Libra Birthstone Guide: Lucky Crystals & Their Meanings

libra birthstonesThose born from September 23 to October 22 are Libras. If you’re a Libra, there are plenty of monthly birthstones and lucky zodiac gemstones that keep you steady and balanced. 

Both astrology and gemstones go back thousands of years. Humans have looked down at Earth’s crystals and up at the stars to seek inspiration or answers for centuries.

Today, we use gemstones for everything from honoring your birthday to healing pain to simply looking chic. On that note, which crystals should Libra wear? 

We’ll be answering that in this guide as we go over the monthly Libra birthstone meanings, some lucky Libra crystals, and how every one of these gems can bring out your best Libra self. 

Before we get into the gems, though, let’s establish what it means to be a Libra. 

libra birthstones

What Does Being A Libra Mean?

If you were born from September 23 to October 22, you’re a Libra — the great balancer and diplomat of the zodiac. 

Some positive traits associated with Libras include being organized, good at listening, and accepting. These charming folks are known as peacemakers, always striving to see both sides and finding the most just solution to problems. After all, the Libra symbol is the scales of justice. 

On the other hand, some of Libra’s negative traits include being indecisive, attention-seeking, and reticent. It can be difficult to know what a Libra truly cares for or believes in — often difficult for Libras themselves!

For fans of The Good Place, Libras can be a Chidi type — spending too much time weighing the pros and cons and not enough time taking action. 

Additionally, Libras tend to be idealists. This can be a double-edged sword, as they often see the best in others but in relationships, they may become flighty once the excitement wears off. 

pink tourmaline gemstone libra birthstone ring

Element-wise, Libras are air signs, meaning they value intelligence, communication, and exploration. However, air signs can also be flighty, fickle, and elusive.

Because Libras kick off the season, they’re also cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are known for being opportunistic, visionary go-getters. 

In both traditional and modern interpretations, Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and luxury. As such, Libras are sensual, sophisticated, charming, and often focused on finding love. 

Libra shares Venus as a ruler with Taurus, but Libras focus more on the love and romance side while Taurus signs focus more on the luxury side. 

Lastly, Libra rules the 7th house. Like the Venus ruler, the 7th house governs partnership, unity, and purpose. 

With the basic Libra meaning established, what birthstones do Libras have? 

lapis lazuli gemstone libra birthstone ring

Monthly Birthstones for Libra

Traditions relating to 12 birthstones for the 12 months of the year have roots in Biblical texts, though the modern tradition started around the 1500s. The modern list of monthly birthstones, however, was established in 1912, standardized by the National Association of Jewelers. It was then modified in 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council of America. 

If you’re a Libra born from September 23 to September 30, you have two September birthstones to choose from. Libras born from October 1 to October 22 have two October birthstones

First, what are the two birthstones for Libras born in September?

pink sapphire gemstone libra birthstone

September: Sapphire

The first September Libra birthstone, sapphire, is a corundum variety found in all colors but red (red corundum is ruby). Rubies and sapphires are two of the four precious gemstones. Sapphire has been the primary September birthstone since the original 1912 standardized list. Before that list, sapphire was actually an April birthstone.

Although blue sapphire is the classic color, white sapphire and pink sapphire are associated with Libra’s ruling planet, Venus. As such, these sapphires help Libras attract romance and all of life’s simple pleasures. 

If you’re planning on proposing to a Libra partner and considering non-diamond alternative engagement rings, sapphires are a great choice! In fact, blue sapphire engagement rings were the most common center stone of choice in the US before diamonds became the standard in the early 1900s.

Already married? Sapphires traditionally commemorate the 5th, 45th, or 75th wedding anniversaries

The second September Libra birthstone is lapis lazuli. 

lapis lazuli gemstone libra birthstone

September: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli (also called “lapis”) was designated as a September birthstone in 1937 when the National Association of Goldsmiths in the UK made their own standardized list. The stone was long considered a December birthstone, but The Jewelry Industry Council of America replaced it with zircon for December in 1952.

In contrast to most gems, lapis lazuli isn’t a mineral but a rock. The gem has a beautiful cobalt blue coloring, often with golden inclusions of pyrite throughout. 

As a throat chakra stone, lapis lazuli helps Libras understand their true purpose and find the confidence to speak their truth.

That’s it for September birthstones, now onto the October Libra birthstones!

crystal opal gemstone libra birthstone

October: Opal

Since modern birthstone traditions began around the 1500s, opal has been associated with October and remains the primary October birthstone to this day. Opal is a mineraloid, not a mineral, but no less gorgeous than other gemstones. “Precious” opals have a unique iridescent-like property called “play-of-color.” 

In Vedic astrology, opal is a star stone for Libra’s ruler, Venus. An opal stone for Libra helps the sign harness their inner light and share it with the world. Opals can also benefit Libras by balancing their emotions. 

We know Libras are indecisive, and the dozens of different types of opals may be overwhelming. We recommend precious white opal or crystal opal. Either would make an eye-catching Libra birthstone ring or decor piece. After all, Libras have an eye for interior design!

watermelon tourmaline gemstone libra birthstone

October: Tourmaline

The second October birthstone and last monthly Libra birthstone in our list is tourmaline. Tourmaline was added as an alternative birthstone for October in 1912, and pink tourmaline was designated for October in 1952.

Tourmaline has one of the most varied color ranges of any gemstone family, from black tourmaline to red rubellite to bi-colored watermelon tourmaline. This Libra birthstone’s color is so varied, ancient legends say the stone came to Earth down a rainbow, collecting all of the colors on its way. 

For Libras looking for protection from negativity and grounding properties, black tourmaline is the way to go. But any tourmaline can benefit Libras by helping them harness their creativity, find success, and keep stress away. 

That wraps up the monthly birthstones. Besides those, which stones are good for Libra? 

morganite and opal gemstone libra birthstone bracelet

Zodiac Stones for Libra

Unlike monthly birthstones, zodiac stones aren’t necessarily set-in-stone. Different astrologers — and even different astrological traditions — may consider various different gems lucky or beneficial to a particular zodiac sign. 

Do you like choosing gemstones by color? Then you may like pink gemstones, which display the Libra power color. A couple of the Libra birthstones below are pink, too!

The first of our Libra stones and crystals is a gorgeous two-toned gem: ametrine.

ametrine gemstone libra birthstone


The first Libra birthstone on our recommendation list is ametrine, a type of quartz with purple and yellow to orange coloring all in one gem. Ametrine combines two quartz stones: purple amethyst and yellow to orange citrine, hence the name. 

Ametrine stones can be 75% yellow and 25% purple or 10% yellow and 90% purple, but the most valuable and desirable specimens have a 50-50 color balance. 

Given its dual-toned nature, ametrine is an optimal balancing stone, representing unity, connection, and acceptance. It also combines the properties of citrine and amethyst, helping you figure out what you want (amethyst) and then manifest those desires (citrine). 

For Libras who always want to see both sides of a situation (so, all Libras), ametrine offers clarity and stability for a fair, well-rounded perspective. It’s also said to promote inner strength, helping any self-doubting Libras stand strong in their beliefs.

rose quartz gemstone libra birthstone

Rose Quartz

The first pink stone — the Libra power color — on our list is rose quartz. Like ametrine, rose quartz is… well, a quartz variety. It’s found in soft, milky pink hues most often. 

Spiritually, rose quartz is nicknamed the “Stone of Universal Love.” The stone is perfect for attracting the friendship, romance, familial, and self-love that Libras need to thrive. 

Additionally, and perhaps unsurprisingly, rose quartz is a Venus stone. It’s also a heart chakra stone, balancing this energy center to promote all sorts of love and acceptance. 

diamond gemstone libra birthstone


Another Venus stone perfect for Libras is the classic diamond! Although diamond is considered an April birthstone, it’s also a great crystal for Libras. You may know diamonds as precious gemstones, the hardest minerals on Earth, and the engagement ring of choice. But they’re also great healing stones!

The name “diamond” comes from the ancient Greek adamas, meaning “invincible.” Beyond its own strength, this meaning ties to myths that diamonds could shield you from harm. They were also believed to attract wealth and prosperity.

For Libras, diamonds can bring wisdom, success, and good luck. The gem’s use as a 10th, 65th, and 75th wedding anniversary gem reflects its meanings of everlasting bonds, love, and unity — all of which Libra values. 

peridot gemstone libra birthstone


Our next recommended Libra birthstone is peridot, also called “chrysolite.” Peridot (pronounced pair-ih-doh) is an olivine variety and one of the few gemstones only occurring in one color: green. 

Though it’s traditionally an August birthstone, peridot has many wonderful qualities that benefit Libras. This sign may tend to ruminate, especially at night, which can cut into their beauty sleep. Peridot is said to encourage restful sleep and sweet dreams when placed under your pillow or kept near your bedside.

Additionally, peridot is believed to promote stronger friendships, balance emotions, and increase vitality. In ancient Egypt, peridot was nicknamed the “gem of the sun,” believing it was protective and allowed one to communicate with gods of nature.

On the astronomy side, some “space peridot” stones have even come to Earth on meteorites!

morganite gemstone libra birthstone


The last Libra birthstone on our list and the second pink gem is morganite. Morganite is a beryl variety, like emerald and aquamarine. The gem is usually a pale peachy-pink color but may be salmon, orange, yellow, and even magenta on rare occasions. 

One spiritual nickname for morganite is the “Stone of Divine Love.” The Libra birthstone symbolizes patience, compassion, and self-assurance. 

On the more Libra-like side, another morganite nickname is the “Stone of Equality and Acceptance,” as morganite also represents fairness, justice, and equal treatment of all. If that doesn’t scream Libra, we don’t know what does. 

If you have a Libra partner, morganite engagement rings are a popular non-diamond alternative!

ametrine gemstone libra birthstone necklace

Achieve the Ultimate Balance with Libra Birthstones!

It’s easy to fall for a Libra, given the sign’s charm, sophistication, and beauty. But Libras need to love and take care of themselves to be their best selves — that’s where Libra birthstones can help! Remember, your inner peace is just as important as your peacemaking abilities, so take care of your feelings first. 

To quote fellow Libra and renowned author Audre Lorde, “Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.”

Find Libra birthstones and more from our hundreds of gemstones available!

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