re both ruled by Mars. Therefore, sharing similar passions, energy, and intimacy when coming together. 

What is Aries’ lucky color?

The most favorable color for Aries is red. Befitting a ram, red symbolizes passion, energy, mobility, and aggressiveness. That explains why crimson-speckled bloodstones are one of Aries’ birthstones. 

Apart from red, Aries can wear gold, yellow, bright pink, and white. 

Going back to gems, which semi-precious gemstones make up Aries’ birthstone list?

sapphire gemstone aries birthstone earrings

Monthly Aries Birthstones  

Traditionally, what are the two birthstones for Aries signs? 

It’s only fitting that Aries, the most glamorous of the zodiacs, wear dazzling diamonds as their birthstone. Along with diamonds, bloodstones (or heliotropes) are the other traditional birthstones for this first sign of the zodiac. 

But those aren’t the only Aries birthstones! Lucky for you, if you’re born in March or April, you have quite an assortment of gems to choose from.

So what is the meaning of Aries birthstones, and how many are there?

aquamarine gemstone aries birthstone

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarines are pastel blue to bluish-green beryl minerals born within pegmatite rocks, hydrothermal carbonate cavities, and alluvial deposits.

This gem is steeped in myth and legend throughout history. Ancient cultures and civilizations across the globe used aquamarine in their sacred carvings, as tools of worship, and as amulets of protection. Germans even used the mineral in eyeglasses.

Today, aquamarine is a symbol of good fortune, peace, and harmony. Its serene energy helps fiery Aries from being short-tempered, inspiring a cool, calm, and collected nature. In addition to encouraging tranquility, aquamarine clears Aries’ restless minds, allowing them to kick back and take a breather when needed. 

Aquamarines are also the traditional gemstone for celebrating 19th wedding anniversaries!

bloodstone gemstone aries birthstone

March: Bloodstone

Often confused with jaspers, bloodstones are forest-green gems freckled with vivid, blood-red spots. Like many gems, they’re a product of magma rising to the Earth’s surface and cooling.

Throughout history, warriors donned bloodstones on the battlefield for strength and protection amidst fire and ruin. As a sign that loves to take charge and triumph, bloodstones keep feisty Aries grounded and gloriously connected to their goals.

Pretty bloody cool, right? 

Spiritually speaking, bloodstones also help balance Aries’ chakra system. These fiery zodiac signs tend to have jumpy energy levels due to their quick reactions. Bloodstones remind them to pump the brakes so they can strategize. 

jade gemstone aries birthstone

March: Jade

Jade is a notoriously lucky gem known for its splendid, marbled green hues. It’s also an Aries birthstone for March.

Historically, the stone has been celebrated and loved for centuries across various cultures in the world. And jade doesn’t appear to have lost any of its momentum today.

Found mainly in Myanmar, jade forms within metamorphic rocks deep within the Earth’s crust. With the perfect combination of heat and pressure, the mineral only appears during erosion or after earthquakes.

Since Aries tend to have tunnel vision, jade widens their view and creates a space for their inner wisdom to bloom. The mineral also serves as a chakra stone for Aries, clearing blocks within the heart, often attributing to their self-centric nature.

Nicknamed the “Stone of the Heart,” jade is also the traditional stone gifted to your beloved on the 12th wedding anniversary. 

diamond gemstone aries birthstone

April: Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most precious gemstones in the world. Born of carbon under immense pressure, they’re a dazzling, transparent gem associated with clarity, truth, and vision.

Typically colorless, they occur in an array of other hues like yellow, pink, blue, red, and many more. But what is Aries’ diamond color? That would be the classic, brilliant white that usually comes to mind when you think of diamonds.

Much like the personality of an Aries, diamonds symbolize resilience and courage, determination, and steadfast endurance. This stone helps keep wild and reckless Aries signs in harmony and heavenly balance.

In addition to increasing their positive energy, diamonds can also help Aries overcome physical ailments such as brain disease, wound infections, and illnesses related to the pituitary gland.

mermaid sapphire gemstone aries birthstone

April: Sapphire

Another precious gemstone associated with Aries is sapphires. These gems are popular corundum minerals best known for their saturated blue hues — a color so stunning that “sapphire blue” is now its own color in most creative mediums worldwide. 

While most sapphires hail from Sri Lanka, you can find this exquisite gem in just one American state: Montana. Like all corundum, it occurs within igneous or metamorphic rocks.

As a thousand-year-old gem, sapphires have amassed quite a reputation of lore and myth. The gem is even attributed to Helen of Troy’s appeal in 12th-century Greece. Today, it’s most remembered as the gem that adorned the late Princess Diana’s Marguerite ring and Titanic’s "Heart of the Ocean" necklace.

This Aries birthstone inspires mental clarity, truth, and harmony for April babies, helping to keep their quick and reckless spirit in heavenly balance. In addition, sapphire harvests the energies of the ruling planet Mars, unlocking Aries’ psychic abilities. 

Interestingly, sapphires are also supportive gems for the Taurus sign in astrology.

clear quartz gemstone aries birthstone

April: Clear Quartz

In the right light, clear quartz is a striking gem capturing every color in a rainbow’s prism. This mineral is a colorless variety of silicate minerals with a luminous glow that piques the interest of gem aficionados and crystal newbies alike.

Like many of the gems we’ve discussed, quartz comes alive deep within Earth’s crust — making up about 12% of it. It’s no secret that as magma cools, it hardens into rock. But when silicon and oxygen are present during this process, clear quartz crystallizes and makes its appearance.

Nicknamed the “Universal Crystal” and “Master Healer,” many know quartz as a universally peaceful and harmonizing crystal. Its captivating spectrum of colors amplifies both positive thoughts and energy for those born in April. It’s also thought to expand the consciousness of Aries, facilitating open communication with their higher self and the world around them.

But Aries vibes with a few other not-so-traditional semi-precious gems, too.

jade gemstone aries birthstone necklace

Aries Zodiac Stones

Unlike Aries birthstones, which correspond to birth months, Aries’ zodiac stones directly correspond to the astrological sign. 

As far as astrology goes, which stone is lucky for Aries? There are actually 6 gems serving as healing stones for those born under Aries:

amethyst gemstone aries birthstone

1. Amethyst

Amethysts are a universally lucky stone, but they’re particularly beneficial for helping impulsive Aries think before they act. This pretty purple gem helps their rebellious spirits embrace calmness and stay connected to their intuition. 

red jasper gemstone aries birthstone

2. Jasper

Specifically, red jasper is believed to keep restless and impatient Aries on the right track. This mineral, which has prehistoric and biblical origins, grounds the rambunctious ram giving Aries the tranquil edge they often need. 

imperial topaz gemstone aries birthstone

3. Topaz

Blue and yellow topaz, in particular, are strongly connected to those born under Aries. This stone can clear their chaotic minds and help them find contentment in the present — rather than chasing the next best thing. Topaz is also known to awaken the sexual self within Aries. 

ruby gemstone aries birthstone

4. Ruby

It makes sense that fiery red rubies do well with Aries. This stone has a close relationship to Aries’ ruling planet of Mars. Since Aries are a little prone to narcissism getting the better of them, rubies help inspire empathy and a bit more consideration for those around them.  

jade gemstone aries birthstone

5. Jade

Another notoriously lucky gem, jade, is a metamorphic rock born from erosion and earthquakes. Similar to rubies, this typically green gem humbles cocky Aries helping them shut off their often self-centric nature.

orange aventurine gemstone aries birthstone

6. Aventurine

Aventurine is a type of quartz rock beloved for its distinct metallic shimmer called aventurescence. In addition to inspiring empathy and compassion, aventurine supports Aries in critical thinking. It helps them approach difficult situations with a positive and clear perspective rather than acting on hasty impulses. 

green aventurine gemstone aries birthstone necklace

Keep Your Fire Blazing with Aries Birthstones!

Aries are fearless go-getters, embracing life and blindly taking leaps of faith despite whatever obstacles the universe throws their way. Their honesty and sky-high aspirations can be intimidating, but their strength and relentless determination are nothing short of admirable. 

Everyone needs a fellow Aries by their side to keep them going for the gold — no matter what! 

For your fellow friends and loved ones born between March 21—April 19, Aries’ birthstone accessories and jewelry make for fabulous gifts! 

Ready to shop? Browse our diamonds, bloodstones, and other gemstone collections to find the perfect Aries stones and crystals!

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