Eudialyte Gemstone: Meanings, Uses, Properties, and More!

eudialyte gemstoneEudialyte is a rare, reddish-toned cyclosilicate that sometimes has black and white inclusions. And, it’s the only gem among the trigonal cyclosilicates to actually be considered a gemstone!

Have you ever sat by a campfire on a chilly night? Campfires are a treat for the senses — the aroma of roasted sausages or that ashy, smoky scent, the comforting warmth heating your body, and the blazing, dancing embers flickering through the woodsmoke. 

A campfire's reddish, fiery ember looks a lot like a eudialyte gemstone! 

You might wonder if we're talking about the garnet, another little reddish-toned gemstone. Is eudialyte garnet? Not quite!

So, what is eudialyte stone anyway? And on that note, what is eudialyte good for? 

These warm, rich gemstones are a delight for our eyes and chakras, our body’s energy centers! Keep reading to learn more about these little embers, including the eudialyte healing properties, worth, benefits, and everything else that eudialyte experts know!

First thing's first: let's talk about the eudialyte meaning and properties.

eudialyte gemstone

What is Eudialyte Stone?

Eudialyte, also known as “eudialite” or “eudyalite,” is usually the only gemstone in the trigonal cyclosilicates group. These are crystals that form in a series of rings, in this case shaped like prismatic triangles. 

Commonly found in Russia, the eudialyte color is a real treat for the eyes. The stone displays prominent shades of red, orange, and brown in its body, but sometimes features striking violet, magenta, pink, yellow, and even blue tones! 

Sometimes lapidaries (gemstone cutters) cut these beautiful gems to showcase flashes of black and white minerals that contrast beautifully with the stone's mostly-reddish body. These varieties are known as “Dragon's Blood Eudialyte.” 

Who doesn’t love a bit of dragon energy? So, what else is there to know about eudialyte's physical appearance? 

Eudialyte Properties

Eudialyte gemstones have complex silicates packed with many different minerals. Within eudialyte stones, you can find iron, calcium, cerium, zirconium, manganese, and yttrium. They usually form in igneous or volcanic rocks that have coarse grains. 

The list below outlines the identifying features of eudialyte properties.

  • Color: Red, brown, yellow, magenta, violet, black, white

  • Cut: Usually cabochon

  • Gravity: 2.74-2.98

  • Fracture: Uneven

  • Refractive Index: 1.591-1.633

  • Clarity: Usually translucent, rarely transparent

  • Mohs Mineral Hardness Scale Ranking: 5-6

  • Crystal Structure: Hexagonal

  • Luster: Vitreous, though sometimes dull

  • Pleochroism: Varied

  • Cleavage: Indistinct, basal

  • Radioactivity: Mild

Eudialyte has impressively varied crystallography. You can find eudialyte raw stones with hexagonal, prismatic crystals. You might even find eudialyte with a rhombohedral crystallography (imagine a crystal shaped like a slanted cube). 

That’s how rough eudialyte appears before it’s cut into a gemstone, but how does it look when it hits the jeweler’s shelves? Eudialyte is often cut into smooth cabochons, though some faceted gems are on the market for a pretty penny. Facets (cuts in the gemstone) showcase the many eudialyte tones to highlight how the light hits certain faces within the stone.

You might also stumble upon some mystical eudialyte spheres in occult rock or crystal shops. As mentioned before, some lapidaries cut eudialyte to showcase a contrast between its red body and black and white minerals. Those minerals are called “aegirine crystals,” and eudialyte with these features can fetch higher prices. 

eudialyte gemstone parcel

Is Eudialyte Durable?

At a 5-6 Mohs Hardness Scale ranking, eudialyte isn't the most robust of gemstones. It actually gets its name from the Greek words eu dialytos, which means "easily decomposable or dissolvable." This translation likely refers to the stone's quick disintegration in acid. But we’ll get more to the history of eudialyte later.

While the gemstone is soft compared to harder gems like diamond, emerald, or ruby, there are ways to preserve the longevity of eudialyte stones. For instance, you can have them set in protective barriers, and schedule routine cleanings to keep them in tip-top shape.

Is Eudialyte Radioactive?

Now, we know your eyes are probably lingering in the "radioactivity" section of this guide. And you may be wondering: is eudialyte toxicity a risk? Yes, but only mildly. 

If you want to rock a cute eudialyte necklace, you'll be fine because the toxicity in small stones is extremely low. However, a 5,000-carat eudialyte sphere would result in substantial exposure. Still, exposure to radioactive eudialyte stones is minuscule compared to everyday pollutants and chemicals in most consumer products.  So, you won’t have to worry — you can still flaunt that fiery eudialyte stone with confidence!

So, where can we find these slightly radioactive but gorgeous crystals?

eudialyte specimen slice from greenland

Where is Eudialyte Found?

Eudialyte was first discovered in 1819 in small, ice-cap-lined Greenland, in the Julianehaab district. Luckily, you can now find eudialyte in a few spots around the world. 

If eudialyte was first found in Greenland, what is Russian eudialyte? Well, most eudialyte is now sourced from Russia’s Kola Peninsula, making much of the market’s eudialyte Russian. Remember those coveted dragon’s blood eudialyte stones we mentioned? Russia’s known for producing many incredibly large dragon's blood eudialyte specimens! 

Red eudialyte from the Kola Peninsula has higher-than-average amounts of sodium, with some specimens containing many elements like beryllium, barium, and strontium. These elements are sometimes slow to crystallize but often produce striking, beautiful gemstones. 

The US is another popular source for eudialyte, specifically the southeast state of Arkansas. Within the Ouachita Mountains lies Magnet Cove, a 5-square-mile basin of various igneous rocks and certain crystals, like pyrite, garnet, and of course, eudialyte. 

Other sources for eudialyte gemstone include:

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • Greenland

  • Norway

  • Madagascar

Now that we've covered the basics in eudialyte sources, properties, and meaning, let’s traverse to the past to unearth this stone’s mythology and history. 

eudialyte cabochon drop shape

Eudialyte History and Significance

Besides its Greek origins of disintegrating in acid, what other meanings arise around this red-hued gem? 

The Russians inhabiting the Kola Peninsula region were called Sámi, and they fittingly called red eudialyte “Sámi blood.” In Sámi folklore, there’s a story about a battle between Swedish soldiers and the Sámi people. The conflict resulted in violence and death, and Sámi blood was sprawled across the tundra. Legend has it that the Sámi blood formed into eudialyte gemstones.

Despite this eerie legend, subsequent soldiers continued to carry the stone as a protective talisman. Eudialyte was thought to protect them in battle and ward off negative energy. 

Were those soldiers onto something? Let’s get into all the juicy eudialyte crystal benefits. 

eudialyte gemstone cabochon oval shape

What is Eudialyte Used For?

Are you looking for an earthy stone blazing with fiery properties? Eudialyte offers benefits for the mind, body, and soul. 

Chakra Healing

What chakra is eudialyte good for? Eudialyte helps to balance the heart chakra. Your heart chakra helps you feel balanced and warm towards yourself and others. If you're feeling down and have consistent feelings of self-doubt, your heart chakra might be blocked. 

Other signs of heart chakra imbalance include feelings of anger, hatred, bitterness, resentment, and self-centeredness. Aries, we’re looking at you! But don’t worry, we all have spats of intense emotions. The eudialyte zodiac gemstone can offer you relief from these overwhelming feelings. 

How can you benefit from these nourishing properties? Wear a eudialyte necklace close to your heart chakra to open yourself to compassion and love from those around you and, most importantly, from yourself!

Eudialyte Emotional Healing

We all deal with many emotional ups and downs. Life is beautiful but also peppered with suffering as we navigate feelings of loss, struggles with human connection, and other emotional burdens. Eudialyte can help us manage those ups and downs, and is especially supportive during times of:

  • Breached trust

  • Romantic betrayal or rejection

  • Divorce

  • Death of a loved one

  • Feelings of abandonment

Carry a eudialyte stone with you or place them in the corners of your house to create an emotional healing crystal grid.

Eudialyte Physical Benefits

Do you notice that during times of mental fulfillment, it feels like your physical state follows suit? It could be a placebo effect, but it could also be that eudialyte crystal you're wearing!

Eudialyte offers you enhanced energy, giving you the fuel to tackle your day's tasks and overcome life's inevitable hurdles. Other eudialyte healing properties include help alleviating symptoms from: 

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Alzheimer's disease

  • Pancreatitis

  • Lupus

  • Nervous system disorders

Another desirable physical healing aspect of eudialyte lies in the loins. Oh yes, eudialyte is known to help the libido, calming tension in relationship rough patches and reawakening passion with our lovers. Since eudialyte connects with the heart chakra, it also enhances romantic communication, helping you reconnect with your loved one spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Alright, now you're probably wondering where you can get your hands on some eudialyte gemstones right? But first: is eudialyte rare, and if so, what's eudialyte worth? Let’s find out!

red eudialyte cabochon cushion shape

Eudialyte Value

Eudialyte is a relatively rare gemstone, making it more pricey than other gems such as rose quartz or agate. Faceted pieces are even more expensive, and dragon’s blood stones with flashes of black or white mineral crystals will fetch a higher price. Generally, though, you can find loose eudialyte cabochons for around $100 online.

Are you convinced? We sure are. Let’s take a look at some of your options for wearing eudialyte stones. 

Eudialyte Jewelry

If you browse through Etsy and other web marketplaces for jewelry, you might notice quite a few options for red eudialyte necklaces! Make sure the seller is reputable, as the eudialyte’s rarity and value attract many scammers. Value-decreasing inclusions are also easily hidden within the construction of jewelry, so some fraudsters might boast a high-value eudialyte jewelry piece, only to have its lower-quality attributes hidden in the back of the necklace. 

Our advice? Look for a Russian red eudialyte stone to channel love and mystery. Favor something more delicate? How about a smooth, gorgeous cabochon eudialyte pendant? If you love an earthy aesthetic (so on-trend, always) choose a raw eudialyte necklace! Necklaces are close to your heart, offering you the bonus of opening and supporting your heart chakra!

Some crafty artisans get creative with eudialyte jewelry, mixing them with rustic macrame binds for bracelets that look both elegant and relaxed. 

Now that you’re eyeing eudialyte jewelry, how can you care for it properly?

red eudialyte cabochon pear shape

Eudialyte Gemstone Care & Maintenance

Remember when we talked about eudialyte radioactivity? It’s still safe to wear, don’t worry! But the radioactivity means you’ll need to take extra steps to care for your eudialyte gemstones and jewelry. 

Keep eudialyte pieces stored separately from your other gemstones. Why? Because any radioactive gem might alter the color of other nearby gems. You might also consider using a radon detector to monitor any buildup of harmful gases in the room should you have many eudialyte pieces or large ones. 

Eudialyte is a soft gemstone, so to best protect it from chipping or scratching, choose a strong setting like a prong or bezel. Also, keep these more delicate gemstones away from your harder gems like diamonds or sapphires, to prevent them from scuffing the eudialyte. 

Just like the opal, eudialyte is soft and sensitive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it in all its flaming, passionate glory. Devote a little extra TLC to your eudialyte stones, and they’ll glimmer for a lifetime!

Ready to Feel Euphoric with Eudialyte?

We’ve covered a lot of ground about eudialyte gemstones! Now, you can apply this helpful knowledge to pick the perfect eudialyte accessory. Trust us — even Daenerys Targaryen (the Mother of Dragons, of course) will turn her head to swoon over your dragon’s blood eudialyte necklace or bracelet!

The beauty of wearing these stones is that you can revel in all of the eudialyte healing properties. From eudialyte chakra healing to deep mystical coloring, eudialyte will bring euphoria to anyone who wears it!  

Open up your heart and embrace the warm energy and divine aesthetic of eudialyte.

Browse eudialyte gemstones from Gem Rock Auctions today!

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