February Birthstone: History, Meanings & Symbolism
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February Birthstone - The AmethystFew gemstones are as magnetizing as the glittering amethyst. Bathed in brilliant hues of violet, orchid, and eggplant, the amethyst graces those born in February with a truly dynamic gem. Not only is the amethyst a head-turning jewel, but it has significant holistic healing properties. Beautiful enough for royalty but accessible enough for the masses, the February birthstone is a truly captivating gemstone for the Aquarius’ and Pisces’ in the world.

Let’s explore the healing properties, symbolism and unique qualities of the alluring amethyst in this February birthstone guide!

February Birthstone History and Symbolism

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones in the world, but did you know that this jewel stretches all the way back in time to ancient Greece? In fact, the very name of the gem comes from the Greek word, “Amethystos,” and its meaning might shock you. For those rowdy folks who’d had a bit too much to drink, amethyst served as an antidote to drunkenness. Perhaps it's the wine coloring, or perhaps it's because the mythological Greek god of wine favored the amethyst. Either way, amethyst clears the mind, improves focus and sharpens a quick wit.
02 February Birthstone - The Amethyst
Ancient Greece wasn’t the only period in time to favor the amethyst. Over millennia, this striking gemstone adorned the necks of women in royal courts. During the Russian Empire in the 18th Century, royal empress Catherine II frequently bedazzled herself in glittering amethyst necklaces and accessories. Years later, the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis, wore the decadent Cartier amethyst bib to French Gala, accentuating the gardens of Versailles with another shade of purple.

We’ve established that the rich and famous love to flaunt amethyst jewels, so how did it become mainstream? If you browse the shelves of any jeweler, you’ll notice an ample amount of amethyst designs. What brought amethyst out of the royal court and into the hands of the general public?

The Origins of the February Birthstone

The truth is, amethyst remained a novelty jewel until the 1800's. Up until that point, amethyst was as rare as emeralds and rubies, lending itself exclusively to rich monarchs. Well, that’s because, until the 19th century, Russia was the primary supplier of amethyst. However, a new source entered the arena, opening the door for more people to buy amethyst.

Brazilian Amethyst

Deposits were discovered in both South America and Africa. Voila, a gem that came nearly exclusively from one country was now sourced from two other locations. To this day, most of the world’s supply of amethyst comes from Brazil. In fact, Brazilian amethyst is that signature, geode-style jewel featuring emerging purple amethyst crystals. This style of amethyst makes great home decorations and healing crystals.

African Amethyst

Providing an equal share is the Kariba mind in Zambia, Africa. These amethysts showcase highly saturated shades of deep purple, making them a hot commodity.

Arizona Amethyst

Lastly, there are small deposits flanking the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona at the Four Peaks mine. This mountainous, desert terrain might not be ideal for many of nature’s water-loving creations, but Amethyst? The arid climate produces some of the finest amethyst crystals in the world.

Now you’re up to speed on the fascinating history of the February birthstone, but what makes this jewel so special?

Properties of the February Birthstone

Not only is the amethyst full of history, but it has powerful healing properties, symbolism and physical attributes. People with February birthdays can incorporate amethyst into their home décor, jewelry and lifestyle. Did you know that amethyst is also a healing crystal used for cleansing, mediating and achieving elevated consciousness? Let’s explore the exciting features and properties that make the February birthstone a truly one-of-a-kind jewel.
02 February Birthstone - The Amethyst

February Zodiac Signs

It’s no wonder Amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius, the air sign, and Pisces, the water sign. With an amethyst in hand, you’ll swim into new depths of introspection and soul-exploration, and levitate to new heights of mindfulness.


If you line up jewels on a shelf and look for the most eye-catching color, you wouldn’t be surprised to find many people lingering their glance on amethyst. There’s something about that brilliant purple that draws people in. So, what color is amethyst exactly? Amethyst comes in varying degrees and shades of purple, lilac, violet, eggplant, and even red-violet.
While amethyst jewels are typically thrown under the general umbrella of “purple,” they exist in every color within that spectrum. Interestingly, the shade of purple denotes its meaning.

Historically, purple is the religious color for penitence. Over time, this striking hue evolved to symbolize royalty, wealth, power and dominance. How does amethyst become so deeply saturated? Many amethyst gems undergo color enhancements to heighten the shade of purple. But don’t worry, that doesn’t minimize the healing properties of this dynamic crystal.

Healing Properties

People have used crystals for healing for centuries, and amethyst is one of the most popular healing crystals available. With such a stunning stone, it’s easy to see why its the object of affection for people around the world. But beauty is only one aspect of amethyst’s qualities. It’s also believed to welcome peace and balance while stimulating people with courage, ambition and stability. The February birthstone also has powerful metaphysical properties, such as helping people heal from insomnia, pain and circulation issues. As you can see, there are countless benefits of amethyst as a healing crystal, which gives it the much-deserved nickname of “The All Purpose Stone.”

February Birthstone Jewelry and Gemstones

The allure of amethyst reaches beyond just a pretty jewel:

  • It’s a powerful healing crystal that improves mood, quality of life and health

  • It’s believed to have sobering properties to dim the effects of alcohol and aid in sobriety

  • Through generations, royalty have favored this dazzling jewel as a prized accessory

Those born in February have the flexibility to take advantage of this diverse gemstone, which makes it the perfect birthday gift! Do you have an Aquarius or Pisces in your life? Show them how remarkable they are by giving them their February birthstone.

Popular gift ideas include amethyst geode rocks for crystal healing and amethyst jewelry designs. Nothing says “I love you” like the allure of an amethyst bracelet or necklace pendant. Give the gift that not only looks gorgeous but improves the well being of someone special to you.


二月生日石 - 紫水晶很少有宝石像闪闪发光的紫水晶那样具有吸引力。紫水晶沐浴在紫罗兰色、兰花色和茄子色的绚丽色调中,为二月出生的人增添了一颗真正充满活力的宝石。紫水晶不仅是一种引人注目的珠宝,而且还具有显着的整体治疗功效。对于皇室来说足够美丽,但对于大众来说足够容易获得,二月生日石对于世界上的水瓶座和双鱼座来说是一种真正迷人的宝石。



2 月 2 日生日石 - 紫水晶
古希腊并不是唯一青睐紫水晶的时期。几千年来,这种引人注目的宝石一直装饰着宫廷女性的颈项。在 18 世纪的俄罗斯帝国时期,皇室女皇叶卡捷琳娜二世 (Catherine II) 经常佩戴闪闪发光的紫水晶项链和配饰,令自己眼花缭乱。多年后,温莎公爵夫人沃利斯 (Wallis) 佩戴颓废的卡地亚 (Cartier) 紫水晶围兜出席法国晚会,为凡尔赛花园增添另一抹紫色。



事实上,直到 1800 年代,紫水晶一直是一种新颖的珠宝。在那之前,紫水晶与祖母绿和红宝石一样稀有,只适合富有的君主。嗯,那是因为直到 19 世纪,俄罗斯都是紫水晶的主要供应商。然而,一个新的来源进入了这个领域,为更多人购买紫水晶打开了大门。




提供平等的份额是非洲赞比亚的 Kariba 思想。这些紫水晶呈现出高度饱和的深紫色调,使其成为热门商品。





2 月 2 日生日石 - 紫水晶










  • 它是一种强大的治疗水晶,可以改善情绪、生活质量和健康

  • 它被认为具有清醒的特性,可以减弱酒精的影响并帮助清醒

  • 世世代代,皇室成员都将这颗耀眼的珠宝视为珍贵的配饰




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