06 June Birthstone – Pearl and Alexandrite

June Birthstone  Pearl and AlexandriteThere are only select months of the year graced with three birthstones. In fact, those born in June and December have the luxury of choosing among more than one birthstone. Ready to learn all about the June birthstones? If you crave happiness, success, good fortune, and wisdom, you’re in for a world of wellness with these gemstones!

Whether you're fond of the oceanic pearl, mystical Alexandrite, or celestial Moonstone, we're sure that there's a June birthstone for all the Geminis and Cancers in the world.

What is the meaning and symbolism behind these beautiful June birthstones? Let's find out!

What is a Birthstone?

Birthstones are gemstones that represent a person's birth month. Birthstones hold special meanings for many people. Many express their individuality with birthstone jewelry or choose to carry them in their pocket or purse as a good luck charm.

While the origins of birthstones are unknown, some scholars believe it came from Christianity. In the Book of Exodus in the bible, a garment known as the "Breastplate of Aaron" is described.

Can you guess what adorned this iconic breastplate? Twelve glittering gemstones:

  • Sardius

  • topaz

  • Carbuncle

  • Emerald

  • Sapphire

  • Diamond

  • Ligure

  • Agate

  • Amethyst

  • Beryl

  • Onyx

  • Jasper

That's some serious ornamentation! Each gem on the Breastplate represented one of the 12 tribes of Jerusalem. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers united a coalition to author the official list of birthstones. The list remains unchanged, and is still followed by people to this day!

Now that you know all about the origins of birthstones, let’s explore yours, starting with a treasure from the sea, the timeless pearl!

June Birthstone #1 - Pearl

Pearls are truly unique because they're an organic gemstone, meaning they form within the shell of a living creature. Mollusks live in the shorelines and seabeds of oceans or rivers, and when an irritant like a sand grain or small pebble gets into a mollusk's shell, it secretes layers around it to protect itself.

To stop the irritation, the mollusk blankets the irritant in calcium carbonate. After a year or two of covering the irritant, the once pesky grain of sand is now a glistening, milky pearl gemstone!

june birthstone - pearl and alexandrite

The Meaning Of The Pearl Birthstone

The tedious process of growing a pearl explains why this June birthstone represents wisdom gained through experience. Pearls also represent serenity, and people gravitate toward them for their calming effects.

Throughout history, people have found healing by wearing pearls to treat upset stomachs and digestive tract issues. In ancient Egyptian culture and Chinese cultures, pearl powder served as a powerful tonic for soothing irritated skin and acne.

Have you ever noticed that pearls evoke femininity? Because of their luminous appearance, people naturally liken pearls to the moon. Their watery origins bring to mind the sea, beauty, and purity, all traditionally female-centered features. These beliefs are why pearl jewelry is a popular bridal gift.

June Birthstone #2: Alexandrite

Out of all three June birthstones, Alexandrite most aligns with the zodiac descriptors for Gemini, June's astrological sign.

The symbol for Gemini is twins because Geminis often have a noticeable duality in their personality traits. Similarly, Alexandrite has been called the chameleon stone because of its ability to change colors in the light.

June Birthstone - alexandrite

In daylight, Alexandrite appears to be vibrant green or teal. Come nightfall, the stone's colors deepen to a vibrant red or purple. As you can see, this dual nature of color-shifting illuminates the contrasting qualities of Alexandrite and Geminis.

Alexandrite Origin And Meaning

Discovered in 1830 in Russia's emerald mines, Alexandrite quickly became the favorite stone of the Russian Aristocracy. Because of their popularity, practically all of Russia's Alexandrite was mined during the 19th Century. By luck or cosmic intervention, Alexandrite nearly went extinct until miners discovered a massive deposit in Sri Lanka.

As such, the Alexandrite birthstone symbolizes good luck and fortune. Because of its ability to be two colors at once, many believe Alexandrite neutralizes stressful situations with balance. Often associated with the Crown Chakra, this mystical June birthstone forges a lifeline with the universe to harness intuition, imagination, and creativity.  

It's easy to see that Alexandrite is a striking jewel, but did you know it has many powerful healing properties? Due to their ability to restore inner strength and physical energy, many give them to those recovering from surgery or illness. Many practitioners of crystal healing use Alexandrite to assist with pancreatic, spleen, and neurological issues.

June Birthstone #3 - Moonstone

The last June birthstone on our list is the mesmerizing moonlit jewel, Moonstone. Where does this luminescent gemstone come from, if not tucked away in the starry sky?

june birthstone - moonstone

A Roman natural historian named Pliny compared Moonstone's shifting quality to the moon's waning and waxing.

Moonstone is alluringly pale and known for its attractive pearly sheen. While it’s the least commercially valuable of June's birthstones, it might have the richest, and most romantic, history!

Moonstone Origin and Symbolism

Moonstone is sacred in Indian culture and commonly gifted to newlywed couples. In Middle Eastern cultures, people give Moonstone to couples trying to conceive, as it aids with fertility.

One of our favorite beliefs about Moonstone is that placing a piece of Moonstone in your mouth and gazing up at the moon reveals a vision of your future spouse in the sky.

Who needs Cupid when you've got Moonstone?

Known as "the traveler's stone," this June birthstone has protective properties for travelers embarking on overnight journeys, especially while at sea. While most of us aren't privy to seafaring at night, Moonstone still provides guidance and clarity to those pursuing a mission.

Moonstone Healing Properties

For healing purposes, Moonstone helps to soothe emotional instability and stress. Its calming nature helps with the digestive system and eliminates toxins and fluid retention from the liver and pancreas. Because of its connection to the moon, it's also valuable for treating menstrual cramps and fertility issues.

june birthstone - moonstone

If counting sheep doesn't nod you to sleep, grab Moonstone! Are you having a bout of insomnia? Meditate with a piece of Moonstone before bed. If your children are having nightmares, place some moonstone under their pillow to ensure a peaceful night's rest filled with candy canes, unicorns, and gumdrop skies.

If you're a June baby, you're no doubt reveling in the freedom to choose between three beautiful birthstones! Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone are each unique in their own way, just like you!

Have a favorite? Browse our collection of June birthstones to find one for you or the Gemini or Cancer in your life!


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