Obsessed With Pink? List of the Top 10 Pink Gemstones!

Obsessed With Pink List of the Top 10 Pink GemstonesPink is indisputably one of the loveliest colors of the rainbow, and we can’t get enough of pink gemstones. Through decades and trends, pink has weaved in and out of the spotlight. Recently, this irresistible shade has experienced a surge in popularity, thanks to the rose gold jewelry trend! Gemstones like pink sapphires and rose quartz have risen to the top of jewelry trends. What you might not know is that there’s a variety of these gorgeous feminine jewels. Ready to grab your fave?

Read on as we highlight the best of the best in this list of the top 10 pink gemstones!

1. Morganite

Kicking off our list is morganite. In recent years,morganite has become a leading pink gemstone in the jewelry market. With its soft, ultra-feminine shade of light pink, these soft hues perfectly suit engagement rings. Morganite is also quite durable, ranking between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. That means you can wear this pink gemstone without worrying about potential damage.

Alongside sister jewels from the beryl family — emerald, goshenite — morganite is also known as Pink Emerald or Rose Beryl. And who can resist this rosy shade ranging from a light salmon to a soft, pale pink?

Unlike deeply saturated gems like pink sapphire, morganite is subtle, soft, and delicate. We can thank the trace presence of the minerals cesium and manganese for morganite’s irresistible feminine pink shade. 

2. Pink Sapphire

In contrast to morganite’s delicate pink color, pink sapphire is a vibrant and richly saturated pink gemstone.

If hot pink is your favorite color, you’ll want to get your hands on a gorgeous pink sapphire! Most of us are familiar with the famous blue sapphire, and its pink sister deserves just as much adoration. With the same hardness of blue sapphire, this pink gem ranks 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, second only to the hardest gemstone in the world— diamonds.

What’s not to love about pink sapphire? You’ll find this glittering gem in shades of hot pink to soft pink, all thanks to chromium’s presence in the gem’s granular crystal structure. Durable? Check. Gorgeous? Check. Affordable? Compared to pink diamonds, check. What’s not to love? Speaking of pink diamonds… 
pink sapphire

3. Pink Diamond

Ready for a combination we can’t resist? Take a diamond, the most popular gemstone around, in one of the most beautiful colors there is, and you get a striking pink diamond!

These rare gemstones are arguably one of the most unique, beautiful, and feminine in the world. Unfortunately, those qualities come with a hefty price tag. In fact, a one-carat pink diamond fetches a whopping $100,000.

Most of us will likely opt for the more affordable pink sapphire. However, this price is well-deserved, considering they are 100% naturally pink thanks to intense pressure on the growing gem that compresses the crystal’s structure.

They may be one of the more elusive pink gemstones on this list, but they are quite a spectacle to the eyes!
pink diamond

4. Rose Quartz

Raw crystals have boomed in popularity in recent years. Because they exist abundantly in nature, rose quartz is affordable and amply available. Thanks to the earthy, raw aesthetic of uncut gemstones, rose quartz is one of the most natural-looking pink gemstones on this list. Like morganite, rose quartz comes in lovely shades of soft pink. No matter how saturated the color of this muted gem, the crystal remains translucent with a glass-like sheen.

Setting this pink gemstone apart from others on the list, rose quartz gems exhibit the polished, smooth cabochon style. The final result is a variety of unique shaped rose quartz gems that set beautifully against gold, silver or rose gold metals.
rose quartz

5. Pink Tourmaline

An outlier on the pink color spectrum is the purple-hued pink tourmaline. The shades of this fabulous jewel range from hot pink to purple. A naturally flawed gemstone, pink tourmaline’s impurities direct its coloration. However, it’s important to note that most of these gems are heat-treated to enhance their natural coloring.

There are pros and cons to this pink gemstone. Most intriguing is the gem’s affordable price range. The consequence of its affordability is its low tolerance for scratching and tarnishing. Ranking between 7-7.5 for hardness, you’ll need to be cautious about not bumping your gem onto harder surfaces like counters or harder jewelry materials.  
pink tourmaline

6. Pink Topaz

You may be familiar with topaz’s signature blue color, but like sapphires, this gem also comes in stunning varieties of pink! In fact, natural pink topaz is extremely rare. So elusive is this rare jewel, that most pink topaz is color-treated to emulate the natural version.

The process involves heat application to paler colored topaz gems to bring out a vibrant saturation. While most pink topaz has a color treatment, it’s still worthy of mentioning in this list of pink gemstones due to its durability and hardness.
pink topaz

7. Pink Spinel

Similar to sapphires and topazes, spinel is a gem that comes in a spectrum of beautiful colors. Of course, the one ranking on our list is the fabulous pink spinel.

Virtually free of inclusions, these gems are commonly associated with pink sapphires. A phenomenal characteristic of pink sapphires is an effect called asterism, a star-like pattern across the stone.

Add to this effect the presence of dispersion, and the result is a bright, brilliant, vibrant gemstone fit to shine in jewelry like rings, earrings, and necklace pendants.
pink spinel

8. Pink Zircon

Many make the mistake of mislabeling pink zircon as cubic zirconia, but they are not the same in the slightest. Cubic zirconia is a lab-made diamond substitute, whereas pink zircon is 100% a real gemstone.

Similar to spinel and sapphire’s popular blue color, zircon has a darling sister that flaunts a gorgeous pink hue. A fun fact about pink zircon is that it matches the brilliance of the ever-desirable diamond.

Lapidaries (gem-cutters) strategically cut pink zircons to best highlight the gem’s brilliance. Best of all: it’s one of the most affordable pink gemstones on this list!
pink zircon

9. Pink Rhodolite Garnet

A fellow member of the garnet family, rhodolite is a beautiful gem available in an array of natural, feminine colors — from light pink to purple-pink. And you won’t have to worry about color treatments because this gem’s pink shades are entirely natural. It’s not as durable a gem as say, sapphire or diamond, but with ongoing cleaning and maintenance, a pink rhodolite gemstone will shimmer and sparkle for years to come!
pink garnet

10. Rhodonite

Not to be confused with rhodolite, pink rhodonite is a rare but spectacular pink gemstone. Unlike more translucent jewels like sapphires or morganites, rhodonite is an opaque, rose-hued gem featuring streaks of black inclusions across the stone. On the Mohs hardness scale, it ranks quite low at around 6. Thankfully, what it lacks in hardness it makes up for in rarity and uniqueness! You won’t find many others rocking rhodonite, so if you favor the unusual and exciting, this pink gemstone has your name on it!
pink rhodoniteLearn more about Rhodonite

Pink Gemstones: A Rosy Shade For All!

Are you in love with pink gemstones? We can easily see why! There’s a pink-hued treasure for everyone on this list of the top 10 pink gemstones. Now all that’s left to do is find yours!


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