Pink Gemstones: List of 26 Pink Gems and Their Meanings

pink gemstonesIn the diverse world of colored gemstones, pink gemstones and crystals are many gem-lovers’ favorites. With an array of beautiful shades to choose from and a deep history in love, what’s not to like?

In 18th-century Europe, pink gained a reputation for symbolizing romance and sensuality. Since then, pink and its diverse shades have taken on many different associations.

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into our list of pink gemstones with pictures, covering:

Pink Gemstones

  • Rose Quartz

  • Morganite

  • Kunzite

  • Pezzottaite

  • Pink Pearl

  • Coral

  • Pink Garnets

  • Star Ruby

  • Rhodochrosite

  • Rhodonite

  • Rubellite Tourmaline

  • Sunstone

  • Pink Spinel

  • Pink Scapolite

  • Pink Apatite

  • Pink Sapphire

  • Pink Zircon

  • Pink Fluorite

  • Pink Topaz

  • Pink Agate

  • Pink Jasper

  • Pink Opal

  • Pink Calcite

  • Pink Moonstone

  • Pink Aventurine

  • Pink Diamond

Before we explore each stone, let’s cover the basics of pink gemstones and their meaning!

rose quartz carved perfume bottle

Pink Gemstones Meaning

Pink stones generally relate to soft, gentle ideals like love, romance, and tenderness.

According to Eva Heller’s 2009 book Psychology of Colors – Effects and Symbolism, Europeans and Americans associate pink with femininity, sensitivity, and charm. Plus, pink and white have connotations of innocence, while pink and black represent sensuality. 

Crystal healers tie pink gemstones to divine connection, fertility, and all types of love. Plus, pink stones and crystals can be especially powerful for emotional healing. Unsurprisingly, these gentle gems are heart chakra stones

Ready to learn about every pink gemstone out there? Let’s get into our pink gems list!

rose quartz gemstone

Rose Quartz

If you ask gemologists, “What is the most popular pink gemstone?” most will easily say rose quartz. This type of quartz can be pale pink to rose red, though some have lavender, purplish pink, or pale coral hues. 

The stone’s color comes from tiny, fibrous inclusions of dumortierite. The most affordable options have a milky translucence. Rose quartz with asbestos particles present can become star rose quartz, a variety displaying asterism (light reflections forming a six-rayed star shape). 

However, rose quartz is one of two types of pink quartz stones, the other simply called “pink quartz.” Pink quartz gets its color from aluminum and phosphorus and has more regular-shaped crystals. Plus, pink quartz’s color will fade under UV light. 

Spiritually, rose quartz is said to bring unconditional love. The crystal may also spark up your love life, healing heartbreak and encouraging compassion. 

New-Year babies can celebrate their birthdays with a rose quartz January birthstone, along with anyone commemorating their 5th wedding anniversary!

morganite gemstone


One pink gem giving rose quartz a run for its money is morganite. These ballet-slipper or peachy pink gemstones have steadily risen in popularity, particularly morganite engagement rings. With high durability, excellent clarity, and brilliant sparkle, morganite is a top contender for any bride-to-be seeking a pink ring.

Morganite, or “Rose Beryl,” joins other beryl stones like aquamarine, sometimes fusing with the latter in rare, bi-colored stones. The stone’s pink color comes from manganese and possibly exposure to natural irradiation. 

Discovered in 1910, this pink crystal’s name came from famed Tiffany gemologist George Frederick Kunz, choosing “Morganite” to honor J.P. Morgan.

Pink morganite crystals symbolize patience, compassion, and acceptance. This “Stone of Divine Love” is said to bring long-term couples greater harmony and empathy. As a zodiac stone, morganite graces romance-loving Libras!

purplish pink kunzite gemstone


Kunzite is a colorless to violet-pink spodumene variety named by (and after) Tiffany gemologist George Frederick Kunz, who discovered the stone in California in 1902.

Kunzite crystals can be pink, lilac, or colorless but may be all three! Kunzite has strong pleochroism, meaning you’ll see different colors from different angles as you turn the stone under the light.

This purple-pink gemstone owes its color to the presence of manganese. Unfortunately, kunzite’s color can fade in sunlight or extreme heat, and its distinct cleavage makes it vulnerable to breakage from hard blows. Therefore, it’s best to only wear kunzite jewelry indoors and look for jewelry with protective settings

Some legends say wearing kunzite allows you to find the love you want and keep them forever. Other popular metaphysical properties include opening your heart to giving and receiving love, along with allowing better compromise in heart-and-head matters.

Next up, what is the rarest pink stone? 

pezzottaite gemstone


Pezzottaite takes the cake as arguably the rarest pink gemstone variety. The gem is incredibly difficult to find, as the Madagascar deposits have been exhausted, though Afghanistan deposits may show promise.

Pezzottaite is similar to beryl, sometimes called “raspberry beryl” for its rich, raspberry-red to purplish-pink color. The stone’s discovery happened in Madagascar in 2002, and it’s name honors Dr. Federico Pezzotta’s geological work there.

This crystal also shows strong pleochroism, flashing pink-orange or purple-pink colors depending on the angle. It may be mistaken as a rare, dark pink morganite specimen, but pezzottaite has a higher manganese content, density, and refractive index.

Pezzottaite crystals symbolize wisdom and self-esteem, and it’s said wearing this pink stone jewelry can bring out your best qualities.

pink akoya pearl pair

Pink Pearl

Those born in summer will love this June birthstone option: pink pearl! You may be more familiar with the classic ivory-colored pearl, but pink pearls are the second most popular pearl color! 

Pink pearls may form naturally or as the result of treatments. Naturally pink pearls come from Freshwater pearl mussels (like the queen conch), and show rose coloring with tan or gold undertones. 

Dyed pink pearls may start as white South Sea, Akoya, or Hanadama pearls. You’ll know they’re dyed because they’re a much brighter pink. 

In terms of jewelry for these pink gemstones, beads, cabochons, and freeform options are common. Pink pearl jewelry may provide mental acuity and protection from negativity. 

Pearls aren’t the only organic gemstone in pink shades!

pink coral and pearl beaded necklace

Pink Coral

Coral gemstones are organic, forming underwater when carotenoid pigments color the hardened skeletons of dead coral polyps. For reference, carotenoids are red, yellow, or orange pigments produced by plants, algae, and bacteria. Polyps are sea creatures related to anemone that leave behind hardened skeletons we call “coral.” Precious corals, also called red corals, are the types you’ll often see in jewelry. 

While some precious coral can be pinkish-orange, the main type of pink coral is Corralium Secundum, or simply “Pink Coral.” Discovered near Hawaii, this pink coral can range from pinkish-white to hot-pink hibiscus, often with marbled coloring.

Pink coral is usually carved or turned into beads. Metaphysical uses may include protection and raising your intuition in matters of love. 

Next, what is a hot pink stone besides coral? Rhodolite garnet!

rhodolite garnet gemstone

Pink Garnets

Garnets are known as ruby-red, but the garnet family is varied. Among the garnet types, there are two pink varieties:

  • Rhodolite Garnet: A pyrope and almandine garnet with saturated, hot-pink, or light rose coloring.

  • Pink Malaya Garnet: A pyrope and spessartite garnet in vivid peach or pink.

Malaya garnets are fairly new, only discovered in Tanzania in the 1960s. “Malaya” (or “Malaia”) is Swahili for “out of the family,” since these gems didn’t initially fit into any known garnet types.  

Spiritually, rhodolite garnets represent confidence and spiritual growth. Malaya garnets represent renewal and new beginnings, perfect for these traditional January birthstones!

Garnet is often mistaken as a precious stone, but it’s actually a semi-precious gemstone. So, what precious stones are pink?

star ruby gemstone cabochon

Star Ruby

Ruby gemstones are one of the four precious gemstones. While usually red, star ruby is a unique pink or red variety!

A star ruby shows asterism with a three-point or six-point reflection under the light. This optical effect happens when rutile fiber inclusions called silk reflect light.

Star rubies can be red gemstones or reddish-pink to bright purple-pink. These rubies' color is usually distributed unevenly, creating spots and other patterns. 

One famous star ruby is the Rosser Reeves Star Ruby from Sri Lanka, a 140-ct gem auctioned in 1950s London. 

Crystal healers use star ruby to ease anxiety and promote peaceful feelings. Plus, star rubies offer a unique take on the traditional July birthstone!

rhodochrosite gemstone cabochon


Rhodochrosite is a calcite carbonate mineral found in solid-pink or pink and white color-banded patterns. The gemstone is fragile, only ranking 3-4 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale.

Colorado claims rhodochrosite as the official state mineral — unsurprising, given they produced the world's largest known rhodochrosite, “Alma King!”

Spiritually, rhodochrosite is called “Stone of the Compassionate Heart” and is said to increase optimism and romance. Ancient Incas called it “Inca Rose” and believed it held the blood of former royalty, granting the stone its pink color.

Astrologically, rhodochrosite is the zodiac stone for Scorpio and Leo, plus a star stone for Venus. 

rhodonite gemstone cabochon


Commonly mistaken for rhodochrosite, rhodonite is a manganese silicate gemstone with pink and black color-banding (unlike rhodochrosite’s pink and white banding). Rhodonite is also harder than rhodochrosite, at 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale.

Rhodonite gets its name from the Greek rhodon, meaning “rose-red.” Despite its rarity, rhodonite is one of the most inexpensive pink gemstones!

Rhodonite comes in a few varieties, like zinc-rich fowlerite and Sweden-sourced Pajsbergite. In the USA, rhodonite is the official state gemstone of Massachusetts.

This crystal represents forgiveness and helps you nurture your inner child. The mix of black and raspberry can be grounding, allowing us to feel our deepest love in the moment. Rhodonite is also a zodiac stone for Taurus and Cancer!

rubellite gemstone pair

Rubellite Tourmaline

Tourmaline has three main categories (schorl, dravite, and elbaite), but each species has its own subtypes. Rubellite is a pink tourmaline usually in the elbaite group with rich pink to ruby-red coloring, sometimes with brown, purple, or orange undertones. 

Watermelon tourmaline is another elbaite variety, bi-colored in pink and green. Both rubellite and watermelon tourmaline, when untreated, get their pink hues from manganese. 

Among all tourmalines, pink and red varieties usually have the most inclusions. Jewelers may treat rubellite with irradiation to achieve brighter tones, or heat-treat then irradiate brownish-pink tourmaline to become rose-red.

Metaphysically, pink tourmaline symbolizes harmony and self-healing. It’s also an October birthstone with purported powers for personal growth and protection. 

pink sunstone gemstone cabochon


Sunstone is a feldspar gem in yellow, orange, red or pink, though it can also be colorless. The stone’s color is partly caused by the size and number of metal platelets inside, which give the stone aventurescence, a metallic glittering effect.

Sunstone may have copper, hematite, or goethite platelets. When it has mostly copper platelets, the sunstone looks pink, green, or reddish-pink. These copper-included sunstones are only found in Oregon, USA, and go by “Oregon Sunstone.” A pink Oregon sunstone’s color can come from the stone’s body or aventurescence. 

You can use sunstone healing crystals for luck and stress relief, or as a zodiac stone for Leo!

pink spinel gemstone

Pink Spinel

Pink spinel is a bright violet-pink gemstone. Among spinels, pink and red colors are valued the highest. Most come from Tanzania, though low production rates make them pricey.

Well-colored pink spinel can range from $800-$5,000 per carat for Jedi-pink spinel from Myanmar, to $500-$3,000 per carat for hot-pink spinel from Tanzania. 

Red to pink spinel has historically been mistaken for ruby. Spinel is still a more affordable alternative to ruby, though its market demand is rising.

These pink crystals are August birthstones and symbolize rejuvenation.

pink scapolite color-changing gemstone

Pink Scapolite

Scapolite is a lesser-known gemstone with strong fluorescence. Pink and purple scapolites are rare but show stunning color shifts (pleochroism) from navy or violet to colorless or violet. 

Most pink scapolites come from Myanmar and show strong yellow, orange, and pink fluorescence. Plus, Myanmar has produced 70-ct faceted pink scapolites!

Crystal healers use scapolite to help with eye issues like cataracts and provide pain relief in the shoulders and neck. Astrologers assign scapolite as a zodiac stone for Taurus. 

pink sapphire gemstone

Pink Sapphire

Our second pink precious gemstone is pink sapphire! You may know sapphire’s richer blues better, but pink sapphire is a rarer type in high demand. It comes in shades like lavender-pink, peach, and deep pink. 

This dark pink stone graces autumn birthdays as the traditional September birthstone. At a 9 on the Mohs scale, pink sapphire is a durable gemstone fit for any jewelry, including engagement rings

Wearing these gorgeous crystals offers understated elegance, along with representing loyalty, trust, and empathy. Metaphysically, pink sapphire may increase resilience to overcome difficult times. These gems are also a zodiac stone for Capricorn and Aquarius!

pink zircon gemstone

Pink Zircon

Pink zircons can be deep coral, bright raspberry, or mauve, but many have orange or purple undertones. Zircon is beloved as an affordable alternative to any diamond jewelry. 

These gems offer various colors, along with brilliance and durability. The name “zircon” comes from the Persian zargun, meaning “golden-hued,” but zircon’s colors show a wide range. 

Pink zircons are said to open your heart after painful breakups. Representing affection, these crystals can help anyone looking to find love again or heal conflicts in long-term relationships. 

pink topaz gemstone pair

Pink Topaz

You might know blue topaz as the December birthstone or yellow topaz as the November birthstone. But topaz colors also include pink! 

Is pink topaz natural? Yes, pink topaz can form naturally. Natural pink topaz’s color comes from chromium, and the highest-valued pink topaz is peachy-hued imperial topaz.  

However, some pink topaz gems have been treated with color diffusion or thin film deposition. Thin-film deposition, used for bright mystic topaz or azotic topaz, involves coating the bottom of the stone with colored film. 

On the mystical side, pink topaz represents eternal love and creativity. The crystal is said to enhance artistic talents and attract wealth.

pink chalcedony gemstone

Pink Chalcedony

Pink chalcedony is a rare and sought-after chalcedony type, as cutting it leads to a more uniform, deep pink. The gem has a waxy luster and can be semi-translucent or opaque. Its color ranges from pastel pink to vibrant flamingo pink. Most pink chalcedony stones come from Brazil.

Often called the “Generosity Stone,” pink chalcedony is said to boost motivation levels and benevolence. Often called the “Generosity Stone,” pink chalcedony is said to boost motivation levels and benevolence, The pink crystal is also a zodiac stone for Taurus and Libra! The pink crystal is also a zodiac stone for Taurus and Libra!

pink and red agate gemstone cabochons

Pink Agate

“Agate” describes any translucent to transparent, color-banded chalcedony stone. There are two primary types of pink agate:

  • Apricot Agate: Banded agate with white, yellow, and various shades of orange and pink.

  • Botswana Agate: Banded agate from Botswana, Africa, showing color bands from gray to milky pink and sometimes called “Pink Botswana.”

Pink agate stones represent stability and willpower. Ancient soldiers adorned their breastplates in these crystals to ensure strength and victory. Apricot agate can also be protective and strengthen familial relationships. 

pink jasper orbicular rhyolite jasper pair for earrings

Pink Jasper

Jasper stones are an opaque form of chalcedony, often chalcedony (microcrystalline quartz) and macrocrystalline quartz. 

Let’s look at the three types of pink jasper:

  • Royal Imperial Jasper: Red and pink imperial jasper from Mexico showing egg-like patterns and green reflections.

  • Ocean Jasper (Orbicular Jasper): Jasper with “eyes” of quartz and feldspar, primarily in orb-like patterns of pink, cream, yellow, and green.

  • Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper): A recent variety colored by iron inclusions with bold shades of tan, brown, and red or pink.

All jasper stones honor the zodiac sign Aries and purportedly strengthen willpower. Pink jasper stones can offer empowerment and spiritual wisdom, and ocean jasper may increase empathy. 

pink opal gemstone faceted

Pink Opal

Pink opal is a rare common-opal color in light to deep pink. Deep pink opals are often pricier but usually more durable than precious opal

Peru is the top source for pink opals. These pastel pink gemstones are labeled “Peruvian opal.” However, some consider Mexico’s cantera opal (matrix opal in pink rhyolite rock) another type of pink opal.

Opal is an October birthstone and the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gemstone! Nicknamed the “Stone of Resolution,” pink opals may ease anxiety and heal emotional scars.

rose pink calcite gemstone sphere

Pink Calcite

Like many rosy gems, pink calcite is colored by manganese. However, there are two types of pink calcite, and each pink gemstone’s identification comes down to the manganese concentration. 

Named for the element, mangano (or manganoan) calcite must have at least 30 percent manganese in its crystal structure. Calcites with under 30 percent manganese classify as “pink calcite.” 

Mangano calcite ranges from light to dark pink, often with white calcite inclusions or bands. Pink calcite can range from very pale pinkish-white to vivid violet-pink. Ranking at 3 on the Mohs scale, these gems aren’t usually faceted. 

pink moonstone gemstone

Pink Moonstone

Moonstone is a translucent to transparent feldspar known for strong adularescence. Adularescence is when a gem seems to glow from inside, resembling moonlight. 

Moonstones can range in color, including pink, but the colors we see come from light hitting the stone’s internal shine. One popular pink variety is peach moonstone!

Gem cutters often carve these light pink gemstones into flowers or hearts. Pink moonstone symbolizes goddess energy, allegedly bringing passion to your love life and helping you harness your inner god/goddess. Predictably, pink moonstone is a zodiac stone for moon-ruled Cancer!

pink aventurine gemstone sphere

Pink Aventurine

Our last chalcedony gem is pink aventurine. Though popularly green, hematite and goethite present during the stone’s formation can make the stone pink, the rarest aventurine color!

Pink aventurine, like all aventurines, displays metallic glittering (aventurescence) from tiny flakes of mica or pyrite, leading some to call the stone “Gold Dust Quartz.” 

The stone’s glittering effect is said to attract wealth and success. Pink aventurine also symbolizes inner strength and nurturing friendships. 

Lastly, what is the most expensive pink gemstone? 

pink star diamond gemstone

Pink Diamond

Unsurprisingly, pink diamonds are the most expensive pink gemstone. These stones’ prices largely depend on color saturation, with lighter pinks around $10,000 per carat and richer pinks around $700,000 per carat.

Western Australia produces most natural pink diamonds, but many famous pink diamonds come from around the world, including:

  • Pink Star: A nearly 60-ct stone sold for $83.2 million in 2013, but bought back and sold again for $71.2 million in 2017.

  • Pink Legacy: A roughly 19-ct, vivid-pink diamond sold for over $50 million in 2018, setting the past record for highest pink diamond price-per-carat.

  • Daria-i-Noor: The current largest faceted pink diamond (186 cts) once on England’s crown jewels and now part of the Iranian crown jewels. 

Pink diamonds represent tenderness, romance, and acceptance.

Which Gemstone Tickles You Pink?

Now that you know which gemstones are pink, do any tickle your fancy? If wearing pink makes you happy when you’re feeling blue, you have plenty of pink crystals to choose from! If you can’t choose just one, why not combine them in some lovely pink stone jewelry showcasing multiple gems? 

As designer Lily Pulitzer said, “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!”

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