Virgo Birthstone Guide: Lucky Crystals & Their Meanings

virgo birthstonesIf you were born between August 23 and September 22, you’re a Virgo. Virgos are meticulous hard workers but often hard on themselves, so monthly Virgo birthstones and lucky zodiac gemstones can help! 

Both astrology and gemstones go back thousands of years. Humans have looked down at Earth’s crystals and up at the stars to seek inspiration or answers for centuries.

Nowadays, gemstones can be used for honoring your birthday, healing maladies, decorating a space, or simply being worn as gorgeous jewelry. 

Speaking of, what gemstone should a Virgo wear? We’ll be answering that today!

In this guide, we’ll be going over all the traditional monthly Virgo birthstones, some lucky zodiac stones, and how all of these stones can benefit Virgos. 

But first, what is the meaning of Virgo? 

virgo birthstones

What Does Being A Virgo Mean?

If your birthday is from August 23 to September 22, you were born under the astrological sign of Virgo. 

Some positive traits of Virgos include being dependable, intelligent, and hard-working. This sign is a loyal, honest friend who fully commits to the work and the people they care about. Virgos are deep thinkers who are always looking for ways to improve and grow. Their organization skills are also second to none. 

Virgo’s potential negative traits include being perfectionistic, too critical, and stubborn. This sign expects the best from themselves and others, meaning they can be hard to please and almost never satisfied. So while Virgos are incredibly detail-oriented and diligent workers, they’re often prone to worry and feel like they’re never doing enough.

In both traditional and modern interpretations, the humble Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and problem-solving. Mercury also rules Gemini, but Geminis focus more on social aspects of communication while Virgos value more practical uses of communication. 

Virgo also rules the 6th house, the house of health, routines, and healing. These folks are all about healthy habits, though some may slip into being hypochondriacs. 

Element-wise, Virgo is an earth sign, making them sensible, grounded, and stable. Since Virgo season occurs as the seasons shift, this sign is mutable, making them adaptable and resourceful but potentially indecisive. 

The term Virgo is Latin for “virgin,” in the sense of a maiden. Unsurprisingly, the Virgo symbol is the Maiden, a woman carrying corn who was commonly associated with goddesses of fertility and agriculture, like Greek goddess Demeter.

Now that we know what Virgo is all about, what is Virgo’s birthstone?

colored sapphire gemstones virgo birthstone ring

Monthly Birthstones for Virgo

Traditions relating to 12 birthstones for each month of the year have roots in Biblical texts, though the modern tradition started around the 1500s. The modern list of monthly birthstones, however, was established in 1912, standardized by the National Association of Jewelers. It was then modified in 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council of America. 

What is Virgo’s power color? Most astrologists recommend brown and green for Virgos. 

There isn’t one set Virgo birthstone color; the two September Virgo birthstone colors are blue but the three August birthstones are multi-colored or variable in hue. 

Below, we’ll go over all of the August birthstones and September birthstones, highlighting how they can benefit Virgos. 

color changing spinel gemstone virgo birthstone

August: Spinel

Spinel is actually the most recent birthstone addition, designated for August in 2016 by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). The stone is both an individual gem and a family of gems with varied colors. The most popular spinel colors are pink, red, blue, and lilac. Some varieties can even be color-changing!

Many gemologists call spinel the “most underappreciated gemstone” and it has a history of being mistaken for more prestigious stones — namely ruby and sapphire. These ruby “imposters” were part of many royal jewels, including the famous “Black Prince’s Ruby.” 

As a healing stone, spinel is great for helping Virgos de-stress and unwind at the end of a long day. One nickname for spinel is the “Stone of Revitalization.” It’s also said to boost joy and hope, helping Virgos be excited (not anxious) about the future and not ruminate on the past. 

Despite being pretty rare, synthetic options make spinel an affordable Virgo birthstone!

sardonyx gemstone virgo birthstone

August: Sardonyx

In contrast to the modern addition of spinel, sardonyx is one of the oldest stones associated with August. Sardonyx is a chalcedony variety — often considered an agate  variant — with layers of sard and onyx, hence the name. The stone has straight, parallel color banding usually in shades of orange, reddish-brown, and white. It’s often confused with sard or carnelian

In ancient Greek and Roman times, sardonyx was used as a talisman for protection and bravery. History-buff Virgos can rock a sardonyx Virgo birthstone ring to emulate the signet sardonyx rings that were used to stamp documents in the past. 

Spiritually, sardonyx is said to help you communicate eloquently and speak publicly with confidence — something many timid Virgos may struggle with. The Virgo birthstone can also bring balance, strength, and protection.

peridot gemstone virgo birthstone

August: Peridot

Our last August Virgo birthstone, peridot, was part of the original 1912 standardized birthstone list. Also called “chrysolite,” peridot is an olivine variety and one of the few gems that only occurs in one color: green!

Another unique trait of peridot is that it’s a space gemstone — that’s right,  a few meteorites have carried peridot crystals, nicknamed “space peridot” or “extraterrestrial peridot.”

In ancient Egypt, peridot was nicknamed the “gem of the sun,” believing it was protective and allowed one to communicate with gods of nature. Earth-sign Virgo can benefit from peridot’s positive energies and purported ability to help manifest desires. 

Historically, peridot was a September birthstone, which brings us to our next topic: the September Virgo birthstones.

blue sapphire gemstone virgo birthstone

September: Sapphire

The first and arguably most iconic September birthstone in our list is sapphire. Sapphire has been the primary September birthstone since the original 1912 standardized list. Before that, sapphire had been considered an April birthstone. The stone itself is a corundum variety and joins ruby (the other corundum) as one of the four precious gemstones

Some metaphysical nicknames for sapphire include: 

  • Stone of Mental Focus

  • Stone of Order

  • Stone of Commitment

Focus, order, commitment? Those sound like Virgo values! The sapphire stone for Virgo is believed to encourage health, vitality, and prosperity. 

If you have a Virgo partner you’re proposing to, you may opt for a blue sapphire engagement ring as a non-diamond alternative. In fact, blue sapphire engagement rings were the most common center stone of choice in the US before diamonds became the standard in the early 1900s.

lapis lazuli gemstone virgo birthstone

September: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli (also called “lapis”) was designated as a September birthstone in 1937 when the National Association of Goldsmiths in the UK made their own standardized list. The stone was long considered a December birthstone, but it was replaced with zircon for December in 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council of America. 

Unlike the other Virgo birthstones, lapis lazuli is a rock, not a mineral. It’s mostly composed of the mineral lazurite, giving it a vibrant cobalt blue appearance. You’ll often see golden-colored inclusions of pyrite, too. 

This stone is legendary, with ancient myths ranging from it being an aphrodisiac to providing immortality to holding the souls of gods. Astrologically, lapis lazuli is associated with Saturn, the planet of self-discipline and responsibility, making it a great companion for Virgos. 

That covers the traditional birthstones, but what is Virgo’s lucky stone? We have a few to choose from that we’ll cover next!

moonstone gemstone virgo birthstone necklace

Zodiac Stones for Virgo

Unlike monthly birthstones, zodiac stones aren’t necessarily set-in-stone. Different astrologers — and even different astrological traditions — may consider various different gems lucky or beneficial to a particular zodiac sign. 

Virgos love tradition, but they’re not known for being super spiritual. However, embracing one’s spirituality can help Virgos discover more about themselves and their place in the world.

Of course, choosing a zodiac stone is all about following your intuition. But to help you get started, we’ve highlighted five Virgo stones and crystals below. 

jadeite jade gemstone virgo birthstone


You may know jade as a March birthstone, so can Virgo wear jade? Absolutely!

The term “jade” actually refers to two stones: nephrite and jadeite. Both jadeite and nephrite are similar-looking, durable rocks (like lapis lazuli) most prized in their green form. Jade can also be white, black, yellow, orange, or lavender, but Virgos may prefer the traditional green as it is one of their power colors. 

Virgos are natural scholars, whether they’re currently students or not. Jade is a perfect match, as it's said to increase concentration, sharpen your attention to detail, and dispel anxiety. 

Wearing jade Virgo birthstone jewelry is also said to attract good luck, promote wisdom, and encourage strong relationships.

fluorite gemstone virgo birthstone


The second Virgo birthstone in our list is said by some gemologists to be the most colorful gemstone ever: fluorite! 

Fluorite, also called fluorspar, is a calcium and fluorine mineral known for being commonly color-zoned and sometimes even color-changing. Color-changing fluorite shifts from blue or teal in fluorescent light to lilac or pale green in incandescent light.

Like jade, fluorite is a great study companion. It’s even nicknamed the “Genius Stone.” The crystal is said to help you organize both your space and your mind, promoting mental clarity and good judgment. 

Fluorite is also a star stone for Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet. As such, the stone can help with confusion, lack of direction, indecisiveness, and forgetfulness. One ancient belief about fluorite claimed it contained crystallized light, bringing its wearer insight or enlightenment. 

green aventurine gemstone virgo birthstone


Our next Virgo birthstone is aventurine, a quartzite rock composed of tiny, compact quartz grains. The most popular form is green aventurine, but it can also be orange, yellow, red, pink, peach, white, brown, blue, or gray. The gem is known for displaying a metallic glittering effect called “aventurescence” caused by fuchsite inclusions.

Aventurine joins fluorite as a stone associated with the planet Mercury, and it can help closed-off Virgos communicate their feelings and ask for support they need from loved ones. For self-critical Virgos, aventurine is said to help you be more compassionate toward yourself. 

Besides resolving issues, aventurine also encourages Virgos to pursue their goals of self-improvement and personal growth. 

carnelian gemstone virgo birthstone


The carnelian stone, also spelled cornelian, is a popular red, orange, or brown gemstone. Carnelian is a classic Virgo birthstone, associated with the sign historically; it even has its own Gregorian birthstone poem:

Success will bless whate’er you do,

Through Virgo’s sign, if only you

Place on your hand her own gem true,


Historically, carnelian was once an August birthstone. It actually resembles the current August birthstone sardonyx, a fellow chalcedony variety. 

Some spiritual nicknames for carnelian include:

  • Stone of Motivation

  • Stone of Leadership

  • Stone of Courage

  • Stone of Creativity

  • Artist’s Stone

For any Virgos that struggle with embracing change or never finding contentment, carnelian can help by dispelling fears about the future and encouraging mindfulness. It can also help you embrace your creative side without perfectionism getting in the way. Plus, carnelian is usually the most budget-friendly chalcedony variety!

moonstone gemstone virgo birthstone


The last Virgo birthstone in our list is a celestial feldspar variety: moonstone. Moonstone comes in a few colors, but it’s most popular in its bluish-white form. The stone has an effect called adularescence where it seems to glow from within, like moonlight on water.

Like carnelian, moonstone was historically an August birthstone, though it’s now considered a birthstone for June. Unsurprisingly, moonstone is associated with… well, the moon! In astrology, the moon governs emotions, intuition, and one’s inner world. 

Virgos are often more focused on matters of the mind over matters of the heart, but moonstone can help them embrace their feelings and understand them better. Additionally, as the “Stone of New Beginnings,” moonstone can help change-averse Virgos handle transitions more smoothly. 

yellow and red aventurine gemstone virgo birthstone decor

Embrace Personal Growth with Virgo Birthstones!

Virgos are loyal friends and reliable workers you definitely want on your team. While they value self-improvement, their perfectionism and critical outlook can get in their way. If you’re a Virgo, Virgo birthstones can help you take care of yourself, embrace your best qualities, and find contentment. 

To quote fellow Virgo Zendaya, “The best thing is to realize that you are who you are and you gotta work with what you got.”

Find Virgo birthstones and more from our hundreds of gemstones available!

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