December Birthstone - Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise
十二月诞生石 - 坦桑石、锆石和绿松石
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December Birthstone - Tanzanite Zircon and TurquoiseJack Frost nipping at your nose? Then cozy up to these December birthstones! Each of these cool-toned jewels mirrors the chill temperature of winter, but are ablaze with their own vibrant features and radiance.

If you’ve ever felt disgruntled about being a December baby and had your birthday lumped in with the holidays, your consolation is that you've got three gorgeous birthstones to choose from: tanzanite, turquoise, and zircon. Each of these December birthstones are in a wintery shade of blue. But make no mistake about it: they are each uniquely their own.

For example, the stone-like aqua print of turquoise offers an earthy appeal. Meanwhile, both tanzanite and zircon sparkle with a radiant sparkle.

Point is: you've got options. As we approach the end of our year around the sun and the holiday festivities commence, think about adding a December birthstone to your holiday wish-list.

Ready to learn more about these blue gems? We thought you’d never ask! Get ready to learn all about the physical properties and holistic attributes of December’s blue birthstones.

Tanzanite Birthstone

Let’s kick off this December birthstone party with tanzanite, a blue-violet gemstone hailing from an African country. Any guesses as to which country? We’ll give you a hint: it’s practically in the name! That’s right, tanzanite comes from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. What’s unique about tanzanite is that, unlike other gemstones that are sourced from around the world, tanzanite is exclusively from Tanzania.

A relatively new gemstone discovery, tanzanite wasn’t on the gemstone radar until the late 1960s when it was first discovered.

Not quite as blue as a sapphire, and not quite as purple as amethyst, tanzanite combines the best of both worlds on the color spectrum. Adding to its desirability, tanzanite is affordable and easily cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. Do you know what that means? Endless jewelry designs! Tanzanite lends itself well to many jewelry items, including necklace pendants, earrings, and rings. Veil yourself in violet-blue this holiday season with a tanzanite jewel!
December Birthstone - TanzaniteLearn more about Tanzanite

Zircon Birthstone

Departing from the deep, blue-violet color of tanzanite, zircon is a vivid aqua blue. And while zircon comes in a spectrum of colors, including warm hues of red and orange, blue is the most popular. It’s easy to see why! This bright, dazzling gem comes from the Asian countries of Thailand, Cambodia and Southern Vietnam.

Asian gemstones are steeped in holistic properties, and zircon is no different! Wearing zircon is believed to garner you with relief from pain. Additionally, zircon is known to enhance appetite and provide protection to travelers.

In recent years, there’s been some confusion about blue zircon simply because of its name. Many people mistake zircon for cubic zirconia, a lab fabricated diamond-substitute. However, the two couldn’t be farther from one another in appearance, composition, and value. For starters, cubic zirconia is colorless and man-made.

Blue zircon, on the other hand, is a vibrant, lush hue of radiant blue and is organically mined from zirconium silicate deposits. During the Middle Ages, zircon adorned travelers and warriors who believed it had the power to protect them from plagues, evil spirits, and road wounds. Bottom line: blue zircon is a fierce and fiery natural gemstone. If you want to adorn yourself in a twinkling blizzard of gemstone jewelry, zircon has your name all over it!
December Birthstone - ZirconLearn more about Zircon

Turquoise Birthstone

The name turquoise comes from the French word for “Turkish stone,” and was first discovered in the 13th century. If you’ve ever visited the American Southwest, you’ve stumbled upon troves of turquoise vendors selling Native-American jewelry. That’s because turquoise is a vital component of traditional Native American culture.

This significant and sacred gemstone is known as the “Stone of Life” to Native Americans, as it represents all living things. While greenish-blue speckled with shades of sand is the classic color of turquoise, it’s available in a variety of colors. As such, Native Americans regard it as a stone representative of the vivid colors of the earth and their sacred land. Turquoise is of particular importance to the Navajo, who wear the stone to protect against evil. Additionally, the Navajo tell of the Changing Woman, Estsanatlehi, who adorns herself in turquoise.

In jewelry, turquoise is extremely popular, especially as a statement piece. It’s often partnered with other gemstones and almost always set in sterling silver. Some of the most popular turquoise jewelry items are turquoise rings and bracelets. However, these gems are often placed in earrings, necklace pendants, and even clothing and handbags.

It’s no secret why turquoise holds so much sacred energy: it’s one of the oldest gemstones in the world! Add to that intrigue an amalgamation of vibrant teal colors and patterns, and you’ve got one of the most unique gems around!

December Birthstone - Turquoise
Learn more about Turquoise

December Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry makes the perfect gift. Who wouldn’t love to be bedazzled in their very own birthstone? The hardest decision you’ll have is deciding which birthstone to buy. Well, who says you have to choose? Treat yourself to a turquoise statement ring or add some glitz to an evening look with a gorgeous tanzanite pendant. Or, put a pair of stunning zircon earrings on your birthday list!

The best thing about birthstone jewelry is that it’s a personalized gift that also happens to be wearable. This means that no matter where you go, you can wear your December birthstone jewelry!

Buying December Birthstones

As you can see, you’ve got plenty of options when buying December birthstones. And who says you have to choose just one? It’s your birth month, right? Well then, you might as well have some fun accessorizing with your birthstones!

As the weather turns and the festivities begin, remember to treat yourself to something special for your birthday. Or, you may want to add a gem to your wishlist for the holidays. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year! It sounds like a good a time as any to treat yourself to a December birthstone. In fact, better make it three.

Ready to shop? We thought so! Browse our tanzaniteblue zircon and turquoise collections to find a beautiful gemstone for your birthday.


十二月生日石 - 坦桑石锆石和绿松石杰克弗罗斯特咬你的鼻子?那就尽情享受这些十二月生日石吧!这些冷色调的珠宝中的每一个都反映了冬天的寒冷温度,但都闪耀着自己的活力和光芒。

如果您曾经对成为 12 月的婴儿感到不满,并且将生日与假期混为一谈,那么您的安慰是,您有三种华丽的生日石可供选择:坦桑石、绿松石和锆石。这些十二月生日石中的每一颗都呈现出冬日般的蓝色。但请不要误会:他们每个人都是独一无二的。


重点是:你有选择。当我们在太阳附近接近一年的结束和节日庆祝活动时,请考虑将 12 月生日石添加到您的节日愿望清单中。



让我们用来自非洲国家的蓝紫色宝石坦桑石开始这个 12 月的生日石派对。猜猜是哪个国家的?我们会给你一个提示:它实际上就是名字!没错,坦桑石来自坦桑尼亚的乞力马扎罗山脚下。坦桑石的独特之处在于,与来自世界各地的其他宝石不同,坦桑石完全来自坦桑尼亚。

坦桑石是一种相对较新的宝石发现,直到 1960 年代后期首次被发现时才出现在宝石雷达上。

十二月诞生石 - 坦桑石了解更多关于坦桑石的信息





十二月诞生石 - 锆石了解有关锆石的更多信息


绿松石这个名字来自法语单词“土耳其石”,最早发现于 13 世纪。如果您曾经访问过美国西南部,那么您会偶然发现大量出售美洲原住民珠宝的绿松石供应商。这是因为绿松石是传统美洲原住民文化的重要组成部分。

这种重要而神圣的宝石被美洲原住民称为“生命之石”,因为它代表了所有生物。虽然带有沙色斑点的绿蓝色是绿松石的经典颜色,但它有多种颜色可供选择。因此,美洲原住民将其视为代表地球及其圣地鲜艳色彩的石头。绿松石对纳瓦霍人来说尤为重要,他们佩戴宝石来抵御邪恶。此外,纳瓦霍人讲述了不断变化的女人 Estsanatlehi,她用绿松石装饰自己。

在珠宝中,绿松石非常受欢迎,尤其是作为一种个性化的单品。它经常与其他宝石搭配使用,并且几乎总是镶嵌在 925 纯银中。一些最受欢迎的绿松石首饰是绿松石戒指和手镯。然而,这些宝石经常被放置在耳环、项链吊坠,甚至衣服和手袋中。


十二月生日石 - 绿松石








购买 12 月生日石

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